Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ready for 2018!

So over the last few days and especially during the holidays i’ve been a little M.I.A. With the intention of recharging my batteries to the fullest i finally got the chance to avoid anything work related and i can honestly say that i needed this break 100 percent. It truly felt so amazing spending most of the time at my parents hourse. But all good things must come to an end. I’m currently on the way back to Vienna to not only celebrate New Years Eve with my boyfriend but also to take the advantage to play a little bit more tourist in the city i live. I guess that happens to a lot of us – you move to a city you fell in love and then all of a sudden you stop exploring and stick to your favorite places. Before i moved to Vienna i was super interested getting to know every single district and simply walking around like you would in a foreign city. With the beginning of 2018 i’m definitely eager to change that and maybe a few other things as well – but i will leave my personal goals til the last possible moment since i will always be a total last minute girl.

Speaking of last minute which pretty much describes the last shooting i did before Christmas and somehow it turned out to be one of my favorites. Together with Julian who launched his blog TWINETIQUETTE one month ago we decided to shot a few festive looks in a beautiful scenery. Since we had a clear vision of the location we spontanously got the chance to shot at the wonderful Hotel Altstadt Vienna which is located at the Kirchengasse 41 in the 7th district near the city center. It was absolutely perfect for our editorial and we felt inspired right from the start.

I went for this lovely lace dress from Holy which is still available at Peek & Cloppenburg. I wore this  beautiful piece at a wedding winter a few weeks ago and i couldn’t ask for more. It has the perfect length, a rich blue color and a super flattering feminine cut. So since the Alstadt Vienna offers a lot of different rooms which have been designed by renowed architects like Matteo Thun or contemporary fashion designer like Lena Hoschek it was an absolute dream to not only take all these pictures but also create a short film at such unique and charming place.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sporty Spice

If you wolud browse through my blog you would probably notice the fact that i am someone who’s rarley wearing sneakers or anything sporty. I’m actually pretty versatile when it comes to fashion since i’m not a big fan of limiting myself but somehow i never end up rocking a simple look with sneakers combined with minimall pieces. But there are times when i get bored of my usual  style and love to try out a new direction. So while we were in London i stumbeld across these sneakers which are  obviouly inspired by a well known brand. Usually i’m not a big shopper when i’m travelling but since these pair were on sale i couldn’t resist. Combined with my new grey high waisted trousers by Madeleine, a simple top and my favorite coat i was ready exploring Notting Hill in the most comfortable way.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Feeling

I guess i’ve mention it a couple of times ealier this month but over the last few weeks i realized that i became a litle bit obsessed with red. Especially when i was in London i found myself wearing this color almost every day.

So right now i’m finishing all my projects and hopefully my editing marathon will be done by today. Unfortunately i still had no chance to experience the pre-christmas time and i’m defintiley looking forward to have at least one mulled wine here in Vienna before i’m off to my hometown where i can finally shut down my laptop and enjoy this wonderful season – which was actually my intention. Embracing winter in full force and cross off a few things that i actually wanted to do before heading to Salzburg. Like ice skating, strolling around the Christmas markets or visit a few of my favorite bars during the day (yes to day drinking). But at least the last couple of days weren’t stressfull and i managed to tackle my overwhelming to do list and get everything ready for 2018.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Denim Lover

I can’t believe that it’s been already a month since i’ve been to London and still had no chance at all to post anything about our amazing vacation. Whenever i’m in a different city i’m always trying to change up my looks a bit. I don’t know why but somehow traveling inspires me to get out of my comfort zone and rock pieces in a different way.

In the past couple of years i had never done a denim on denim ensemble before. It was something that i used to wear when i was teenager but unfortunately i wasn’t really a fan during my Twenties. It’s such a cool look which you can obviously also choose to wear during the winter time – especially when you feel the cold you can simply use it as a layering piece. Paired with a light sweater and another coat i was ready to explore London without freezing a bit.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Belvedere Vodka X Joma #makeadifference

December 12th – it’s about that time: the season to be jolly. Compared to last year, where i ended up working till the very end before i headed home, i can  finally say that this year is different. I truly can’t wait for next week when i’m surrounded by my family and enjoy a wonderful time. No deadlines, no projects just having relaxed moments. I still have a few things zu cross off of my to do list but not in a stressful way (let’s hope so). So besides shopping or let’s say finding the perfect christmas gifts for my loved ones i think it’s also important to think of others.

