Thursday, February 26, 2015

#MyBeautymyWay | Artdeco Cosmetic GIVEAWAY

Red lipstick certainly makes a statement! So this is #mybeautymyway created with my favorite products from @artdeco_cosmetics! And now it’s your turn! Just let me know „What is your interpretation of "My Beauty My Way“! 
Just post a picture of yourself on instagram using the hashtags #mybeautymyway, #fashiontweedxartdeco and tag @artdeco_cosmetics  in order to participate my giveaway of three artdeco beauty sets  - 7 surprise products!!! Good Luck! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Zalando Ballseason | Second Look

So, here it is, my second look in collaboration with Zalando. We shot the pictures inside one of the most beautiful ballrooms i've seen at the Palais Coburg. So for this cocktail dress i choose the Yellow Salon, decorated with exquisite silk wallpaper made in France based on historic designs. Compared to our usual streetstyle shootings i have to admit that these kind of projects require so much more effort and you can only imagine how long it takes to get everything together when you’re doing it all by yourself. Because, again, we decided to take care of everything by ourselves – like we did in the past! Of course it’s pretty exhausting but so worth it! So finally, my question is which one of those two looks is your favourite one?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chessboard Scarf | GAP Austria

Colder months are definitely not easy to handle even if you’re a pro when it comes to layering and still look fashionable while rocking millions pieces at the same time. So it seems quite fitting to show you my third ouftit with my latest additon to my closet – this chessboard scarf from GAP which gives the outfit a certain lightness. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ballseason I Zalando

I’ve been teasing you for a bit on instagram regarding our shooting in collaboration with Zalando where i got the chance to choose my favorite dresses for the Ballseason. I guess a lot of you guys know that the first two months of the year  here in Vienna are pretty packed full of all kinds of balls you can imagine! From the extravagant Rosenball to the classic highlight of the Year „The Opera Ball“, you will find anything of your desire! But one thing is for sure – all these events take place at wonderful and historical locations which is obviously the perfect opportunity to bring out the most beautiful dresses and feel like taking back to the past – and that was definitly the theme of our shooting because me and my partner in crime Edisa decided to get things together in order to produce another StyleGuide TV shooting and of course another episode for our Channel!  Fortunatley we were allowed to take all these wonderful pictures at the most beautiful place i’ve seen in a while – the magnificant ballrooms of the Palais Coburg! I’ve been here before when i had a styling job back in 2013 but i didn’t know that there was way more to discover! So i’m really proud and excited to show you my first outfit of two – so stay tuned for the next one (which is i guess my favorite).

Monday, February 9, 2015

The special Relationship

Another Monday, another navy blue Look- will my Obsession with this color ever end – probably not! But that doesn’t matter because in my opinion it’s truly a color you can always rely on and simply eliminating the nerve-wracking „what should i wear today“-moment. Especially this coat became my ultimate staple in my wardrobe and it’s still rated under the top 3 when it comes to my coats. Another big love, this Bag – of course! Nothing says more than a well-preserved vintage bag – i have to say that i was never big on logos (maybe because i grew up in a time when a lot of people were running around like slaves with either clothes, bag or accessories from specific labels and trying to look fashionable but always ended up looking ridiculously branded from head to toe) but with this bag, i have to make an exception – it's quite the opposite,  because this big Joop truly adds this special character to it which every piece in your closet should have. So as you guys can see i’m still obsessed with it and ever will – that’s the end of the story.

Friday, February 6, 2015

#New Discoveries | Shinola

Over the last few weeks I thought that it might be a good idea to start something new on the blog and I will keep your mind on point with what will hopefully become a new regular feature on this page: NEW DISCOVERIES.  Because while i was sorting out my latest outfit pics i felt the urge to post something else other than my usual looks. So for today i have something really special for you and i’m really happy to introduce you guys to the brand Shinola.

Shinola was founded in 2011 and started producing watches, timepieces, leather goods (even for pets), journals, plus uber cool bicycles -(and just for your information: all products are handcrafted). The special thing about this brand (and that’s what caught my attention after reading a few articles on the internet) is that this company is some sort of a throwback to a time when goods were built to last and they simply bring back the pride of manufacturing – in Detroit. And the fact that Shinola believes in local workers and decided to bring in watchmaking experts to train them instead of hiring them simply shows their authentic philosophy which is based around the premise of creating jobs.

But now, let me show you my favorite items of their website and i guess, i have something for everyone. Although watches make the majority of Shinola's output i created two different boards in order to show you the variety of their products and as much as i love the monochromatic look i think there is also something special by adding a pop of color – and if you ask me i would totally love to call the mint-colored bike my own.

So for those who are interested, Shinola has not only opened a shop in London, Carnaby Street (picture down below) they also launched its commerce website for visitors from Europe and your officially able to order their products online. So definitely take a look at their site! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Steinecker | Gorgeous Wedding Dresses & Ball Gowns

Happy Monday everyone! So over the weekend i lost myself a little bit on Pinterest which actually happens not that often. Don’t get me wrong, i think this plattform is amazing for inspiration and finding beautiful images all over the way but i’m definitely not that type of girl who spends hours pinning and creating new boards. But i have to say without Pinterest i wouldn’t have discovered this amazing picture or to be more accurate, this stunning dresses by Ralph Lauren. Especially the one in the middle made my heart skip a beat which would be (in my opinion) the perfect option for a really casual and hippie-inspired wedding which leads me to the actual intention of this post.

So I’ve recently had the pleasure to browse through the Wedding Store Steinecker which opened about a few months ago and offers a huge range of prestigious wedding dresses, formal wear and also glittery and dramatic ball gowns from long to short! If you guys follow me on Instagram you would probably have seen a few glimpes of this store 3 months ago when me and my partner in crime Edisa got the chance to choose some dresses for our Silhouette Photoshoot for StyleguideTV – ( remember that). Unfortunatley we didn’t get the chance to explore every little corner but today i can finally show a few treasures i stumbeld across and truly they have wedding gowns for every taste and budget and i can only imagine how stressfull it can be when you’re on the hunt fort he perfect dress!