Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve / Outfit

So the festive season is almost over and before I head back home to Vienna to prepare myself for New Year's Eve I wanted to show you guys what I was wearing on Christmas day. I found this amazing black leather combo last week which works perfectly with my beloved vest which you have alredy seen in the previous post

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Step it up!

Hi from Salzburg, can’t believe that I haven’t been here since April - What a shame. It feels so good to be back home surrounded by the family and I’m having such a good time with good old friends. I wore this outfit yesterday before I switched into Christmas outfit (coming soon) and I have to say that this vest became my favorite item over the last few days. I don’t know what it is but this piece gives the perfect touch to any outfit – and btwI also realized that navy has become my new favorite color. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

No Black

So it was about time for a new challenge and so i pushed all my black clothes to the side and went for something different- and somehow it worked out pretty good.  I have to say that i'm actually a huge fan of navy blue but at the end of the day i always stick to my favorite color. So i was more than happy when i finally got the chance to wear my new pants (actually bought them from Carola - but they are from the current collection) and added some nice jewellery to complety my outfit! I also forced myself to wear a different bag or rather say a clutch - and i think sometimes it's pretty nice to be open to changes!  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bershka Pre-Opening

If you guys follow me on instagram you have probably seen a few posts about the Bershka Pre-Opening. I was invited along with some other bloggers and had the pleasure to have a first look at their new store at the Mariahilferstraße which is is Vienna’s most well known shopping street. Fortunately we got the chance to stroll around 2 hours before the doors were open to the public. I was actually looking for a specific piece but ended up saving my voucher and enjoyed the event by having fun with lovely people and good old music from the 90ies!! So simple but so good!!  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Welcome to Vienna Airport

Yesterday the Vienna Airport invited me to take a closer look at the retail space and learn more about their new service  of the Austrian Star Alliance Terminal which has opened in June 2012. Compared to the old existing airport, which is directly connected to the new terminal, the new building adds some new shopping and catering options.  So we started our little tour right at the Check-in 3, went through the securtiy-check and then straight to the upraded shopping area which offers the travellers a new experience and the  chance to explore nationally & internationally famous brands and several restaurants – and this year Vienna Aiport shines even more. Despite the fact that everything is bright, well organzied and stuffed up with great things you’ll get an exclusive gift by Swarovski for every purchase of more than € 150  plus there are also a few products you’ll only get at the airport - so keep that in mind for your next trip to Vienna. All in all i really enjoyed the tour through the airport and realized that you also get some great shots instead of sitting and waiting for your plane!!  


Monday, December 2, 2013

Lamaste - Making Of!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of the Jouja reFurs enVie-Shooting which also featured some pieces of Katie G. Jewellery! The whole shoot took place at a really cool Lama Farm, only 40 min away from the big city, and i was more than happy that I got the chance to combine work and pleasure at the same time - and of course i always love being surrounded by nature, animals and lovely people! Despite the cold weather we all enjoyed the experience and the working as a team aspect made this whole process a lot of fun and very special because everything fell together perfectly and i honestly can say that all of the pictures reflect that which were captured by the Analog Docs. You'll find  more pictures and a little video on my instagram!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Unique Details

Like i told you in this post i’ve teamed up with Katie G. Jewellery and got the chance to show you guys some of her latest pieces -  but this time you will finally get to see them combined in an outfit .  I have been dying to wear those rings, earrings and especially this bodychain  which is obviously the perfect way to bring your outfit to the next level when everything else seems to be too boring! I absolutely love the fact that there are so many options to layer them individually that it seems that you will always get a different piece!
As you can see I kept the focus on the jewellery and decided to wear just a simple black ensemble, paired with a maxi dress and a simple turtleneck – i don’t know why but these kind of sweaters are my favorites!!
To give the whole outfit a little bit more texture i went for this leather jacket which wasn’t the best idea in terms of the cold weather – it’s been freezing here in Vienna but as long as the sun shines i won’t complain!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Perfect Scenery

There is definitely something special about Parks , aside from the beautiful scenerey, the sound of the cracking leaves or the relaxed atmosphere … there’s always something special in the air! You either feel it or you don’t!  I have to mention that until i left home i had the countryside on my doorstep and i always loved the fact that i had the opportunity to explore every aspect of nature on my own – i truly believe that i wouldn’t be the same person without all those little adventures i experienced before i stepped into the educational system! I remember running around on open fields, climbing the tallest  trees and jumping off waterfalls (yes i really did that), enjoying incredible views  and not thinking about tomorrow or about ridiculously overrated things! Luckily i’m still sourrounded by different parks, where i can escape from the big city life and step into an other world whenever i feel the urge to.  