So why not ditch the guilt and make a purchase or in this case choose the right restaurant that combines the good feeling of charitable giving? Nowadays there are more opportunities than ever and that’s why i’ve teamed up with Belvedere Vodka who recently has launched the 2017 limited edition red bottle, in partnership with (RED), to support the work of the Aids-Hilfe Wien and its fight against HIV/AIDS.

With the help of the restaurant JOMA which is offering  not only a special dish called ‚Red ‚n’ Roots but also a delicious cocktail called RED Blackberry Fizz  50 % of the revenue go directly to the Global fund which drives real impact where it is needed most. I already had the chance to check out everything and that's why i can highly recommend stopping by in order to make a difference.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Red Alert

If there is one color to be seen in this season it’s red. From accessories to a red on red  look i can truly say that this color trend is definitely one of my favorites – and even during the Christmas time i can’t help but to wear red. Instead of rocking this trend from head to toe i decided to create a much more simple look with a few pieces that i wear on high rotation. For example this super cozy striped turtleneck by Madeleine that became an essentails for me over the last few weeks maybe because it always adds a little parisian chic to any look.  Combined with a pair of high waisted denim culotte, a red beret and this super elegant black coat also by Madeleine i was good to go. With the help of my Julian (who btw finally launched his new Blog ‚TwinEtiquette’) we shot this back in November. I honestly can’t believe that 2017 is coming to an end. So much has happened and i'm truly grateful for this year. We still have one month to go but instead of making the same mistake like last year i'm really trying to get everything done in the next two weeks in order to have a relaxed Pre-Christmas period since Vienna has so much to offer every season. So ready for some mulled wine! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Into the Blue

Hello from London, everyone! I’m currently on a much needed vacation before i get back to my final projects. 2017 was definitely a year full of amazing happenings but i’m so happy that i finally have the time to enjoy one of my favorite cities in a relaxed way. For me travelling it’s not only inspring and full of new experienes it’s  also an opportunity to experiment with fashion looks that i’ve never tried before. It’s funny, whenever i’m away from Vienna i feel the urge to get a little bit more cerative and style pieces in a different way. Back when i was in Milan i rocked this blue pants from Madeleine combined with one of my checked longline  blazer and paired it with my Céline look a like shoes. Somehow it feels like re-inventing oneself which is never a bad idea.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nostalgic Moments | Blackberry KEYone

Back in 2007 when i was 19 years old there was one thing that has become my non fashion related accessory number one.  Back then i was one of those girls who were complety obsessed with MTV’s reality television series The Hills where you spotted one of their essential in almost every scene – a blackberry. At that time i was head over heels with this phone (i guess i was not the only one) and somehow i convinced my parents to get me one as well – and let me tell you! I was head over heels when i got the Blackberry Curve - even when it was just for texting and calling friends.

So when the lovely people from BlackBerry ask me if i want test the KEYone  it felt complety nostalgic and immediately said yes because  truly it brings back so many memories. But of course much has changed. Besides my job as a blogger i also run my own agency called Die Schnittstelle in the field of photography and videography. It’s important to keep track of appointments, jobs and check social media on a daily basis. It often happens that i have to leave the house early and come back late at night. In order to get things done i often try to get things done even when i’m on the go. Since i was always a big fan of keyboards and loved typing like there was no tomorrow i was absolutley curious what this little Android phone has to offer. With the sophisticated high enddesign which features a big and colorful screen (great for viewing emails) and a rubberized back the Blackberry KeyOne clearly has productivity users in mind that helps you manage day-to-day tasks and will last you the entire day with battery life that lasts more than 24 hour. And let me tell you - usually i always have power bank with me. Another great fact that i love to point out is definitely the 12MP rear camera with dual tone flash and 8MP front camera with LCD flash. Of course it takes time to get used to another operating system but when you get so many features like the 52 shortcuts which allows you to customize your keyboard it truly helps you through the day and makes life a little bit more easier.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Autumn/Winter Occasion Wear | Suits

