Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tezenis Tomboy

So last week lucky me i was invited to a Tezenis Event where you had the chance to customize  one item with a statement of your preference. While i was browsing through the shop i stumbled across this lovely college jacket which is superlight light and obviously perfect for those chilly days during summer! So first i wasn’t sure about it but sometimes you have to jump out of you comfort zone and take a different path ! I combined it with jeans from Gap (never worn) and my favorite Vintage Bag from Joop! Let me know what you think!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sundown | TheLionHeaded X Fashiontweed

So i’ve been teasing you for a bit on instagram and especially on facebook regarding our shooting which took place last weekend! You may wonder why it took me so long to publish the second part of our Fashion Film which is called Sundown!

So for the second one we decided to feature another great band - the decision was made pretty quickly and so we opted for the band Zulu Winter– and as you guys probably know that it is super important to check the music rights before you hit upload i decided to contact the band last week in order to get their permission to use their track „Words that i wield“ – such an amazing song!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when i received the positive answer and i was thrilled/happy/overwhelmed at the same time because you have to know that it's often that you don't even get a short reply when it comes to asking for free music! So this big shout out goes to Zulu Winter - definitely check out their music because I'll promise you won't regret it!

Anyway, back to the fashion film - which is by now the second part of our little journey - how amazing is that! It all started a month ago when Raffael ‚TheLionheaded’ contacted me and now I'm in the middle of the story of #LewonandJane! Big thanks for choosing me!

Another big shout out goes to the crew behind and also to ones who stepped in front of the camera! This time we've teamed up with a bunch of inspiring instagramers from Vienna which acted as our paparazzis – ( just a little side note - the feeling of getting haunted by paparazzis was super weird!)

So big thanks to all of you and also to No Mar who was one of the driver - without him the car scene in the tunnel would have been impossible! So make sure to check out all the lovley people which are listed down below!

Now on to the car! We were lucky to get this beautiful Tesla from TeslaTaxiWien which was obviously the perfect option for our Project - elegant but rough at the same time – big thanks to the driver Markus who helped us getting around!

For the second part we also decided to switch things up in order to tell you a little bit more of the story and that's why we managed to shoot five different locations!  We started at the Hotel Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom Vienna which was the Hotel we’ve been last time for the first part – then we headed to St. Marx where we also had a little shooting headed back to the city to the record studio T-On (musicians are probably the coolest people) and right after that we captured the last 3 minutes of the sundown at the rooftop of the Hotel Le Meriden Vienna -  big thanks for your support!

And also big thanks to Lady Venom who's always the good soul and made sure that we kept our motivation til the end! And also kudos to lovely Ayla who played the role of the Groupie - she nailed it right away!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

With Drive Now to the Designer Outlet Parndorf

If you guys follow me on snapchat you’ve probably seen my trip to the Designer Outlet Parndorf last week with my partner in crime - but this time it was a little bit different – you wonder why! Well, lucky me i had pleasure to collaborate with Drive Now which means that i had the chance to take one of their cars in order to try out their new exclusive shopping package to Mc Arthur Glen Designer Outlet Parndorf. You may think that this sounds way too expensive BUT here comes the declaration of this amazing deal! 

Drive Now has extended their service to the Designer Outlet and you get the opporunity book their shopping package which can be done directly in the car via the screen. The Package includes six hours of driving time, 120 free kilometers AND shopping vouchers for up to 4 persons, each worth € 15!! Depending on the number of passengers, the shopping package costs between 50 and 65 euros (50 = 1 person/ 55 = 2 persons and so on).  So let’s do the math – for example if you plan a trip with your friends let’s say you take three other persons with you pay 65 euros for the trip but each person will get a voucher of € 15, so it means that you ONLY have to pay € 5 down the line. Isn’t that amazing because the transport has always been the problem i have when i feel the urge to shop at the Designer Outlet!

And what time would be better to take use of this amazing deal – i’ll tell you! By the end of the week you’ll get the chance to join the Designer Outlet Parndorf VIP event from 23rd to 25th April 2015. You can sign up here, to become a member of their Privilege Club and not only get an invitation to the VIP event but also receive a 10% extra discount in all of their shops plus you also get the opportunity to check out their VIP Lounge in order to refresh yourself with some drinks and snacks – which is btw super important if you’re planning a long shopping day!

