Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Belvedere Vodka X Joma #makeadifference

December 12th – it’s about that time: the season to be jolly. Compared to last year, where i ended up working till the very end before i headed home, i can  finally say that this year is different. I truly can’t wait for next week when i’m surrounded by my family and enjoy a wonderful time. No deadlines, no projects just having relaxed moments. I still have a few things zu cross off of my to do list but not in a stressful way (let’s hope so). So besides shopping or let’s say finding the perfect christmas gifts for my loved ones i think it’s also important to think of others.

So why not ditch the guilt and make a purchase or in this case choose the right restaurant that combines the good feeling of charitable giving? Nowadays there are more opportunities than ever and that’s why i’ve teamed up with Belvedere Vodka who recently has launched the 2017 limited edition red bottle, in partnership with (RED), to support the work of the Aids-Hilfe Wien and its fight against HIV/AIDS.

With the help of the restaurant JOMA which is offering  not only a special dish called ‚Red ‚n’ Roots but also a delicious cocktail called RED Blackberry Fizz  50 % of the revenue go directly to the Global fund which drives real impact where it is needed most. I already had the chance to check out everything and that's why i can highly recommend stopping by in order to make a difference.

Belvedere X Joma_

Monday, December 4, 2017

Red Alert

If there is one color to be seen in this season it’s red. From accessories to a red on red  look i can truly say that this color trend is definitely one of my favorites – and even during the Christmas time i can’t help but to wear red. Instead of rocking this trend from head to toe i decided to create a much more simple look with a few pieces that i wear on high rotation. For example this super cozy striped turtleneck by Madeleine that became an essentails for me over the last few weeks maybe because it always adds a little parisian chic to any look.  Combined with a pair of high waisted denim culotte, a red beret and this super elegant black coat also by Madeleine i was good to go. With the help of my Julian (who btw finally launched his new Blog ‚TwinEtiquette’) we shot this back in November. I honestly can’t believe that 2017 is coming to an end. So much has happened and i'm truly grateful for this year. We still have one month to go but instead of making the same mistake like last year i'm really trying to get everything done in the next two weeks in order to have a relaxed Pre-Christmas period since Vienna has so much to offer every season. So ready for some mulled wine! 


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Into the Blue

Hello from London, everyone! I’m currently on a much needed vacation before i get back to my final projects. 2017 was definitely a year full of amazing happenings but i’m so happy that i finally have the time to enjoy one of my favorite cities in a relaxed way. For me travelling it’s not only inspring and full of new experienes it’s  also an opportunity to experiment with fashion looks that i’ve never tried before. It’s funny, whenever i’m away from Vienna i feel the urge to get a little bit more cerative and style pieces in a different way. Back when i was in Milan i rocked this blue pants from Madeleine combined with one of my checked longline  blazer and paired it with my Céline look a like shoes. Somehow it feels like re-inventing oneself which is never a bad idea.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nostalgic Moments | Blackberry KEYone

Back in 2007 when i was 19 years old there was one thing that has become my non fashion related accessory number one.  Back then i was one of those girls who were complety obsessed with MTV’s reality television series The Hills where you spotted one of their essential in almost every scene – a blackberry. At that time i was head over heels with this phone (i guess i was not the only one) and somehow i convinced my parents to get me one as well – and let me tell you! I was head over heels when i got the Blackberry Curve - even when it was just for texting and calling friends.

So when the lovely people from BlackBerry ask me if i want test the KEYone  it felt complety nostalgic and immediately said yes because  truly it brings back so many memories. But of course much has changed. Besides my job as a blogger i also run my own agency called Die Schnittstelle in the field of photography and videography. It’s important to keep track of appointments, jobs and check social media on a daily basis. It often happens that i have to leave the house early and come back late at night. In order to get things done i often try to get things done even when i’m on the go. Since i was always a big fan of keyboards and loved typing like there was no tomorrow i was absolutley curious what this little Android phone has to offer. With the sophisticated high enddesign which features a big and colorful screen (great for viewing emails) and a rubberized back the Blackberry KeyOne clearly has productivity users in mind that helps you manage day-to-day tasks and will last you the entire day with battery life that lasts more than 24 hour. And let me tell you - usually i always have power bank with me. Another great fact that i love to point out is definitely the 12MP rear camera with dual tone flash and 8MP front camera with LCD flash. Of course it takes time to get used to another operating system but when you get so many features like the 52 shortcuts which allows you to customize your keyboard it truly helps you through the day and makes life a little bit more easier.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Autumn/Winter Occasion Wear | Suits

