Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#StoryofMyLife & #Instalooks

Do you find yourself apologizing constantly because you’re chronically late! Well this is the story of my life, because i have been late a LOT. At times i really struggle with being on time and i know a few reasons why and maybe you’ll find yourself in this article too.

First things first, i’m someone who hates to wait and see arriving early as waste of time (actually this is bullshit because there a few good reasons why arriving at least five minutes early is important and not only gives you a buffer in case something delays you... but in my case it's simply a bad habit). Another big reason why i’m constantly testing the limits of how late i can be is probably the fact that i simply sabotage my punctuality with random things before i leave the house - such a "devil on my shoulder situation". But i guess the biggest problem of all is definitely that i’m such a time optimist! I always assume everything will take under 10 minutes and after 9 minutes i’m still thinking that i can make it – am i alone in this case?!

But there a few moments in your life when a good excuse won’t change anything! Such situations like rushing for a plane, heading to a super important meeting or you simply don't want to be the center of attention when you're invited to a posh event and look 100% overdressed for the tube or the bus!  So  based on my experiences i like to think that there are always a number of circumstances affecting your punctuality! So a few weeks ago i got the chance to break this vicious circle with the limousines service called Blacklaneand oh boy suddenly everything went smoothly (that's probably also the reason why i look pretty chilled in every picture). So there was no stress, no running and no late arrival at all. I used this service mainly with there Blacklane app but it  also can be booked easily via on their website plus they also have 3 categories that you can choose from depending on how many people you are as well as your budget. With that being said i really hope to become a better person when it comes to punctuality and get rid of bad habits.

                   Victoria's Secret Pre-Opening at the Vienna Airport  

                       Crazy Shopping at the Designer Outlet Parndorf for a new project

                                                                                                                                                    Chilli Island Presentation at the Lake Neusiedl                         

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