Since highschool i was always a big fan of wearing a well cutted blazer that brought my look to the next level.  Of course I’ve talked in general about suits before but let’s talk about the one’s that are perfect for special occasions inlcuding weddings as well. So since we are already counting the days to the festive season and probably getting invited to a couple of events it’s not a bad idea to already think about what we are going to wear. Because i believe a lot of us share the same struggle each year - finding something that is elegant, special but comfy at the same time. Most of the time we often end up with the pieces we are wearing over and over again plus styled in the same way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when you rocking a look on high rotation but when you ask yourself how to get the most out of any piece of clothing than i always recommend two suits. Wether for going to work or going out the options are endless. It’s such a great alternative that you can not only dress up or down with different pair of shoes but you also get the chance to style them individually with different pieces. Luckily a lot of stores are stocking more tailored suits which i absolutely love but when it comes to the colder months i’m always looking for something special. Winter occassion wear an be tricky but in my case i found this amazing emerald green velvet suit from Madeleine. It’s truly a showstopper and something that i can wear from day to night – either with some sneakers or with a lovely pair of high heels. Instead of rocking my cross body bag in the classic way i decided to turn it into a fanny bag. It looks definitely more special and combined with my favorite baker hat i think i found something that you can also wear with jeans or a a cozy knit sweater.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

5 Thing I loved this Autumn

STYLE – summer was great but when it comes to fashion i will alwways choose the colder months. I don’t know how many times i mentioned it on the blog – i’m a sucker for layers because you can simply wear anything you want. From hats, coats, knitwear, boots – the options are endless.

AUTUMNAL STROLLS are the best. Since i work from home i often miss the chance to have a little walk through the city or park. But whenever i get the chance to shoot during golden hour i always enjoy it to the fullest.

COZY NIGHTS – i guess a lot of people adore this season simply because spending a cozy evening at home with lots of scented candles and soft lightning  is something that helps you wind down after a long day at work.

RED WINE – in fact whenever the temperatures starts to fall red wine becomes my option number one whenever i’m out for drinks.

SITTING OUTSIDE – during the month of September and October i was fortunate enough to enjoy a few evenings at one of my favorite spots called Zum Schwarzen KameelLocated in the heart of Vienna this lovely place is not only a scenery upscale restaurant where you can just have a glass of wine but it’s also a place where you can truly imagine Vienna to have been in the old days. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Modern Detective | Snowman

The older we get the more scared we are? In my case i can definitely say that over the last 20 years a couple of things have changed and unfortunately i’m definitely not the same fearless girl anymore who can easily manage every situation – especially when it comes to moments that seem to be scary. Walking through a forest, going down into the cellar or simply watching a horror movie. All of this was never a problem when i was under the age of 10 but now as a grown up i truly changed. Of course it’s weird but instead of getting anxious all the time i’m ready to for a new challenge.
So since the Nordic Noir thriller called The Snowman (SCHNEEMANN) is scheduled to be released by Universial Pictures tomorrow (19th October) i guess it’s time to overcome a few of my fears. The movie is based on  Jo Nesbø 's global bestseller in which an Oslo-based police detective, played by Michael Fassbender (X-Men Franchise), investigates the brutal murders of several women with a unique calling card – the serial killer always leaves a snowman next to the victims.
The film was shot entirely in Norway and matching to the movie poster and to the main character, i adapted my personal detective look and went for a classic trench coat shot in the beautiful Augarten during the golden hour. I guess this outfit would be my signature look when i would have joined the elite crime squad, investigating the disappearance of the victims.

So for those who love to watch the terrifying thriller with a brilliant cast (Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chloë Sevigny, Val Kilmer and Academy Award® winner J.K. Simmons), i have something for you – head over to my instagram and just leave a comment which enables you to participate at today’s giveaway. All my lovely Austrian readers get the chance to win 2 x 2 tickets in order to watch the SNOWMAN (SCHNEEMANN). Good Luck everyone!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stay true to yourself

When i started my blog 7 years ago i was one of those girls who were on the same mission  – finding a place where you can share your style and create content that inspires others to express their creativity. Over the years i realized that all of a sudden it became more – it turned into a business but more than that something that not only helped me to define my fashion style but also finding me as a person personally and professionally. Through blogging i found the courage to take action and become self employed not only with my blog but also as a videographer and photographer - which i rarley mention on my blog.

