Monday, November 17, 2014

London Retro Dodger Shades

So last week i already posted a little sneak peak of today’s post combined with the conclusion that you can never have enough sunglasses. I’ve definitely noticed that my collection keeps growing every month – i mean how could you not – there are so many different types of shades out there which make my heart beat faster. And yes, this is obviously a little confession about my current obsession when it comes to accessories!

So my newest pair called London Retro Dodger arrived last week from the Sunglassesshop.com and of course i decided to wear them as soon as the sun came out. I realized that i havn’t worn a full black outfit in a really long time – or let’s say on the blog but these shades made my look complete. They were the perfect match fort his ensemble and i simply love the combo with my fauxbob which is one of the things i love doing whenever i get bored of my long hair!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Naked Kitchen Event

Recently i had the amazing opportunity to be invited to the very first pop-up restaurant called Naked Kitchen (founded by Nicolai Reimond) and be part of an exclusive dinner experience - in fact those kind of restaurants seem to be a lovely alternative to the traditional dining out, especially when you’re always on the hunt for something new. So two weeks ago Edisa and i ended up at the secret location (now i can tell you – at the Kunstforum) which has been announced one day before the event and of course we were curious and excited ever since we got the invitation. Shortly after the pre-dinner drink, we were ushered to our table in order to start this special dinner which was created by the Chef Walter Triebl, a 26-year-old from Austria, who’s the winner of the tenth edition of Junge Wilde. Of course we managed to caputre all of those wonderful moments (video down below) in order to share this wonderful event with you guys and we would love to read your comments and thoughts!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The 200th Anniversary of the Köchert Jeweler + Video

As the title would suggest,  2 weeks ago Edisa and i were kindly invited to attend the exclusive 200th Anniversary Event of A.E. Köchert.  A.E. Köchert Jewellers is a family run business since 1814 and today one of Vienna's best known jewellers and even the foremost Empress Elisabeth (Sissy) was a big fan and used to adorn her hair with diamond stars made by Köchert. Today it is Christoph, Wolfgang, and Florian Köchert who carry on the tradition of the house and in order to celerbrate the 200th Anniversary, the House Köchert invited hundreds of guests including Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover. So for this occassion i decided to wear one of my favorite looks, which is of course a suit! Especially this green one is (finally) something different compared to my other ones. To complete the outfit i threw on my new black coat from Aboutyou.at and i have to say that that this one is already under my top 3 in the category "favorite coats ever" - and let me tell you, i was looking for the perfect one for almost 2 years! The fabric is just wonderful and i love the fact that this coat has the perfect shape worn open, closed or just thrown over the shoulders. Oh, and before i forget, you'll find a new episode of our latest Styleguide TV Episode at the end of the post.