Thursday, January 29, 2015

Black & White Tartan Blouse | GAP Austria

As i already mentioned in this post i luckily got the chance to style 3 piece from the GAP store in 3 different ways! So one thing i’m currently obsessed with ist his black&white tartan blouse. I was always looking for something like this because you have definitely more options than just wearing it as a simply shirt because you can also wear it around your waist in the winter but also during the summer! To give you guys a better impression of this wonderful piece i decided to wear it in the classical way – buttoned up and combined it with my favorite leather skirt of all time and for the very first time i'm finally able to show my new favorite watch by Daniel Wellington (use the code 'fashion tweed" at their website to get 15 % off to every purchase). 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blue Tartan Dress | GAP Austria

So a few weeks ago i was kindly invited into the new GAP Donauzentrum Store in order   to pick up 3 pieces of their current holiday collection. I had absolutley no expecations which made this shopping-trip definitely a little bit more interesting. It was actually the second time where i got the chance to browse through the whole GAP-Store without being hustled like i felt at the the opening-event.

So when i stepped in the store 2 weeks ago i immediately stumbled across this blue tartan dress. I wasn’t really sure about it in the first place but as soon as i tried it on i knew that i was the first choosen piece out of three – or let’s say it was already an outfit on its own. And you guys know how much i love (navy)blue during the winter time! As i already mentioned in the beginning that this is just the first piece i styled in collarboration with GAP – so stay tuned for the next one which might be my favorite look of all!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Daniel Wellington Watch // Item of the Week

Have you ever been on the hunt for a simple watch for any occasion – well, you may have seen this watch before and you’re probably wondering what the hype is all about with the Daniel Wellington watches but for those of you who ever enjoyed timeless pieces, this specific watch is honestly the perfect choice for any day & any outfit - Because in my case i often refused wearing my watches which have been always a little bit too chunky, to gold or too small that i knew i should stick to the basics and choose something that makes me happy for a long period of time.

So when i received the Classic Sheffield Lady from Daniel Wellington i knew that i have no more excuses to be chronically late #storyofmylife because i will probably wear this watch 24/7! And yes, i was right! I have to say that i absolutly fell in love with this watch – so timeless, minimalistic but still modern  at the same time which matches perfectly with everything! Because ever since i got this superlight beauty, i have been wearing it everywhere and  already styled it with one of my daily looks will be up on the blog later this week. So stay tuned for that – but in the meantime i’ve got something special for you guys! The lovely people from Daniel Wellington provided my lovely readers a discount code. Just head over to www.danielwellington.com and use the code „fashiontweed“ in order to get 15 % off to every purchase until the 15th of February! And you know, Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Blue Coat

Another Monday, another week – but i’m happy that the weather is finally a little bit more chilly and i’m able to rock my in-between-clothes again. Don’t get me wrong – i love the idea to bundle up in layers and layers and get the use out of every winter-piece i own but when i scroll through my instagram pictures i get super excited for spring - but before i reach out for my sandals and flowy dresses i still have to make sure to wrap up warm and be prepared for anothers days of freezing temperatures. And yes, you’ve seen this coat last monday and here we are again – slowly but surley i have to reach out for another one but i simply can’t help myself - i'm in love with this beauty! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mineral Eyeshadows

In true slacking-blogger style i absolutely forgot to show you the last Glossybox but as you guys probably know i like to combine these type of posts with a proper Make-Up look because i posted the last one back in August and this was definitely not my intention. So last month’s georgous velvet GlossyBox was a special limited edition which featured 6 full-sized products (not pictured). All items were based on the holiday season in order to shine bright and add that extra to you average look. Especially with those Mineral Eyeshadows by Marsk i already knew that i had to create another Beauty-Look and since i got this amazing headpiece by a lovely friend (seen in the Great Gatsby) i thought that it was about time for a new look. I have to say that i’ve never heard anything about this specific brand but i did my research and Marsk is a Sydney-based brand which features all-natural and certified organic ingredients. Since i only have these two products i can honestly say that i’m super happy with the outcome - really great pigmentation and they definitely add tons of shimmer as you can see in the picture. I can imagine how brilliant it would look during the summer season with a touch of a light bronze tan. You can use this product wet or dry and you have the control to add a little bit more drama or just that extra touch of glamour  in your everyday life. It’s up to you but i recommend being open and don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to Make-Up. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Blue Monday

So before i call it a day i actually have one more outfit of 2014 which i totally forgot to show you. You remember the post when my partner in crime Edisa & I headed to Salzburg for the blogger event at the Designer Outlet Salzburg.  Fortunately we  had a little time gap before we went on our gift hunt and so we took the opportunity to shot our OOTD.
I was wearing (now it’s safe to say) my favorite coat of 2014. I’ve never imagined that at some point i would rather grab this colored coat instead of my trusty black ones – but let me tell you. This piece is super versatile and i have still millions of ideas how to rock it in different ways. So with this color boost i will hopefully achieve one fashion resolution for 2015 and establish a more fun and colorful year when it comes to clothes – so who’s with me!?