I guess a lot of people don’t see the progress that is going on behind a self created website or running a business – because there is more than just creating beautiful images or attening one event after another. Especially when it comes to blogging most of us share only the beautiful things in life but behind all that we all have those moments without glamour and duties that a lot of us have to deal with. Each year brings challenges and problems we would all love to avoid but in all honesty i think each lessons will shape us to the person we obviously need to be.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Make 2nd Hand your 1st Choice | True You

As promised a few weeks ago on my instagram i can finally share the outcome of my collaboration with True You X willhaben called ‚Make 2nd Hand your 1st Choice’. I often mentioned in previous blogposts before that i was always a big fan of second hand and vintage pieces as well. Personally i truly love collecting special pieces that come with miniature memoirs and get the chance to be revived. Over the last few weeks i got back into the mood of shopping pieces from other girls via willhaben but also blogger fleamarket or the one and only Humana is a place where you can score treasures that no one elses is probably rocking. So back in July i found an amazing Jil Sander trench coat via Willhaben which not only got redesigned by True You but also appeared on the runway during the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2017 back in September. It was cool seeing a fashion show that consisted of pieces from the past i interpreted in a new way. It was definitely a reminder of mixing up my wardrobe instead buying new things over and over again.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Magical Season w/ Teekanne *Advertisment

We’ve officially hit that time of the year where you often have no clue what to wear and what season you should be dressing for. It’s either too hot or or too cold und you often end up with the wrong combo. Compared to summer i always try to be prepared for everything and although i’m a big fan of little cross body bags, Fall is the season where the typical ‚Mary Poppins’ syndrom comes back into my life. Since highschool i was always the girl who had to carry everthing with me. Of course things have changed and  i really try to take just the essentials with me,  like a cold bottle of Teekanne Fresh in order too not only stay hydrated but also too cool down when the indian summer is knocking on the door. It’s such a magical season that i absolutely love. I can’t wait when all the leaves are becoming beautiful and the golden sunlight invites you to enjoiy fall to the fullest which leads me to my plan to increase the amount of leisure time and spend a little bit more time with my loved ones during the month of October. Without having to compromising i’m really looking forward to spend a whole week in my hometown and just be.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Hero Pieces

If there is one thing that i absolutely embrace it’s definitely wearing pieces over and over again. I am definitely not a minimalist but when it comes to fashion i’m more than happy when i see myself grabbing an item more than expected. Personally i often struggle between two categories – attracted to beautiful and fancy things versus buying basics and make it modern and timeless. It’s tough finding the right formula and reinventing your wardrobe ever single day but living in a bubble where everything has to be brandnew is definitely not the best way. So back in August i was lucky enough to experience one of the best vacation and of course i brought a few new pieces with me but overall i found myself wearing my favorites every other day. If you follow my blog for a couple of years you will notice that i wore this pants more than once (click here or here). I’m definitely a culotte kinda girl especially when the're highwaisted like this one. Combined with this super versatile top (i truly wore this piece 4 times during our road trip) i was ready for a walk through Verona.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fontelunga | A Place to Stay #Tuscany

After i returned from vacation in Italy i jumped right back into my working routine. My recent weeks were packed with different jobs and projects and unfortunately i had absolutely no time to take care of my blog. Sometimes it can be tough running different business at the same but when you love what you do there is not space for complaining at all – even when your plan of being consistent with blogging get screwed up every week. As you may have seen on my instagram i was finally able to enjoy a wonderful road trip to explore one of my favorite countries in Europe - Italy. It was something that i always wanted to experience but i never thought it would turned out to be one of the best vacations i’ve had so far. It was nothing that i’ve planned earlier this year and so it was pretty exciting when the decision was made back in July. 6 stops in 9 days (Verona, San Gimignano, Siena Pozzo della Chiana/Fontelunga, Cortona, Firenze) – sounds tough but actually managable. We found so many cute places and enjoyed our daily ‚vino session’ at different bars that i can only recommend allowing yourself to stroll around and check out what ever you want. Because that’s exactly what we did in Verona, San Gimigano and Firenze, and luckily we never got dissapointed.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fontelunga Look Nº 1

Yes, you’ve seen this dress before but staged in a different location. So when i was planning my looks for my italian road trip, which is already a month ago, i never thought that i would find the perfect scenery for this look. As a big fan of the Tuscany i was thrilled to see all the beautiful spots Italy has to offer but when we arrived in Fontelunga, which is a Hotel or let’s say a Villa run by an english/italian couple, i immediately fell in love with this place. (More about our stay soon). But when i saw that there was a hammock hanging in the middle of their property it instantly brought me back to my childhood. So funny that such little things can make you smile like there is no tomorrow. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Catching my Breath w/ Teekanne #Advertisement

