Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Remember... #Childhood

If there is one place in the world that reminds me of my childhood i would immediately response by saying – Lignano! I don’t know if it’s a austrian/german thing but back in the day i had the best time on the Adriatic coast. Since August tends to be the hottest month of the year Mid-September seems to be the perfect choice when your looking for quite hours at the beach, less crowded spots and pleasent temperatures. Once again, i got invited by my parents to spend some quality time and enjoy a vacation where i can truly recharge my batteries. Compared to the road trip i did over a month ago i finally found real relaxation for a whole week. Since we always bring our own bikes in order to explore something new and the fact that i had to try out my new biker shorts we ended up finding this amazing empty beach where i finally got the chance to shot my look and also captured a few moving pictures which I finally edited ealier today. I have to say i really missed creating such short films for myself. Even though i absolutley enjoy filming for other people i truly love producing something for my own blog and social media channels. Let’s see if the muse is speaking to me again in the near future. 


Friday, August 10, 2018

Castello di Miramare

Hello from Italy! We are currently on our way to Verona where we will have 3 more nights before we head to our last stop Follina. Our vacation started in Triest over a week ago where we not only strolled around the city but also took the chance to visit the beautiful and breathtaking Castello di Miramare which is a 19th-century castle on the Gulf of Triest. The best way to get there is definitely by ferry (ride cost € 4,25 each person and takes 40 mins) which provides the best view. Miramare Castle is sourrounded by a flourishing park full of precious botanic species and  truly magical when you walk through the park til you get to the former luxurious aristocratic residence of Archduke Maximilian of Austria and his wife Charlotte. Unfortunatley we only had 30 minutes to discover this wonderful place (make sure to check the opening hours) but even that short amount of time was worth the visit – especially when you end your trip with a wonderful dinner right at the habour.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset | Advertisement

I guess most of you are aware that video content creation became pretty popular over the last few years. Even smart phones convince with their amazing quality but somehow audio has been pretty much kicked to the side of the curb. Knowing how to capture great audio is crucial and as a videographer myself i often have to work with external microphones.  Since Sennheiser is known to be the pioner in the audio world i was pretty excited when i got invited to a special event where we invited (talking about fellow bloggers from Vienna) to take the new Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset to the streets in order to capture the sights and sounds of the city. 

We started our tour at the Hard Rock, plugged in the headset to our I-Phones and got familiar with all the settings. Followed by a short Faxi ride at the ring and got back to the first district where we listened to two street musicians  I didn’t expect much but i have to say i was pretty amazed. You can hear everything that is around you so clearly which instantly felt like an extensions of your ears. We then headed to the Naschmarkt, were we walked through the restaurants and got the chance to pick up noises in a different way.  Due to the omni-directonal microphones you’ll be able to capture 360 degree audio with the feature of excellent pair of headphones. Pretty impressive if you ask me. To finsih things off we ended up at the Prater for the great finale.

The Ambeo Smart Headset, which is an over ear design, offers all the the functuality you would expect from premium earphones for you iphone or i pad. High Fidelity Listening, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparent Hearing and the ability to take phone calls and operative voice control.  The smart headset, which includes two high quality microphones , also offers 3D Audio recording to capture the world around you with stunning 3D emersive sound. You get the power button as well as buttons for volume control, and to pause, play or skip. The long white button allows you to switch from transparent hearing mode, situatiol awarness mode to noise cancellation. I have to say that it's super impressive.  Hearing the sound of your city in  a much more deeper way pretty much shows that the picture is only half of the story telling.  


Friday, July 27, 2018


As much as i love using different make up products and creating different looks, when summer hits I'm all about that extra glow. In that case I often find myself changing up a few things and adding other products to my beauty routine. Since I've been packing all my stuff for another Italy-Road Trip and planning to take only the essentials with me I thought I could share my current favorite products for summer. 

