Friday, June 30, 2017

Velden White Nights | StyleBook

Nothing screams Summer more than all white outfits. Along with my blogger colleague Raffael from the Lionheaded and the lovely models from Velden Sanda & Chris we got the chance to shot a very special Stylebook for the upcoming Velden White Nights that will take place on the 14th of July. Usually i never wear a full white on white look but ever since i started my blog i’m always about taking risks and breaking rules when it comes to fashion – especially when you have just one color to create a look. With the support of young austrian designers we managed to create the perfect mix – from sporty to boho, to  elegant – we covered everthing.. It truly reflected our personal styles and it simply  worked perfectly with each location – even at the CasinoVelden. I think when you’re wearing all white it’s important to balance it out with your accessoiries which gives everything a little bit more of an edgy vibe. In my case i was wearing this beautiful dress by ROEE (will be available at the Woman Fashion Tour in Velden)  and thought i  might pair it with a turban that honestly added the perfect amount of the 70’s. Adding someting like a hat has a always been a thing mine so that’s why it’s seemed to be a no brainer that i also opted for something special for the other two looks.

While we were enjoying our little ride on the boat at the beautiful Strandclub Velden at the Wörthersee i went for this amazing big hat by Josef Kepka & Söhne and combined it with my favorite dress by Revolve that i recently found in the mail. But also the other look, that we shot at the beautiful Falkensteiner Schloss Hotel Velden, got an uprade with an amazing headpiece by Josef Kepka & Söhne. It has a slight wedding vibe but combined with this simple but very elegant tube dress i think it would work perfectly for the Velden White Night. So without a further ado, let's get inspired for this season and and maybe we will see each other in Velden in two weeks. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Back to Basics | White Shirt Dress

One of my favorite things about vacationing, is definitely the fact that i’m always bringing pieces with me that i rarley wear. I don’t know why, but it’s seems to be a phenomenon – whenever my brain switch to 'holiday mood' i feel more inspired and willing to wear different styles. It’s like allowing yourself to try out new things and combos that you’re probably wouldn’t wear at home. Of course i always stick to my personal style and what works for my body type but i often find myself opting for something that is out of my comfort style. Anyways, today’s look is actually pretty simple and since my love for shirt dresses is still in full mode i was happy to finally rock this look while i was in Italy. Combined with my favorite mules from Högl and a cute little cross body bag i was ready to shoot this look at the roof top of our hotel.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

My trip to South Africa with Teekanne Fresh

After 3 months the day has finally come and i’m officially allowed to talk about the reason why i travelled to Capetown in the beginning of March. Together with Julia from Our Clean Journey i was choosen to be part of the new FRESH Campaign by Teekanne. Their new ready to drink beverage called ‚Teekanne Fresh’ which is available in three different flavours (Hugo, Pomegranate Peach, & Berry Lime) is all about 'being who you are'. Compared to other cold drinks Teekanne created something with 0% sugar & 0 calories 100% fruity taste which obviously seems to be the first drink with no compromises when it comes to the ingredients.

And that exactly brings me to the 5 topics of the campain we shot in South Africa for Teekanne. Since Julia talked about her personal view on vacation, fitness & food i was the one talking about fashion & dating. Being or let’s say working in the fashion(blogger) world often forces you to jump on every band wagon in order to keep up with the rest. But in all honesty i have say that following your own rules when it comes to fashion will always be the answer. Of course i also often ended up buying stuff that had nothing to do with my personal style but ever trial and error gets you to the point where you want to be one day. Clothes should be fun! So wear what makes you feel good and being who you are without compromises.

The same applies for realtionships. Without a doubt having someone on your side that makes you feel greater and happier who shares the same thoughts is probably a goal for(almost) everyone. Life is too short to compromise and have bad realtions ships. This is something i learned over the last couple of years – if it wasn’t working me i knew that i had to move on. So with that being said, here are all the impressions of our trip and two clips that captured the topics perfectly. I hope them as much as i do! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Juste en Clou de Cartier #Advertorial

Back in the day when i was a little girl i was always keen to learn new things when it came to handcraft work. Even before the word do it yourself came out i always tried out different ways to create my own bags, hats and of course jewellery was on my very top list. I have to say that i always loved visiting my dad in his own workshop where he had tons of stuff in order to either repair something or simply invent something new. For me it was some sort of my personal market where i found everything i needed for my projects. As you can imagine i often put a new spin on things that were supposed to be used for another purpose. Sometimes you have to look at thinks from a different perspective – and that is exactly what the french luxury manufacture Cartier did! Back in the 1970s the first nail bracelet was created in New York. Juste en Clou (en: „just a nail“) which is the expression of a rebellious nature and reflected a wild and free wheeling era - and now the story continues with a new addition called ‚Ecrou de Cartier’ with a nut as a symbol. Again a transformation of the ordinary to the extraordinary which can be considered as a contemporary interpretation of the iconic  LOVE braclet.  So today i’m not only showing you the new creation of the ‚Juste en Clou’ collection designed by Aldo Cipullo i also wanted to share the new image clip which perfectly picks up each facet of this beauiful piece of jewellery.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dolce Vita at Schloss Mönchstein #Swimwear