Personally i think it’s super important to allow yourself to take a few steps back in order to recharge your battery and to focus on things that have nothing to do with the digital world. The  past few months were packed up to the fullest and i’ve come to realized that it’s been quite a challenge to find time to myself. Besides the fact that i finally got the chance to take some time off in the beginning of August in order to experience a wonderful road trip to Italy i also got the opportunity to enjoy two more days in Carinthia before heading back to Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Having the opportunity to de-stress and relax for a whole weekend is definitely a rare thing in my life. I was truly happy when i was able to turn off my brain and come down for a while before jumping onto the next project. As much as i love being self employed and combining my work as a photographer, videographer & blogger it’s hard to balance it all sometimes – especially when your days consists of different duties you have to deal with. I often have to remind mysel to welcome back my more relaxed side that is a little bit more easy going in order to appreciate everything i’ve accomplised in the last few months. So being away from my phone and laptop and finding a place where i can simply catch my breath which allows me to just be without compromises with the help of new Teekanne Fresh can truly be beneficial and gives me all the energy that i need.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Discovering Vienna with Teekanne #nocompromises

During my time as a blogger i was very fortunated to discover new cities around the world but in all honesty i always love coming back to Vienna. Due to the diversity it’s definitely a place that will always have my heart. Wether i’m talking about the beautiful sights this city has to offer, the different districts ort the different bars and restaurants -  Not only that there is something for everyone without making compromisses it gives you always the chance to rediscover places from a different perspective. This obviously applies to a lot spots here in the city but one of my favorite is definitely the highly frequented Naschmarkt located at the Wienerzeile– a place which not only has a lot of stories to tell  and where you find two of Otto Wagner’s most important Jugenstil (Art Nouveau) buildings but it is also a  place that simply invites you to enjoy either a whole day at the bars and restaurants you find there but also to just have a walk through the market stalls. The goods for sale come from a wide range of countries – starting from fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products you can get here a lot of specialities from all aound the world. Naturally the Naschmarkt is much more visited during the hot summer months especially when the golden sun rays shine through the little streets and create a super special light play. That’s the time when i enjoy the market to the fullest and truly love having a few glasses of wine at one of their bars or checking out the whole aera while sipping on the  new Teekanne Fresh Drink 'Pomegranate & Peach'. They are not only perfect to refresh yourself but also without sugar which i truly appreciate when i’m looking for something with a good taste. Definitely one of my highlight of the summer 2017.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Unforgettable Summer with MEXX

Having an unforgettable summer is probably one of those things a lot of people love to experience every year. Of course there are so many options which gives you the chance to create lasting memories – even from your own backyard. Thinking back in time i honsetly can say that my most memorable summers were when i was a little child, for the simple reason that i truly enjoyed each day in the most basic sense. Of course, i’m also a big fan of traveling and discovering new places, but nothing is more beautiful than having little adventures or day trips in your own city/country. Besides doing unforgettable things in order to experience an unforgettable summer one of the best way to refresh those kinds of moments is pretty easy. I guess a lot of you know that feeling that whenever you are smelling a specific scent/fragrance it brings you back to a certain point of your life in the past. It’s true, scent is the sense that contributes best memory recollection. With that being said i want you to introduce you to three new fragrances by Mexx.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa & FaceSpa #Advertisment

Having smooth and soft legs during the hot summer months is definitely one of those things a lot of us want to cross off of the list for a longer period of time. But when the countdown is on most of us struggle to find the perfect option without spending a small fortune. Finding a permanent solution on the market it’s tough but luckily the lovley people from Braun reached out to me in order to introduce you to the new Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa &FaceSpa. This new series which not only convinces through its design it also comes with a lot of new features. It’s a fact that this advanced epilator is more powerful, quieter but also able to catch more hair (thanks to the micro-grip it catches even short hair as short as 05 mm). It’s so quick and easy that you really don’t have to run the shaver over and over again and with the help of little light it’s so much easier to see every hair. Depending on your personal preference you can choose between two speed seetings (the lower setting might be the better option if you are new to the epliator world). As you can see this amazing tool, which only takes one hour to charge and can be used wet or dry, also comes with different exfoliation brushes (blue = for deep exfoliation to help avoid thoses dreaded ingrown hairs, purple = for more sensitive areas for the whole body – except for the face). I also love that you also get a deep massage pad which we all know is always good to improve your skin appearance and blood circulation.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