Since highschool i was always a big fan of wearing a well cutted blazer that brought my look to the next level.  Of course I’ve talked in general about suits before but let’s talk about the one’s that are perfect for special occasions inlcuding weddings as well. So since we are already counting the days to the festive season and probably getting invited to a couple of events it’s not a bad idea to already think about what we are going to wear. Because i believe a lot of us share the same struggle each year - finding something that is elegant, special but comfy at the same time. Most of the time we often end up with the pieces we are wearing over and over again plus styled in the same way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when you rocking a look on high rotation but when you ask yourself how to get the most out of any piece of clothing than i always recommend two suits. Wether for going to work or going out the options are endless. It’s such a great alternative that you can not only dress up or down with different pair of shoes but you also get the chance to style them individually with different pieces. Luckily a lot of stores are stocking more tailored suits which i absolutely love but when it comes to the colder months i’m always looking for something special. Winter occassion wear an be tricky but in my case i found this amazing emerald green velvet suit from Madeleine. It’s truly a showstopper and something that i can wear from day to night – either with some sneakers or with a lovely pair of high heels. Instead of rocking my cross body bag in the classic way i decided to turn it into a fanny bag. It looks definitely more special and combined with my favorite baker hat i think i found something that you can also wear with jeans or a a cozy knit sweater.


Thursday, October 26, 2017


STYLE – summer was great but when it comes to fashion i will alwways choose the colder months. I don’t know how many times i mentioned it on the blog – i’m a sucker for layers because you can simply wear anything you want. From hats, coats, knitwear, boots – the options are endless.

AUTUMNAL STROLLS are the best. Since i work from home i often miss the chance to have a little walk through the city or park. But whenever i get the chance to shoot during golden hour i always enjoy it to the fullest.

COZY NIGHTS – i guess a lot of people adore this season simply because spending a cozy evening at home with lots of scented candles and soft lightning  is something that helps you wind down after a long day at work.

RED WINE – in fact whenever the temperatures starts to fall red wine becomes my option number one whenever i’m out for drinks.

SITTING OUTSIDE – during the month of September and October i was fortunate enough to enjoy a few evenings at one of my favorite spots called Zum Schwarzen KameelLocated in the heart of Vienna this lovely place is not only a scenery upscale restaurant where you can just have a glass of wine but it’s also a place where you can truly imagine Vienna to have been in the old days. 


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Modern Detective | Snowman

The older we get the more scared we are? In my case i can definitely say that over the last 20 years a couple of things have changed and unfortunately i’m definitely not the same fearless girl anymore who can easily manage every situation – especially when it comes to moments that seem to be scary. Walking through a forest, going down into the cellar or simply watching a horror movie. All of this was never a problem when i was under the age of 10 but now as a grown up i truly changed. Of course it’s weird but instead of getting anxious all the time i’m ready to for a new challenge.
So since the Nordic Noir thriller called The Snowman (SCHNEEMANN) is scheduled to be released by Universial Pictures tomorrow (19th October) i guess it’s time to overcome a few of my fears. The movie is based on  Jo Nesbø 's global bestseller in which an Oslo-based police detective, played by Michael Fassbender (X-Men Franchise), investigates the brutal murders of several women with a unique calling card – the serial killer always leaves a snowman next to the victims.
The film was shot entirely in Norway and matching to the movie poster and to the main character, i adapted my personal detective look and went for a classic trench coat shot in the beautiful Augarten during the golden hour. I guess this outfit would be my signature look when i would have joined the elite crime squad, investigating the disappearance of the victims.

So for those who love to watch the terrifying thriller with a brilliant cast (Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chloë Sevigny, Val Kilmer and Academy Award® winner J.K. Simmons), i have something for you – head over to my instagram and just leave a comment which enables you to participate at today’s giveaway. All my lovely Austrian readers get the chance to win 2 x 2 tickets in order to watch the SNOWMAN (SCHNEEMANN). Good Luck everyone!