Saturday, August 2, 2014

Superlight Pants

Like WhoWhatWear said in one of their recent post that there’s probably one particualr  person who probably has the most influence in the development of your personal style – do you have a guess?!  Well without this person i would totally wear someting different in this post because unfortunately my mom (yes this is the person i’m talking about) bought these pants last year in a wrong size and so i was fortunate enough to welcome a new item which was 100% necessary to complete my summer wardrobe....because i’ve realizied that over the last few years i’ve accumulated a lot of light blouses or let’s light pieces in genereal but no light pants particularly for those hot and humid summer days that we're having every now and then here in Vienna. For some reason i never got around to wear them last year and i wish hadn't waited this long because these pants are probably the most comfortable pants i own.

ZARA: pants, shirt, shoes / H&M: hat / PRIMARK: necklaces / SWATCH: shades


  1. Beautiful casual outfit! I like these pants too. I have two of them in my wardrobe but I think, I'll buy another. (:
    Have a nice day!
    Liz. http://lizinview.blogspot.co.at/