White Maxi Summer Dress

During the hot summer months it’s kind of a no brainer that most of us love to wear lighter shades and lighter fabrics to beat the heat. It’s nothing more refreshing than wearing something that feels like your second skin and you don’t event have to look out for the next breeze. Since white dresses are a little bit trickier to pull off i was super happy when i stumbled over this beautiful piece of clothing. The lovely people from Revolve invited me to pick out 2 pieces from their brands. Oh boy, the carry such a wide range of labels and different styles (perfect if you are still on the hunt for a wedding guest outfit)  that i was a little bit overwhelmed in the beginning but when i saw this House of Harlow dress (always wanted something from this collection) i was sold in a second. It’s a dress that i already wore a couple of times which is perfect for a hot summer day, brunch or dinner dates but also something that i would rock at the beach club.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Dressing up a Summer Skirt

A few weeks ago i was asked what i would consider a summer must-have this year! Getting dressed during the hottest days of the year is definitely a challenge but styled in the right way you can look fashionable and presentable without to much effort – even at the office. Instead of rocking tight trousers i can highly recommend a light midi skirt. It’s not only super flattering but also super easy to combine with other pieces – for example with a off shoulder top or a simple white tee. You only have to make sure to choose the right fabric. In order to achieve a pleasant skin feeling and avoiding to break out in sweat simply choose Linen, Silk or in my case Cotton. Instead of wearing pumps i always tend to wear sling-backs. These low-heeled shoes, which always reminds me of scenes in Sex and the City, are super comfortable to wear and practically sweat-free. Another great accessories that screams summer right away are definitely bags made out of Raffia. It’s seems to be such a kitschy trend but it’s safe to say that these handbags are everywhere. From envelope clutches to cross body bags, you get every shape you have ever wished for.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer in the City w/ Jake*s | Lookbook

Well it’s not often that I’ve been wearing pieces of brand all over town several days in a row. But when the lovely people from Jake*s send me a few pieces of their latest collection (Jake*s & Jake*s Collection to be exact) i was full of enthusiasm to shoot a lookbook for you guys in the first district. Because spending time in the city center  is honestly one of my favorite things to do when i’m free on the weekend. I truly enjoy the architecture, the great vibe that comes along when you discover new streets and of course all the nice places Vienna is offering.

One of the places where you will find me sipping on a ‚Spritzer’ is definitely the Palais Ferstel. For such a casual occasion i always love to wear a really nice summer dress that works not only in the city but also when you’re on vacation. The cute little flowers are truly are must during summer.

Another look that i would wear whenever i’m in a shopping mode is definitely  something that you can throw on in a second. So this super cute blackdress with those tiny little white dots is not only incredibly easy to wear but obviously the perfect choice when you end up in the fitting room and don’t want to mess around. Combined with sneakers and a cross body bag it’s the ulitmate look for another shopping spree.

For the evening i prefer something a little bit more sophisticated – so this amazing jumpsuit, that i honsetly already wore 3 times this week, became my option number one when i’m off for some after work drinks or events in the city. I was always a big fan of a great one piece because sometimes i’m in a rush and don’t wanna spend to much time figuring out what to wear! So what's your favorite look! 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Easy Summer Dress

While browsing through my computer i came across these picutres which never made it up to the blog – so i thought better late than never. I wore this look on the first day of the Lighthouse Festival in Porec. Before we ended up wearing our actual looks i decided to rock this ensemle while we were checking out the whole venue. I have to say that this year i’m defnitely more open when it comes to feminine looks and often choose dresses over pants. This particular one i currently on sale – super light and comfortable to wear! What else do you need for summer?!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Orange is the new Black | Make-up Look

One of my favorite things about summer, are definitely all the nice events under the open sky. You get to meet old friends, the opportunity to wear your favorite summer pieces but also the chance to rock a new make-up look. I guess most of us have found their perfect routine when it comes to glamming up for a fancy occassion but sometimes it's nice to experiement with different products in order to freshen your look. Inspried by the golden hour i created this look for the shopping center Zimbapark which already realeased this tutorial in their latest issue (click here to get to the article). So here are the essential steps:

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Modern Ballerina

More than 15 years ago i was one of those girls who loved to wear ballerina non stop. I was rocking them to nearly every piece of clothing but somehow they were also my life saver when i was wearing high heels for a night out. I always had one pair in my bag in order to get a break when my feet stared hurting too much from all the dancing - i guess a lot of girls did that. Years later i couldn’t imagine wearing these type of shoes again – i was so over it that i dismissed every pair of my closet and started wearing sneakers instead. But as we all know – fashion is repetitive and you only have to wait a few years or decades to welcome an old trend again. So when a well known fashion brand released its unique ballet flats i knew that i should never say ‚i will never wear this again’. Ok, i’m still sit on the fence with the classic ones but if you add some laces and some buckled details you get the right dose of attitude and edginess in a second. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Velden White Nights | StyleBook

