Saturday, August 19, 2017

Discovering Vienna with Teekanne #nocompromises

During my time as a blogger i was very fortunated to discover new cities around the world but in all honesty i always love coming back to Vienna. Due to the diversity it’s definitely a place that will always have my heart. Wether i’m talking about the beautiful sights this city has to offer, the different districts ort the different bars and restaurants -  Not only that there is something for everyone without making compromisses it gives you always the chance to rediscover places from a different perspective. This obviously applies to a lot spots here in the city but one of my favorite is definitely the highly frequented Naschmarkt located at the Wienerzeile– a place which not only has a lot of stories to tell  and where you find two of Otto Wagner’s most important Jugenstil (Art Nouveau) buildings but it is also a  place that simply invites you to enjoy either a whole day at the bars and restaurants you find there but also to just have a walk through the market stalls. The goods for sale come from a wide range of countries – starting from fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products you can get here a lot of specialities from all aound the world. Naturally the Naschmarkt is much more visited during the hot summer months especially when the golden sun rays shine through the little streets and create a super special light play. That’s the time when i enjoy the market to the fullest and truly love having a few glasses of wine at one of their bars or checking out the whole aera while sipping on the  new Teekanne Fresh Drink 'Pomegranate & Peach'. They are not only perfect to refresh yourself but also without sugar which i truly appreciate when i’m looking for something with a good taste. Definitely one of my highlight of the summer 2017.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Unforgettable Summer with MEXX

Having an unforgettable summer is probably one of those things a lot of people love to experience every year. Of course there are so many options which gives you the chance to create lasting memories – even from your own backyard. Thinking back in time i honsetly can say that my most memorable summers were when i was a little child, for the simple reason that i truly enjoyed each day in the most basic sense. Of course, i’m also a big fan of traveling and discovering new places, but nothing is more beautiful than having little adventures or day trips in your own city/country. Besides doing unforgettable things in order to experience an unforgettable summer one of the best way to refresh those kinds of moments is pretty easy. I guess a lot of you know that feeling that whenever you are smelling a specific scent/fragrance it brings you back to a certain point of your life in the past. It’s true, scent is the sense that contributes best memory recollection. With that being said i want you to introduce you to three new fragrances by Mexx.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa & FaceSpa #Advertisment

Having smooth and soft legs during the hot summer months is definitely one of those things a lot of us want to cross off of the list for a longer period of time. But when the countdown is on most of us struggle to find the perfect option without spending a small fortune. Finding a permanent solution on the market it’s tough but luckily the lovley people from Braun reached out to me in order to introduce you to the new Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa &FaceSpa. This new series which not only convinces through its design it also comes with a lot of new features. It’s a fact that this advanced epilator is more powerful, quieter but also able to catch more hair (thanks to the micro-grip it catches even short hair as short as 05 mm). It’s so quick and easy that you really don’t have to run the shaver over and over again and with the help of little light it’s so much easier to see every hair. Depending on your personal preference you can choose between two speed seetings (the lower setting might be the better option if you are new to the epliator world). As you can see this amazing tool, which only takes one hour to charge and can be used wet or dry, also comes with different exfoliation brushes (blue = for deep exfoliation to help avoid thoses dreaded ingrown hairs, purple = for more sensitive areas for the whole body – except for the face). I also love that you also get a deep massage pad which we all know is always good to improve your skin appearance and blood circulation.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

White Maxi Summer Dress

During the hot summer months it’s kind of a no brainer that most of us love to wear lighter shades and lighter fabrics to beat the heat. It’s nothing more refreshing than wearing something that feels like your second skin and you don’t event have to look out for the next breeze. Since white dresses are a little bit trickier to pull off i was super happy when i stumbled over this beautiful piece of clothing. The lovely people from Revolve invited me to pick out 2 pieces from their brands. Oh boy, the carry such a wide range of labels and different styles (perfect if you are still on the hunt for a wedding guest outfit)  that i was a little bit overwhelmed in the beginning but when i saw this House of Harlow dress (always wanted something from this collection) i was sold in a second. It’s a dress that i already wore a couple of times which is perfect for a hot summer day, brunch or dinner dates but also something that i would rock at the beach club.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Dressing up a Summer Skirt

A few weeks ago i was asked what i would consider a summer must-have this year! Getting dressed during the hottest days of the year is definitely a challenge but styled in the right way you can look fashionable and presentable without to much effort – even at the office. Instead of rocking tight trousers i can highly recommend a light midi skirt. It’s not only super flattering but also super easy to combine with other pieces – for example with a off shoulder top or a simple white tee. You only have to make sure to choose the right fabric. In order to achieve a pleasant skin feeling and avoiding to break out in sweat simply choose Linen, Silk or in my case Cotton. Instead of wearing pumps i always tend to wear sling-backs. These low-heeled shoes, which always reminds me of scenes in Sex and the City, are super comfortable to wear and practically sweat-free. Another great accessories that screams summer right away are definitely bags made out of Raffia. It’s seems to be such a kitschy trend but it’s safe to say that these handbags are everywhere. From envelope clutches to cross body bags, you get every shape you have ever wished for.  


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer in the City w/ Jake*s | Lookbook

Well it’s not often that I’ve been wearing pieces of brand all over town several days in a row. But when the lovely people from Jake*s send me a few pieces of their latest collection (Jake*s & Jake*s Collection to be exact) i was full of enthusiasm to shoot a lookbook for you guys in the first district. Because spending time in the city center  is honestly one of my favorite things to do when i’m free on the weekend. I truly enjoy the architecture, the great vibe that comes along when you discover new streets and of course all the nice places Vienna is offering.

One of the places where you will find me sipping on a ‚Spritzer’ is definitely the Palais Ferstel. For such a casual occasion i always love to wear a really nice summer dress that works not only in the city but also when you’re on vacation. The cute little flowers are truly are must during summer.

Another look that i would wear whenever i’m in a shopping mode is definitely  something that you can throw on in a second. So this super cute blackdress with those tiny little white dots is not only incredibly easy to wear but obviously the perfect choice when you end up in the fitting room and don’t want to mess around. Combined with sneakers and a cross body bag it’s the ulitmate look for another shopping spree.

For the evening i prefer something a little bit more sophisticated – so this amazing jumpsuit, that i honsetly already wore 3 times this week, became my option number one when i’m off for some after work drinks or events in the city. I was always a big fan of a great one piece because sometimes i’m in a rush and don’t wanna spend to much time figuring out what to wear! So what's your favorite look! 


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Easy Summer Dress

While browsing through my computer i came across these picutres which never made it up to the blog – so i thought better late than never. I wore this look on the first day of the Lighthouse Festival in Porec. Before we ended up wearing our actual looks i decided to rock this ensemle while we were checking out the whole venue. I have to say that this year i’m defnitely more open when it comes to feminine looks and often choose dresses over pants. This particular one i currently on sale – super light and comfortable to wear! What else do you need for summer?!