Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Streetstyle Vienna feat. NewKissontheBlog

As already mentioned in the previous post i’ve decided to switch things up and be more open in order to create a versatile content as far as blogging goes. For this reason i wanted to try something new and thought that it was about time for a little blogger-collaboration which i’ve never done before...i guess. So you guys know that the internet offers a bunch of different fashion & lifestyle bloggers but most of the time we are talking about females because we all know that men fashion blogger are poorly represented especially here in Vienna - however, i managed to collaborate with the man behind  „NewkissontheBlog“ and i’m excited to share with you guys a few pics of our shoot which took place on a lovely sunday.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bristol - The Beginning of Fall // Styleguide TV Episode 2

Well, we all know that the fall season is full of events and in my position as being a blogger i often get the chance to attend amazing shop openings, dinner parties, fashionshows, product launches, conferences etc. – or let’s say amazing events in general – and yes i’m still really greatful for this amazing opportunities and definitely feel privileged in such cases. 

So last week i was invited along with Edisa to the Bristol Event in order to celebrate the beginning of fall – and  you guys know how much i love this season, especially the „indian summer“ as i like to call it! But this invitation kept me thinking that this might bet he perfect opportunity to create something different and to share more than just a simple instagram picture. So it was about time to switch things up and extend the possibilities.

You guys probably remember the first episode of StyleguideTV and that we actually planned on creating way more content for this Fashion Channel but at that time we realised that our schedule was way too packed with different things  and so we had to admit that it would be too crazy to continuing our project. But here we are again, with a fresh content and a big portion of enthusiam to share more than we did in the past. So for our second video or let’s say for the upcoming ones we decided to extend our categories from fashion to lifestyle/events and grasped the first chance with both hands to put our ideas to practice and since we are such lovers of Vienna we added way more than just a few glimpses of our outfits. 

As i already mentioned we got the chance to be a part of the wonderful Bristol event that took place at the extraordinary beautiful Bristol Lounge and we got the chance to experience a special and one-of-a kind menu with a range of delicious dishes and to celebrate the beginning of fall together with the invited guests. To give you the atmosphere of the wonderful night at Hotel Bristol in Vienna, we wanted to share our best moments with you. I hope you'll enjoy it! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Urban Decay - NAKED 3

I guess a lot you guys already jumped on the Urban Decay bandwagon, expect for myself.  I was never really sucked into the hype but that doesn’t mean that i wasn’t interested in their products but it simply takes me a while to get caught up especially when it comes to beauty products. But recently i was lucky enough to be receiving the third installation in Urban Decay’s Naked Pallet’s Series – yes i’m talking about „NAKED 3“!

First of all, i absolutley fell in love with the design – wich is in my opinion a huge selling point when it comes to make up or let’s say beauty products in general! As you can see in the pictures the packaging has this really beautiful rosegold teint with a wavy surface. So when you open it up you’ll get to see the magic - 12 eyeshadows  - all of them have a bit of a rosegold/pinky tint but definitely with a cool underdown – so if you’re a fan of those kind of colors you’re defnitely will have a lovley time with this palette. I also love the fact that their palettes always come with a useable brush because we all know that 90% of the time you’ll get those crappy „space-filler“-brushes which are made for nothing! However, i still had no chance to try out every single color but i can already point my finger on my favorites which i’ve been using for almost 2 weeks in a row. My number one eyeshadow is defintiely „Trick“ which is a coppery shade with little silver microglitters in it, the second one is „Nooner“ a medium brown matte color (perfect crease color) and another favorite of my is "Factory" which looks good with all of the other colors. As you can see in the first picture those eyeshadow are 100% perfect on an everyday basis -  from day to night - and in my opinion it definitely doesn’t look to heavy handed – in other words, it just comes off as being really pretty!

All in all i would say that the Naked 3 Palette is definitely a great addition to you’re average eyeshadows because you can simply add a lot of more dynamic colors to your look and spice up your make up routine! So get excited, because Urban Decay will be available in Austria this October! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Patched Denim Boyfriend Jeans

With a new season around the corner it’s time to browse through your favorite online shops in order to stock up on the best of fall fashion – i’m currently lusting over a few pieces but let’s see what will happen in the next few weeks because i’m definitely not planning on breaking my bank account and buy ever thing in sight – it’s all about the essentials! One of my all time favorite essential is defnitely the boyfriend jean! You’ve probably seen a few on my blog but this time i’m wearing a patched one! I simply paired it with this big chunky knit sweater, a striped top underneath and some blue pointed pumps which works perfectly with the color wash of those jeans.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Indian Summer

It’s official – September...you’re definitely my favorite month of the Year! I don’t know why but i always get so excited when we’re having this indian-kind of summer weather and all of a sudden the atmosphere changes and i simply start to feel much better about everything!

So for those kind of days i love to stick to my usual color scheme which i rock almost every day – i’m talking about black/white.  You’ve seen this leather pants before but as you guys know i love to wear my clothes on roation but even though i'm pretty much obsessed with them it can be pretty sweaty whenever the weather is going crazy and the temperatures begin to rise as the day progresses.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

White on White

You guys know how much i love my black outfits but every now and then i feel the urge to mix things up and try something different. So as you guys already know where in the middle of transitioning  into fall and whenever the first leaves start to fall i get excited to throw on some of my favorite pieces when it’s getting colder bit by bit - and what’s better than a super cozy dustercoat which makes even a summery white on white outfit acceptable during the fall season!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Brunello Cucinelli Store Opening - Outfit

As you guy know from my instagram i had the priviledge to be invited last thursday to the Brunello Cucinelli Store Opening at the Goldenes  Quartier. You have to know that i have a special relationship with this brand because when i was 19 years old i used to work for a fashion agency which was focused on representing top designer collections with strong brand identities – and guess what – Brunello Cucinelli i was one of those brands! I was always impressed by his way of doing business and of course of his philosophy because he found a way to create a company which places huminatiy in the first place where employees are treated as preciously as the clothes they create and where profit is used to improve the condition of human life. Furthermore he decided to dedicate part of the annual profits to the redevelopment of the town of Solomeo which is the headquarter of the ‚King of Cashmere’ and today over 700 persons wokring inside the company. So for the store opening i decided to wear something different and i decided to step out of my comfort zone and went for a really feminine look. It was such a great event and for the first time i can honestly say that i’ve never seen so many well-dressed people in one place!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

MQ Vienna Fashion Week.14 Pre-Party - Outfit

So yesterday evening i was invited along with Edisa to the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.14 Pre-Party at the Hotel Imperial or more precisely at the 1983 Halle Nsalon which claims to bet he heart of the hotel. I’ve never been there but it was the perfect location in order to catch a glimpse of the collections which will be shown next week at the #MQVFW14! For this occasion i finally got the chance to wear my slouchy leather pants which turned out to be the perfect choice fort his crazy weather conditions – but as you guys know i’m more than thrilled that i can finally wear my favorite pieces!