Nothing screams Summer more than all white outfits. Along with my blogger colleague Raffael from the Lionheaded and the lovely models from Velden Sanda & Chris we got the chance to shot a very special Stylebook for the upcoming Velden White Nights that will take place on the 14th of July. Usually i never wear a full white on white look but ever since i started my blog i’m always about taking risks and breaking rules when it comes to fashion – especially when you have just one color to create a look. With the support of young austrian designers we managed to create the perfect mix – from sporty to boho, to  elegant – we covered everthing.. It truly reflected our personal styles and it simply  worked perfectly with each location – even at the CasinoVelden. I think when you’re wearing all white it’s important to balance it out with your accessoiries which gives everything a little bit more of an edgy vibe. In my case i was wearing this beautiful dress by ROEE (will be available at the Woman Fashion Tour in Velden)  and thought i  might pair it with a turban that honestly added the perfect amount of the 70’s. Adding someting like a hat has a always been a thing mine so that’s why it’s seemed to be a no brainer that i also opted for something special for the other two looks.

While we were enjoying our little ride on the boat at the beautiful Strandclub Velden at the Wörthersee i went for this amazing big hat by Josef Kepka & Söhne and combined it with my favorite dress by Revolve that i recently found in the mail. But also the other look, that we shot at the beautiful Falkensteiner Schloss Hotel Velden, got an uprade with an amazing headpiece by Josef Kepka & Söhne. It has a slight wedding vibe but combined with this simple but very elegant tube dress i think it would work perfectly for the Velden White Night. So without a further ado, let's get inspired for this season and and maybe we will see each other in Velden in two weeks. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Back to Basics | White Shirt Dress

One of my favorite things about vacationing, is definitely the fact that i’m always bringing pieces with me that i rarley wear. I don’t know why, but it’s seems to be a phenomenon – whenever my brain switch to 'holiday mood' i feel more inspired and willing to wear different styles. It’s like allowing yourself to try out new things and combos that you’re probably wouldn’t wear at home. Of course i always stick to my personal style and what works for my body type but i often find myself opting for something that is out of my comfort style. Anyways, today’s look is actually pretty simple and since my love for shirt dresses is still in full mode i was happy to finally rock this look while i was in Italy. Combined with my favorite mules from Högl and a cute little cross body bag i was ready to shoot this look at the roof top of our hotel.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

My trip to South Africa with Teekanne Fresh

After 3 months the day has finally come and i’m officially allowed to talk about the reason why i travelled to Capetown in the beginning of March. Together with Julia from Our Clean Journey i was choosen to be part of the new FRESH Campaign by Teekanne. Their new ready to drink beverage called ‚Teekanne Fresh’ which is available in three different flavours (Hugo, Pomegranate Peach, & Berry Lime) is all about 'being who you are'. Compared to other cold drinks Teekanne created something with 0% sugar & 0 calories 100% fruity taste which obviously seems to be the first drink with no compromises when it comes to the ingredients.

And that exactly brings me to the 5 topics of the campain we shot in South Africa for Teekanne. Since Julia talked about her personal view on vacation, fitness & food i was the one talking about fashion & dating. Being or let’s say working in the fashion(blogger) world often forces you to jump on every band wagon in order to keep up with the rest. But in all honesty i have say that following your own rules when it comes to fashion will always be the answer. Of course i also often ended up buying stuff that had nothing to do with my personal style but ever trial and error gets you to the point where you want to be one day. Clothes should be fun! So wear what makes you feel good and being who you are without compromises.

