Saturday, August 19, 2017

Discovering Vienna with Teekanne #nocompromises

During my time as a blogger i was very fortunated to discover new cities around the world but in all honesty i always love coming back to Vienna. Due to the diversity it’s definitely a place that will always have my heart. Wether i’m talking about the beautiful sights this city has to offer, the different districts ort the different bars and restaurants -  Not only that there is something for everyone without making compromisses it gives you always the chance to rediscover places from a different perspective. This obviously applies to a lot spots here in the city but one of my favorite is definitely the highly frequented Naschmarkt located at the Wienerzeile– a place which not only has a lot of stories to tell  and where you find two of Otto Wagner’s most important Jugenstil (Art Nouveau) buildings but it is also a  place that simply invites you to enjoy either a whole day at the bars and restaurants you find there but also to just have a walk through the market stalls. The goods for sale come from a wide range of countries – starting from fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products you can get here a lot of specialities from all aound the world. Naturally the Naschmarkt is much more visited during the hot summer months especially when the golden sun rays shine through the little streets and create a super special light play. That’s the time when i enjoy the market to the fullest and truly love having a few glasses of wine at one of their bars or checking out the whole aera while sipping on the  new Teekanne Fresh Drink 'Pomegranate & Peach'. They are not only perfect to refresh yourself but also without sugar which i truly appreciate when i’m looking for something with a good taste. Definitely one of my highlight of the summer 2017.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Unforgettable Summer with MEXX

Having an unforgettable summer is probably one of those things a lot of people love to experience every year. Of course there are so many options which gives you the chance to create lasting memories – even from your own backyard. Thinking back in time i honsetly can say that my most memorable summers were when i was a little child, for the simple reason that i truly enjoyed each day in the most basic sense. Of course, i’m also a big fan of traveling and discovering new places, but nothing is more beautiful than having little adventures or day trips in your own city/country. Besides doing unforgettable things in order to experience an unforgettable summer one of the best way to refresh those kinds of moments is pretty easy. I guess a lot of you know that feeling that whenever you are smelling a specific scent/fragrance it brings you back to a certain point of your life in the past. It’s true, scent is the sense that contributes best memory recollection. With that being said i want you to introduce you to three new fragrances by Mexx.