Mixing foundations has always been a thing for me. I don’t know why but somehow i love to create my own base. The Touche Éclat All-in-one Glow Foundation by YSL mixed with the Superstay 24h Full Coverage Foundation by Maybelline is definitely my favorite combo at the moment. 

Summer_Make_up_Favorites Kopie

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Sunday well spent...

The most important thing to do on a sunday is to relax – especially when work and social events can take up so much time that you often forget to care about yourself. It’s nice to hang out with friends and family but every now and then i’m craving moments where i don’t have to to anything. Enjoiying a full weekend with yourself or your significant other and not having any plans for the weekend may sound a little bit boring but over the years i really appreciated such quality time with my partner in crime without party hopping with friends ever single friday or saturday. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely  love to go out for drinks but getting better rest and unplug from the day-to-day can be everything. In order to look relaxed as well i often gravitate towards loose and soft pieces. Without the intention mixing two different prints i ended up with this combo that actually felt like i was wearing a pyjama. 


Friday, July 13, 2018

Velden Shopping {Advertisement}

When I think back at our wonderful stay in Velden I can honestly say that this lovely spot is the perfec escape from the big city life in order to let your soul relax. 

Back in May, while we were shooting our looks for the White Nights Style book,  i took the chance to check out some of the most popular shops which are located near the beautiful Wörthersee. Unlike Vienna or Salzburg, Velden has this special holiday vibe that allows you to get in the right shopping mode which not only gets you excited to find special pieces of clothing but it also invites you to enjoy a wonderful day at the lake. Instead of getting overly stressed and overwhelmed – especially when your planning to update your summer wardrobe – Velden offers the right amount of shops that you can easily check out in a day.

If you look for items that you can rock for many season i can highly recommend stopping at the shops by Grüner - one for women one for men. Besides the warm welcome you will find versatile and timeless pieces that you will love for many years. Definitely check out their Onlineshop if your not able to make it to the South of Austria. But for all those people who are trying to find the right destination for a short get away that includes countless options when it comes to enjoying life to the fullest  i can suggest coming to Velden and experience the White Side of Life. Velden is definitely a place that has more to offer than you think. It’s truly a hotspot that is definitely worth a visit. 


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wella Professionals INVIGO + Giveaway {Advertisement}

Aside from the fact that i used to love experimenting with my hair color and even ended up being super blonde i decided to go back to my natural hair color about 5 years ago. It was probably one of the best decision to fully embrace my natural curls. Ever since then i'm dying my hair with Wella Illumina Color (never change a winning team)  at home every other month in order to keep my hair look fresh and vibrant. Of course, it often takes a few hours to get professional results but over the last few weeks my schedule has been so packed that quite frankly i have not been able to make the time. So after postponing my hair color treatments for weeks i luckily got my hands on the new Wella Invigo Series ‚Color Brilliance’. Especially this composition is a highly effective combination of copper-binding molecules, Vitamin E and lime caviar that protects colored hair and preserves ist luminosity. I have to say that over the years i have tried out various products to ensure fast and effective care for my hair that also gives immediate color shine and color protection at the same time but i’ve never experienced such a long period without coloring my hair. 

The whole series includes five premium products, most notably the Color Protection Shampoo which gives even fine hair brilliant shine. IN stands for advanced ingredientes, VI for invigorating and GO for fast time off (on the go). Since we all have different hair types and needs women can choose from six specialzed care lines, each containing mor than 76 percent natural or naturally derived ingriedients such as lime caviar, goji berries, cotton or lotus extract. The best part is yet to come! Wella is kindly giving some of my lovely readers the opportunity to experience their magic with a wonderful giveaway. 3 of you get the chance to win a Wella Invigo package that includes 3 products of the Color Brilliance series (Shampoo, Conditioner & Miracle BB Spray). All you have to do is pretty easy. Leave a comment below or send me a dm. The winners will be chosen randomly next week on the 4th of July. Good Luck!