Friday, July 18, 2014

Favorite Combo

You know by now that i do love a simple black and white combo and that I’m rarely big on colors - it’s just something in me that is always drawn to neutral tones! That’s why i have another black & white ensemble to share with you guys! For me this combo is defintiely my favorite mix of cool, chic, and effortless! To add a little bit more jazz i decided to put on my favorite slippers - i had my eye on these shoes for a while but i was definitely not willing to pay the original price – simply too high! But as you guys know, waiting pays off and a few weeks ago Zara sale hit the stores – which is always super dangerous for my bank account - it’s so simple to find good stuff - especially in the beginning! So i ended up getting these slippers and i’m still happy about them!

If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably noticed that I was one of the winners at the Zalando Blogger Awards in the categroy „Best Newcomer“!  I know, i know – i’m not a Newcomer at all because some of you probably know that i started blogging back in 2009/2010 before i even moved to Vienna! Wow, time flies!
It was such a big surprise and i have to admit that i I never thought in a milllion years that i will ever receive anything like that! I know, i don’t post on a regular basis and every now and then i take a step back from blog but i’m trying to do my best because i honestly have to say that receiving this award gave me a little boost because nothing feels better than being appreciated and acknowledged for your work and efforts! Big thank you to the Zalando team and judges for picking me! I really appreciate it!

    ZARA: blazer, shoes / MANGO: top, pants / NAGY HÜTTE: hat


  1. You totally deserve it. I will keep following.

  2. Erst einmal herzlichen Glükcwunsch zum gewonnenen Preis! Du hast ihn verdient! :-) Zum Look: Superschicke Kombination, auch der Hut passt super dazu! I like! :-)

    Liebe Grüße,