These pictures were taken at the Augarten and i simply love the background  which was obviously the perfect contrast to my black ensemble. As you can see I also added some EnVie patches to my coat as a little personal touch and kept the rest of the look pretty simple!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Late Night Shopping

Last week i was lucky enough to  be invited to the Christmas Late Night Event at the Designer Outlet Parndorf. I have to say that i was really impressed that i got picked up by a luxury shuttle service along with my fellow blogger friend Hristina from Fleurdemode. It was simply the perfect start to an amazing evening!  
After a 40 min ride we were warmly welcomed by the marketing manager of  the center. Right after that we immediately decided to take advantage of our little spare time til the main program started. So we rushed from one store to the other hoping to find something really special within 20 min but we totally failed and headed back tot he stage where the fashionshow of the center took place!
Besides the well-known brands from the Designer Outlet, a few austrian upcoming designer also had the chance to present some of their latest pieces but i honestly have to say that my personal highlight was definitely one specific showact/singer who had such an amazing voice that Hristina and i were simply blown away by her song. I already found her track on youtube – so if you’re interested you should definitely check her out!
Anyway, right after that show we headed to the VIP area where we also chatted a little bit with the designer, had a few drinks and totally forgot about the time until we realized that we only had 25 min left  to redeem our vouchers – nothing easier than that. So we switched back into our Shopping Queen Mode (as i like to call it)  and made probably the best deals ever. I couldn’t believe it when i finally found the coat (seen here) i was craving for months for less than 50 % off the original price- definitely the best buy in a long time!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cut Out Buckle Boots + GIVEAWAY

I think by now you all know how much i love my cut out booties but over the last few weeks i was already looking for another option because i simply don't want to wear them out to a point where they start falling apart even if i know it matches my outfits perfectly! 

So i was still focusing on finding something similar and fortunately i got the chance to pick up something from the online store CHOIES! Of course i had to choose these black cut out buckle boots that i have had my eye on for a while because they were exactly what i wanted! I finally got them delivered last week and oh boy - they are so comfortable and i honestly can say that i'm pretty happy about the good quality!

As an early christmas present the lovely people at choies have provided my lovely readers a chance to win $ 50 to spend on their online shop! Scroll down for all the information!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Patch it up!

While i was browsing through my closet i realized that i havn't worn  a few pieces in ages  and as i mentioned in my previous post i often tend to wear  specific pieces over and over again, not considering other options – but there’s always tomorrow! So i was thinking about a really easy DIY project but i had no idea how to start and where to stop! Fortunately i met Nina from Envie Heartwork - you might remember our little collaboration we did a few weeks ago where i styled two  (12) different pieces from her collection! What i did not know about her was the fact that she started her business by creating/selling fashion patches which can be attached to any outfit by safety pins. I am not sure how many of you actually know that this trend is having comeback this season but this is obviously the perfect way for those who want an eye-catchy look within two minutes! Time to shake up your wardrobe! 

Friday, November 8, 2013


November is the time to throw on some layers and i'm definitely enjoying it to the fullest. I feel so much more inspired but i realized that i have a serious issue with black pants  - especially with those slouchly ones. I tend to wear them almost everday and somehow it became my signature look but my favorite pieces are definitely my Zara cut out boots -  i basically wear them with anything on a daily basis. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forgotten Treasure

You might know that i never really had a close relationship with watches and over the years i have gotten out of the habit of wearing one. I own two or three ... but none of them actually work. I always check the time on my phone and never thought about other options but since the battery runs down pretty quickly i started thinking about alternatives! I have to confess that i was always a fan of those oversized watches layered with other bracelets but for some reason i never jumped on the bandwagon of this trend. Of course they can be a great accessory to dress an outfit up but i think they're actually really useful because i absolutely hate fact of digging my phone out from the depths of my purse to figure out what time it is which then leads me to just checking instagram/facebook/twitter etc.

So a few weeks back i received this beautiful model from Diesel - perfect timing i would say! They were kind enough to let me choose a piece from their current collection and incorporate it in my daily life. So now i'm super happy to finally share these images with you guys! I decided to wear my new watch called " DZ 5302 " with a very simple outfit because i wanted to create a very minimalistic look. This watch is definitely a little on the heavy side, but once you've worn it for a couple of minutes it's not a problem anymore and i have to say that it brings back some great pre-cellphone memories every time i look at it! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Taste in jewellery is always changing but if you found a timeless piece that can be worn and loved each day you probably keep it forever! I know that it takes a while to find something special and even i struggle to find accessories that i can wear day in and day out! 

