Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pieces I wear over and over again and why | Black Edition

As an avid collector of black pieces of clothing i often feel the need to add something little bit more exciting. It can get quite boring wearing just one color but paired with the right accessories you can instantly give your staples a make over. Especially during the winter time i’m not in the mood wearing colors and I often end up with an all black look which i wear over and over again. It’s definitely not a bad thing being an outfit repeater and somehow creating a personal uniform can be quite cool but expressing your personalitiy and creativity through your outfits is something i always enjoy. I honestly believe that working with less keeps you creative and sets you on a challenge to find new ways to do more with what you have and kind of saves you from constantly craving something new and buying more. In my case i only styled old pieces and simply added new small bits and pieces i purchased over the last few weeks. This vintage Gianni Versace blazer for example is definitely the highlight of this look which inspired me to rock my beloved Overknees again that i rarley wear. To keep everything in place i went for this Chanel inspired belt which i’ve been wearing non stop – over jackets, coat, blazer, knits you name it! Super afordable and great for many styles.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Back in the Day

Withlout a doubt the wonderful season of golden hours and colorful leaves has gone by. With the passing of time some things change and some things stay the same but the older i get the more i realize how quickly life goes by. Looking back i can’t believe that i started this blog 10 years ago as a complete different person. Different priorities, different goals, different skills. Back then I had absolutly no clue what i wanted to do in life and what passion or talent i would discover a long the way because at the beginning of this blog i started at zero. I had absolutely no clue about photography combined with a super embarrassed feeling whenever my pictures were taken in public (i guess i was not the only one at that time). But over the years i’ve learned to enjoy it and to not only get more confident but also develop a certain style when it comes to posing/editing and many more things to list. Blogging is a process and a journey that involves so much more than taking pictures. It's still my personal outlet that I love to fill with memories and stories and I guess that won't change in the next time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Festive Jumpsuit

Slowly but surely the festive season is fast approaching. Getting invited to parties and dinner events can be exciting but whenever i’m getting ready for another special occasion i’m browsing through my wardrobe way to long. It can be quite frustrating loosing so much time in order to find the perfect look. I’m a big fan of wearing something elegant but super comfortable at the same time. It seems to be superficial but by the end of the day most of us just want to feel put together in an authentic way. This year i’m all about jumpsuits. This safe option is absolutely the choice you can make when you don’t want to fuss around or simply don’t want to wear a dress. For the more dressy occasions  i’m often opt for a wide leg option. Either paired with a simple white or black blouse or nothing underneath. In terms of jewellery i love to play with all kinds of statements pieces – usually i tend to wear dainty pieces most of the time but during the month of November & December you will catch me with that extra bling.  

So for this shoot i wanted to find a really special place and since i visited my hometown the last few days i finally got the chance to shoot in the nature again. Sometimes i’m all about switching things up and up to find places that makes it even more extraordinary compared to my usual streetstyle shoots. I have to say this is definitely one of the things that keeps me going when it comes to blogging. Experimenting, taking your creativity to the next level and developing a new style. Putting more effort into a shoot and taking pictures from a different angle in a different light brings more joy than doing the same thing over and over again.  Because in all honesty it can get quite boring doing the same backround scheme each time. The funny thing is that when i started blogging 9 years ago i always found it too difficult to shoot in my hometown or anything near trees, fields or nature related. But things change and so i am coming to you with a new look that you might consider for your next fancy event.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Go BOLD with Leopard

Last month’s favorite fashion favorites has been definitely everything animal printed. I’ve been digging this trend for many many years but this year it has been super easy to find anything from leopard to snake printed items. Even though it wasn’t my intention to add another piece to my personal collection i couldn’t resist getting this pair of skinny leggings that convinced me in the very first moment. As someone who loves to rock loose fitted pants most of the time it was about time to change things up. Adding black and creme really helped toning down this significant print. It's one of those print that truly works magic on your staple pieces.