Friday, January 20, 2017

What to wear: Ball Season

I guess a lot of you guys know that the first two months of the year  here in Vienna are pretty packed up with all kinds of balls you can imagine!One of the biggest question is definitely ‚What to wear’. I’ve teamed up with the Mariandl Shopping center in order to share with you my personal tips when it comes to getting ready for these kind of events! Attending a classic ball night is not only exciting but also a little bit nerve-wracking – which shouldn’t be the case when you follow a steps.

Depending on the event you’re attending  you should definitely have to make sure to wear a dress that works for you. There are so many different options out there that it can be tricky to find the perfect gown that enhances your personal features. Personally i always love to get inspired when i’m not even sure what i’m actually looking for. In this case i can highly recommend Pinterest which allows you to create your personal board that helps you to define the search. Of course not everybody has the same bodytype – so in order to find the most flattering dress here is a quick overview (scroll down).


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What to Wear: WinterWonderLand

Back in the game – and to be honest i couldn’t be happier. Originally i planned to take a little break from blogging and really focus on other things in order to get back fully motivated and energized. But oh boy – a really bad flu was waiting for me and a few days after New Years Eve i felt completly knocked. out. Usually i’m someone who’s super resistent when it comes to being sick but this time i had to deal with this super annoying situation for more than a week. But enough with all the negative stuff – it’s time to get back up and share with you my must have styles to get through winter. As you guys know i’m a big fan of layering but compared to summer, winter looks take a little bit more thought especially when the temperatures hit below zero degrees Celsius. So when you’re planning a trip to Winter Wonderland with the same condition i can highly recommend OVER-SIZED WOOLEN JUMPERS. They are so easy to throw on and look stylish at the same time. Since i’m not a big fan of fitted knit jumpers i’m happy that the men departments offer a bunch of loose options like this one. Another must-have when it comes to keeping me warm is definitely a cozy winter coat that allows you to wear at least 3 layers underneath. Instead of wearing antoher black one i opted for this DARK GREEN COAT that brings a little bit more color to my life. I’m beyond satisfied with the texture and look that i found myself wearing this beauty non stop. To top things off i went for my favorite black boots which i pimped with furry shoe insoles to keep my feet warm.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas with Zalando + GIVEAWAY

One week until Christmas – and to be honest – i can’t wait.  Everything becomes a little bit more exciting and magical – listening to some good music, snuggeling up in your favorite christmas sweater and drinking and eating like there is no tomorrow. For me Christmas is simply  the time of the year where i can  be reunited with my loved ones and spending some quality time with for a couple of days. I know it can be hectic as well, but personally i really enjoy the build-up and preperation, with the ultimate reward of being able to relax and  celebrate with my family. Personally i absolutely love getting dressed up on christmas eve but always in a comfy way to feel great the whole time. It always depends on my mood – but this year i’m planning wearing this super adorable dress which i’ve been wearing already more than 3 times! And that has a lot to say since i’m actually a big fan of trousers and usually rock them every day! I absolutely fell in love wiht the style and design and to top things off i paired this wonderful piece of clothing with this beautiful boots which makes this parisian inspired look complete.

When it comes to christmas presents i’m someone who’s a mixture of an early bird and a last minute (online) shopper! Instead of asking my loved wants what they want i always try to catch up their wishes during the year to make it even more special – and yes this means stalking mode is on. In my opinion buying a gift simply shows that you care and love the person the present is for. But whenever i’m feeling uninspired i often rely on gift guides that can help me to find something i may not have thought of. One of the benefits of Zalando is definitely the fact that you will get so many different brands at one time – and since my mum is a huge bag lover i always try to find different styles displayed on one site. The one bag which is still missing in her collection is a buckle bag, which was one of her favorite styles to wear back in the 70s. So i think bringing back some good memories with this model will be the ultimate christmas gift  for my mom. So if you haven’t had the chance to find the perfect present i may have something for you. The lovely people from Zalando have provided my lovely reader a chance to win a € 100 shopping voucher to spend on their online shop! Just leave your e-mail down below and i will announce the winner in one week (23th of December). Good luck everyone!


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Treating yourself this Christmas

So here we are, one week before Christmas and i guess a lot of you are still trying to figure out what to get for your loved ones. Giving back to the people who have given you so much over the years is a gesture a lot of us fully enjoy. But before you end up in christmas shopping madness and browsing through the shops like there is no tomorrow, i think it’s also important to dedicate a little extra time each day to yourself and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. That’s why i’ve teamed up with Daniel Wellington in order to provide you guys a little discount (15% off on purchases their website). For this look i opted for the Classic Black, which is finally something different in my watch collection. Paired with my all time favorite pieces from my closet, like these blue jeans and this amazing black coat, i was good to go. 


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gloom & Grey

A few weeks ago i finally had the chance to rock my new suede boots from Högl which are by far one of the comfiest pair of shoes i own - definitely check out my feature on their site. Somehow it feels like you’re wearing sneakers but as you can see it’s definitely not the case. I wore this look when i was in my hometown and felt the urgent need to go back to places i used to love when i was a child – this time we went to Fuschl am See which is located in the picturesque Salzkammergut.  I don’t know why but i absolutely love to shoot in nature ad being surrounded by eye-catching sceneries. Back in the day when i started my blog in Salzburg i wasn’t really paying that much attention to these kind of spots but the older i get the more i appreciate places like these and can't wait to check out more.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to Be Consistent & Get Stuff Done | #TipTuesday

I have to say that over the last few weeks i felt a little bit uninspired and less energized when it comes to my blog – like many of us i often find myself in the search for something more, something new, some change! I guess as a blogger you reach this point once in a while where you find yourself being less passionate about what you are doing and sometimes it’s better to take a step back and re-evaluate and return. It’s important to keep a balance between critiquing and being kind to your self in order to find ways that you can apply to your life that maybe helps getting through an unproductive phase. I know this may sound like a super first word problem but in my opinion it’s just  human and whenever you are not true with yourself or others – you’re just going to stay stuck and it simply effects your quality of life which are your emotions. For me personally, November has been a month full of new non blog related projects which can be a little bit difficult to find the right balance when it comes to dealing with many things at the same. I truly enjoy everything that comes along but being a one woman-show and working in many fields can be quite overwhelming and all of a sudden you feel like you can’t get anything done. So instead of nagging around or pretend that everything is positive i thought i could share five of my personal tipps to get out of this mood.

N°1 - Go for progress, not for perfection!  I
It’s about learning and experimentation and getting better (which doesn’t mean to create crap or to lower your standards). But before you end up tweaking around you better put your stuff out there before you get sucked into that perfectionsim suckhole that won’t let you go anywhere – it’s about about growing, improving and evolving.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ways to Wear: Summer Dresses in Winter

You all know how much i love an androgynous look and that i absolutley love wearing pants but every now and than i like to switch things up in order to add a little bit more femininity to my looks. One of the easiest way to do so is definitely opting for a dress and since it’s no longer inappropriate to wear pieces which are actually made for summer i thought that i show you how i personally wear a dress in the winter time. Once again i’ve teamed with another shopping center (Europark) where i had the chance to pick out my favroite pieces. Of course, one of the main key for transitioning your wardrobe are layers. The combinations are endless but in my case i went for this super long cardigan that not only adds the perfect contrast to the dress but also keeps me warm on a chilly day. Another essential item to wear in winter are definitely tights. Usually i choose a basic pair but since the fishnet style is having a major comeback i thought i give it a try.