Lucky me i met Katie, the incredibly talented designer behind Katie g. Jewellery, during Vienna Fashion Week where she got the opportunity to sell some of her epic pieces.  I was instantly impressed with her collection because all of her pieces happen occasionally  through accidents, as well as by experimenting and directly working with a material! Many of her art pieces are created instinctively and most frequently inspired directly from nature and some of them can be layered and combined in different ways and gives any look a new and unexpected twist! 

So a while ago Katie invited  me to browse through her collection at her studio (located in the Frankenberggasse 11 of Vienna's 4th district)  which also happens to be her showroom & shop as well! Before i started taking some pictures we had a nice little chat about the development of her jewellery  label and how everything started which is in my opinion always one of the most interesting parts of a brand! She graduated from Alchimia (School of contemporary jewellery  in Florence - love this city) a few years ago and has been creating jewellery ever since! As an artist & designer, Katie is committed to design unique wearable jewellery but she was never really interested by the idea of creating perfect shaped pieces and that's why EVERY single ring/bracelet/necklace etc. is different, has its own story and the material changes with time - definitely one of the most interesting aspects of wearing a piece of Katie g. Jewellery!  So of course i wanted to share a few impressions of her current collection - let me know what you think! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mixed Pattern

Mixing prints is by far one of my favorite game when it comes to dressing "out of the box"! But over the last few weeks i had some sort of a gothic phase in my life (i know goth it's not only wearing dark clothes or wearing dark makeup) where i only saw myself wearing black ALL THE TIME! So every now and then i'm trying to break the habit before i end up picking out the same stuff as usual. That's why I also decided to go a little (rose)gold accessory crazy with the added ring, bracelet and necklace .... but hey i think it looked alright! Big thanks to Hristina from fleurdemode.com for taking these pictures! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

On the Edge

Another post of mine that i had been meaning to get up for a little while! I took these photos with my wonderful friend Julie,  who actually suggested shooting at a different location and i can honestly say that it's definitely nice to have a break from those typical streets style pictures! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wella Color.id

During Vienna Fashion Week i was lucky enough to be invited by Wella to see their newest and definitely revolutionary product Wella - Color ID and since i've been using Wella Illumina Color (which is designed to be more natural looking) i was even more excited about the whole event. So what's Color ID? For the first time ever before colors can bee applied side by side without running into each others and makes it unnecessary to use aluminium foil for color application (always hated that) + it gives a more natural and tonal look! The event itself was held at Wella Headquarter here in Vienna and i finally got the chance to show off my hairdressing skills because over the last few months i became more experimental and dyed my hair by myself! It seems to be very tricky to get a  uniquely designed multi-tonal color result but i guess this product makes everything a little bit more easier! 

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Nothing beats a versatile jacket for fall and i know my choice seems to be limited when it comes to styling but i've been wearing this beautiful piece of clothing, which was by the way one of the best deals i've ever made during sale, almost everyday!   You have to know that I'm one of those people that get attatched to things that i really love and i tend to wear the heck out of every piece but that only shows that i've made the right decision! And of course ... I know...  I'm totally obsessed with this bag. Every day I tell myself to carry something different, but I'm loving it way too much!  

Monday, September 30, 2013

Special Moments

While searching for new locations for the blog i thought that it was about time to switch things up and start to look out for a different spot! As a fashionblogger i usually tend to stay in my comfort zone and capture my "daily" outfits right on the streets but when you get the cance to shoot on a  rooftop you probably won't say no! Even though it was a little bit scary in the beginning  it was such a nice experience that me realize how much i love this city! So after the little preview on my instagram i can finally show you the rest of the pictures and big thanks to Julie who became my partner in crime over the last few weeks!! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Too simple

Looking back at these pictures i'm  super happy that the temperatures dropped down over the last few weeks because for some inexplicable reason i always feel so uninspired throughout the summer months when it comes to my outfits! Don't get me wrong but whenever i'm able to show off my layering skills i'm feeling better like getting back on track! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

MQ Vienna Fashion Week / Day 6 - Outfit

Here's another look i wore on the last day of Vienna Fashion Week. I decided to wear my favorite suit because i was a little bit tired of wearing black the whole time! Oh, and please excuse my sleepy eyes but i was so exhausted that day! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Blogger Flea Market N°4