The same applies for realtionships. Without a doubt having someone on your side that makes you feel greater and happier who shares the same thoughts is probably a goal for(almost) everyone. Life is too short to compromise and have bad realtions ships. This is something i learned over the last couple of years – if it wasn’t working me i knew that i had to move on. So with that being said, here are all the impressions of our trip and two clips that captured the topics perfectly. I hope them as much as i do! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Juste en Clou de Cartier #Advertorial

Back in the day when i was a little girl i was always keen to learn new things when it came to handcraft work. Even before the word do it yourself came out i always tried out different ways to create my own bags, hats and of course jewellery was on my very top list. I have to say that i always loved visiting my dad in his own workshop where he had tons of stuff in order to either repair something or simply invent something new. For me it was some sort of my personal market where i found everything i needed for my projects. As you can imagine i often put a new spin on things that were supposed to be used for another purpose. Sometimes you have to look at thinks from a different perspective – and that is exactly what the french luxury manufacture Cartier did! Back in the 1970s the first nail bracelet was created in New York. Juste en Clou (en: „just a nail“) which is the expression of a rebellious nature and reflected a wild and free wheeling era - and now the story continues with a new addition called ‚Ecrou de Cartier’ with a nut as a symbol. Again a transformation of the ordinary to the extraordinary which can be considered as a contemporary interpretation of the iconic  LOVE braclet.  So today i’m not only showing you the new creation of the ‚Juste en Clou’ collection designed by Aldo Cipullo i also wanted to share the new image clip which perfectly picks up each facet of this beauiful piece of jewellery.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dolce Vita at Schloss Mönchstein #Swimwear

As i mentioned in my previous post before i was invited to enjoy a full day at the Schloss Mönchstein in order to relax and simpy have a good time in my beloved Hometown. Since i knew that an impressive infinity pool with a stunning view over Salzburg was waiting for me i had to grab this opportunity with both hands and shot a little swimwear editorial. When it comes to my looks for the beach or pool i have to say that in the past years i was always rocking my favorite bikinis but this year i completely changed my mind – this season i’m all about bathing suits in all different colors and prints. The black one itself is definitely the classic option which is surley a good choice if you are more into monochromatic vibes. But sometimes it’s also nice to kick this new season off with a bright and multicolored option. That’s why i also choose to wear this fun striped bathing suit which kind of awakens the child inside of me since i had a similiar one when i learned how to swim when i was three years old. Of course i’m still into biknis and without a doubt there are so many models out there that it can be tricky to find the one that emphasises your personal body type. Personally i’m a big fan of bralets that you can either rock with or without a strap around your neck. So since i’m still a little bit obsessesd with the color red i knew that i had to get my hands on something that had met these requirements. As well as these two bathing suits i found this red model at Calzedonia. They have a wide of all kinds of bathing suits/bikinis and so i ended up with an italian inspired bikini which has these super cute polka dots on it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nostalgic Moments

If you would take a look back at my blogposts of 2011 you would notice that i was a big fan of all kinds of hippie dresses. I guess it all started when i was still living in Salzburg where i also started my blog 7 years ago. I was shooting my daily looks in the backyard of my parents house without thinking that this will be my job one day. No stressing arround, trials and errors but always with a big portion of fun. At that time vintage wasn’t really interesting or let’s say a big thing. But when i found a really small ad in the newspaper saying ‚selling bunch of old/vintage goodies’ i knew that i had to check this one out. Who knew that this seller would become my personal vintage dealer for more than 5 years. I found so many treasures and unique pieces that that i’m still rocking today. So when i look at these pictures, which were taken in Porec 2 weeks ago, they kind of remind me of my early blogger days where my love for fashion and photography actually started – and i guess sometimes it’s nice to walk down the memory lane.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Me, Myself & Carla

Hello from Italy – i’m currently on a much needed vacation since may was a very intense month for me. It was about time to recharge my batteries and stay away from my computer for a couple of days. Luckily i still have some looks to share that i shot last month at the wonderful Schloss Mönchstein which i can highly recommend if you either live in Salzburg or visit this beautiful city. I was invited to check out the whole hotel and enjoy a wonderful and sunny day at the (infinity) pool with the most amazing view over my hometown. I had absolutely no clue that Salzburg has something like that but since Schloss Mönchstein is open for everyone, which means you can enjoy their individual offers without staying overnight. You can either have a lovely brunch at the terrace, book a relaxing treatment at their SPA or simply enjoy a whole day at the pool. So for the beginning i thought i would share my look that i was rocking that day. Since i was always a big fan of classic pieces i’m proud to show you my latest addition when it comes to handbags – the CARLA bag by Aigner. Usually i often tend to choose something with a little twist but i think it’s also important to have at least one bag that you can wear to anything from day to night for the next 40 years. Combined with my favorite mom jeans, this stunning blazer by Ganni (recently shopped from Carola – Viennawedekind) and this adorable mules by Högl i was good to go.