Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Make-Up Routine | Fall Edition

Every other month i find myself adding new products into my daily make up routine. Whilst i love my designer make-up brands there are still a number of brands on the hight streets that i truly recommend and keep buying over and over again. But of course every now and then i’m up for a little I shakeup that not only brings more joy but also gives me the  opportunity to share my favorites with you. 

With that being said, my core products and every day look are often changing but for now i’m super happy with my current routine. Although i was gifted a few of these products i only share what i truly love.In order to find out more keep scrolling! 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Snakeskin Print

Ever since i started this blog i’ve been always a big fan of all kinds of animal prints. For years the most popular one in fashion has been leopard but another bold trend that appears to be blowing up both on and off the runway is snake skin. Sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but used in moderation you can easily wear this print in everyday life – and personally i think this print is more chic than the leopard print as you get older. The easiest way to incoporate a new trend or print into your wardrobe is accessories. Without spending to much it’s a great way to see if your up for more. 

In my case i opted for a snake skin skirt. In order to tone it down i went for a super simple white shirt and buckle boots that i recently scored at Humanic. I think the key to wear such a bold piece is to keep the rest of you look quite simple and neutral. To top things off i threw on a chocolate brown jacket and put on my favorite hat.