As i mentioned in my previous post before i was invited to enjoy a full day at the Schloss Mönchstein in order to relax and simpy have a good time in my beloved Hometown. Since i knew that an impressive infinity pool with a stunning view over Salzburg was waiting for me i had to grab this opportunity with both hands and shot a little swimwear editorial. When it comes to my looks for the beach or pool i have to say that in the past years i was always rocking my favorite bikinis but this year i completely changed my mind – this season i’m all about bathing suits in all different colors and prints. The black one itself is definitely the classic option which is surley a good choice if you are more into monochromatic vibes. But sometimes it’s also nice to kick this new season off with a bright and multicolored option. That’s why i also choose to wear this fun striped bathing suit which kind of awakens the child inside of me since i had a similiar one when i learned how to swim when i was three years old. Of course i’m still into biknis and without a doubt there are so many models out there that it can be tricky to find the one that emphasises your personal body type. Personally i’m a big fan of bralets that you can either rock with or without a strap around your neck. So since i’m still a little bit obsessesd with the color red i knew that i had to get my hands on something that had met these requirements. As well as these two bathing suits i found this red model at Calzedonia. They have a wide of all kinds of bathing suits/bikinis and so i ended up with an italian inspired bikini which has these super cute polka dots on it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nostalgic Moments

If you would take a look back at my blogposts of 2011 you would notice that i was a big fan of all kinds of hippie dresses. I guess it all started when i was still living in Salzburg where i also started my blog 7 years ago. I was shooting my daily looks in the backyard of my parents house without thinking that this will be my job one day. No stressing arround, trials and errors but always with a big portion of fun. At that time vintage wasn’t really interesting or let’s say a big thing. But when i found a really small ad in the newspaper saying ‚selling bunch of old/vintage goodies’ i knew that i had to check this one out. Who knew that this seller would become my personal vintage dealer for more than 5 years. I found so many treasures and unique pieces that that i’m still rocking today. So when i look at these pictures, which were taken in Porec 2 weeks ago, they kind of remind me of my early blogger days where my love for fashion and photography actually started – and i guess sometimes it’s nice to walk down the memory lane.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Me, Myself & Carla

Hello from Italy – i’m currently on a much needed vacation since may was a very intense month for me. It was about time to recharge my batteries and stay away from my computer for a couple of days. Luckily i still have some looks to share that i shot last month at the wonderful Schloss Mönchstein which i can highly recommend if you either live in Salzburg or visit this beautiful city. I was invited to check out the whole hotel and enjoy a wonderful and sunny day at the (infinity) pool with the most amazing view over my hometown. I had absolutely no clue that Salzburg has something like that but since Schloss Mönchstein is open for everyone, which means you can enjoy their individual offers without staying overnight. You can either have a lovely brunch at the terrace, book a relaxing treatment at their SPA or simply enjoy a whole day at the pool. So for the beginning i thought i would share my look that i was rocking that day. Since i was always a big fan of classic pieces i’m proud to show you my latest addition when it comes to handbags – the CARLA bag by Aigner. Usually i often tend to choose something with a little twist but i think it’s also important to have at least one bag that you can wear to anything from day to night for the next 40 years. Combined with my favorite mom jeans, this stunning blazer by Ganni (recently shopped from Carola – Viennawedekind) and this adorable mules by Högl i was good to go.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Lighthouse Festival 2017 X Zalando

Over a week ago Zalando invited 8 austrian bloggers the experience the Lighthouse Festival and without a doubt this trip was definitely of a kind. But where do i even. It all started on the 24th of May. I remember the moment when we, speaking of my blogger colleagues Raffael from The Lionheaded, Deea & Laura from Les Factory Femmes, Anna from Poschstyle, Christl from ChristlClear, Ilja from WayofJay and Hank from HankGe, all met and had absolutely  no clue that we will have a really long drive ahead – but i have to say these 14 hours  were probably the main factor that we bonded as a group for the rest of the trip.

So on the very first day we all took it very easy! Chilled breakfast, got introduced to our amazing villa, which got an upraded look thanks to the lovley people from our personal Heros & Heroines, and also got the chance to check out the Zalando Area which was located near the Light House. Of course there was much to explore that we didn’t even know where to start. We ended up walking around checking out all the day parties where a lot of people enjoyed all kind of music which leads me to the fact that the Light House Festival is not only about electro – there was so much more than this. The program itself offered a bunch of different acts, activities like yoga or roller coaster workshops but also places where you simply got the chance to relax. Especially at the Zalando Aera we found ourselves having fun with the mirror installations or lying in the huge hammocks and checking out the new pieces by Zalando while the sun was setting. Definitely another highlight i like to mention.

So since we had our own private Villa we always found ourselves connecting and having fun with each other – especially on the first official night out we let loose to the fullest. After having couple of drinks we made it to the Roller Disco and danced the night away like nobody’s business. Please don’t ask when we got home and how we felt on the next day – but it was absolutely worth it. The fact that we were always a big group made it even more special and so much fun. Although it always seemed to be simple and relaxed via our Instastories we were super productive and shot like a couple of looks each day. Besides the parties and the lovely conversations including lots of  laughters without end i think it's safe to say that we all had an amazing time together at the Lighthouse Festival! So once again big thanks to Zalando for inviting me and also to Heros & Heroines for taking care of us but also paying attention to every single detail that made everything even more special.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Holiday Vibes

When i browse through my recents purchases when it comes to clothing it seems that i’m currently loving colors more than ever. And after my obssesion with red i guess considering my current feed i jumped to a new one - orange. But is it the new black– i'd say only for summer! I will always be obsessed with a all-in-black ensemble but i guess right now i prefer something more fresh. Combined with my absolute favorite bag, which you can actually also wear around the waist like a fanny bag, i opted for a color blocking look ('Hello 2012' )I shot this pictures on our last day in Porec where i was invited by Zalando to the Lighthouse Festival (more about that soon) and felt so in love with the patio of our hotel – kind of reminds me of Miami and obviously fits perfectly to my look.