Finally the next blogger fleamarket will take place this Saturday right at the burnlab (indoor)!!! I'll be selling a ton of clothes! So if you’re in Vienna  you should definitely stop by! All details below! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

MQ Vienna Fashion Week / Day 5 - Outfit

Fashion Week without an all black ensemble wouldn't be the same and as you will probably have seen from my instagram i wasn't the only one who thought so! 

photo credit: Balazs Iosif

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MQ Vienna Fashion Week.13

After deciding to go to the MQVFE so last minute i can truley say that i had an amazing time! The best part about this fashion week in particular was definitely seeing and meeting so many amazing people in one place who made these days even more special!! I actually wasn't planning on attending so many shows but i guess spontaneous decisions are always the best!
I already shared some impressions on my instagram account and besides the fact that i also shazamed some amazing tracks during the shows i also wanted to share something about the Vienna Fashion Week on my blog! 

The Shit 

Mark & Julia / MILK
Schirch & Rosenthal
Magdalena Adriane 
See you next year! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

MQ Vienna Fashion Week / Day 3 - Outfit

My outfit choice for the day was all about black and white - definitely my favorite color combo! Big thanks to Balazs Iosif (streetstyle photographer of www.citycatwalk.at) for taking this picture!! 

ZARA: pants, shoes, blazer / VINTAGE: hat / NO NAME: backpack 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I follow Rivers

A few weeks ago i was gifted this headband from the austrian brand called Envie Heartwork and if you've been follwing my blog for quite some time, you probably know that i'm such a hat person! So last week i finally got the chance to wear this gorgeous piece while we were walking right next to the danube - and i also thought that  we would find a lovley location to capture some photos! Of course i needed to look a little bit more casual and decided to wear my favorite flats instead of heels! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

In the Middle of Nowhere

As you can tell i kept the outfit pretty simple because obviously this overall speaks for itself and what else would be a better option than a simle white top underneath (that's probably also the reason why you've seen this look on so many blogs before - but i just love it). To make it a little bit more special we shoot these pictures at the Augarten which i think worked perfectly with the whole look.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fashiontweed for Ultrasun / T-Shirt-Collection

Today i've got something new and exciting to share. Back in July i got asked if i wanted to create 5 different t-shirts for the brand ultrasun. It took me about a few seconds to say yes. Although t-shirts are one of the most basic items of clothing i've noticed that especially the statement t-shirt has become a fashion staple over the past few months - so obviously it was the right time for a little tee-collection. The only requirements were that i the had to design at least 3 different statements everything else was up to me. 

So after doing some research i started sketching a few samples which were pretty basic in the beginning but instead of stressing over getting the perfect designs i waited a little bit and updated my sketches every once in a while. Unfortunately i'm not an expert when it comes to graphic design but luckily i had the opportunity to work with Julia, from the graphic design agency urschler + urschler, who brought each individual design to the next level and now i'm finally able to show you my recent project. FYI: I received the little collection yesterday! So make sure to stay tuned for some outfit pictures. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stripes & Dots

One of my favorite pattern mixinig combination is definitely stripes and polka dots thats why this particular ensemble is my favorite look of the month. Striped pants were always on my rader but I actually never thought that they can be worn in so many different way - definitely the most versatile piece of clothing i own.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Favorite Sandals

Just about every summer, i'm always looking for a nice pair of sandals and usually these types of shoes can also be less costly than other types of footwear - usually - cause whenever i found a cute pair i wasn't willing to pay the price. But in the meantime i found exactly what i was looking for and got me pair of simple white flats with silver hardware.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Ever since i started blogging i always focused on fashion related posts. So i thought i would be a nice break  to show you the little corners of my apartment where everything gets started before i get to shoot my looks (and i guess  a lot of people are interested - myself included - to get a peek behind the scenes of a fashionblogger). 

As you can tell i'm also a little sucker for beauty products and besides my passion for fashion i always like to try different make-up looks just to add a special touch to my outfits. Most of the time I try to keep everything in place and easy to reach and believe it or not i actually really enjoy organising my vanity and especially my closet. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Blue Monday

When you get the chance to create a look and pick out some pieces from an amazing brand, then you kind of want to try something new and different. Besides the shorts i also choose to style these loose fitting pants called jimmyZ. They were absolutely comfortable but also a bit more challenging to style just because i had a certain image in my mind how it should look.  The second outfit for EnVie is definitely a little bit more chilled out but still in a chic way.