So as i mentioned it before i already did some major shopping and i can highly recommend checking out the Furla-Shop – my little baby will be up on the blog very soon!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Michael Kors Event | Outfit

So today i want to show you guys the outfit which i was wearing yesterday. I’ve been invited to a super lovely Michael Kors Breakfast-Event which was held at the restaurant Kussmaul located in the 7th district. I’ve never been there but the first impression wasn’t that bad – quite the opposite! We had a really great time while we were browsing browse through the latest jewellery and watch collections and i really enjoyed having some quality time with my fellow blogger colleagues! I’m also excited to show you my current favorite piece of clothing – this pinstriped blazer i got from my dear friend Stylekingdom! Maria, you nailed it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Current Favorite Perfumes

Spring has sprung – that’s a fact but the temperatures are still struggeling to rise here in Vienna but according to the weather report this friday may be the first day in April which will give us a foretaste of the upcoming summer and by this time i’m more than happy to get rid of all the layers and update my closet, shoe collection and apartment in general! But there is  also something else i always have to change with the season – my fragrance which is the ultimate accessory and  simply signals something new is coming! So today i want to show you my three favorite options i’m currently enjoying!

The first one is relatively new on the market – Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraîche! You have to know that i had always this special relations ship with this brand due to the fact that my mum used to work with their cosmetic products when she was working as a beautican and i often got the chance to discover more than i could have wished for! Anyway, this scent is pretty new in my own collection. I had the pleasure to be invited to the Perfume Launch which was held at the Ritz Carlton a few weeks ago! Not only the presentation was really one of a kind but also the perfume itself is special as it sounds! It’s more of a fun, fresh and mood-boosting option – 100% perfect for Spring. The notes feature bergamot, mandarin, rose, freesia, jasmine, pistachio, almond, tonka bean, white musk and patchouli – what a lovely combination!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Baselworld 2015

The last month has been packed up with amazing events, opportunites and cool projects and one of the best was definitely the trip to Basel.  As you guys probably know from my Instagram i had the pleasure to be invited by the Swatch Group Austria to the Baselworld Watch Fair 2015  in order to get to know every brand from their company and one thing is for sure – i never ever saw soo many watches in less then 12 hours! But let’s go back to the beginning! 

We headed to the airport on Monday at 5.30 am which was pretty tough because i had the shooting for „Night & Day“ on Sunday and i had absolutely no time to organize all of my equipment in advance and so i was pretty exhausted and tired as well! But with a few cup of coffees everything is a little bit more manageable  So when we entered Baselworld, where every one of the world’s top watch brands showing off their newest pieces for the year ahead, which is like the Paris Fashion Week of watch and jewelry world, my tiredness disappeared in a second! Oh boy, i was pretty overwhelmed by the whole Fair Scenery and the strong presence of each brand. As i already mentioned that we were invited by the Swatch Group Austria we were also having private appointments at some of their brands – to be excat we had the pleasure to discover the latest models at Longines, Omega, Rado, Breguet, Certina, Mido, Calvin Klein, Tissot, and last but not least Glashütte Original – which was in my opinion probably my favorite brand if i have to choose one. Simple Design, reduced to the essentials with the highest standards and excellence in the German art of watchmaking since more than 170 years. But furthermore they are also pretty active in the film industry or rather say since 2011 Glashütte Original has been a partner of the Berlin International Film Festival also knwon as the 'Berlinale' – and has also awarded the „Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship“ created to support talented young German directors. And this is excatly the matter of fact which caught my attention – they are trying to be more than just a watchmaking company– they give something back to young and talented people in the film industry which leads me to our little film or rather say to our newest StyleGuideTV Episode (down below) which should give you guys a better impression of the Baselworld 2015! Hope you like it! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

OUTFIT | Baselworld 2015

What is the perfect choice for one day visiting the Baselworld Watch fair and spending more than 8 hours walking around – of course something casual but still chic at the same time! So before i left my house at 5.30 am i quickly decided that it was about time for something different. Instead of rocking another long wintercoat i went fort his amazing white leather jacket by Replay! Back in the day i was never really a fan of light leather pieces but to be honest this beauty completly changed my mind! So before i tell you more about my first Watch Fair Experince i leave you with the outfit i was wearing that day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Smooth Texture | Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

Alright, time to give you the rundown of two of my favorite products i’ve been using over the last few weeks. I’m talking about the Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo and the Aussie Hairspray. I have to mention that before i was given those products for free i’ve already jumped on the Aussie-Bandwagon probably 2 years ago – it’s all about the smell!
You have to know that i’ve been using dry shampoos more often when i was a blonde (yeah definitely never go back) because it was simply easier to hide it but these days i found another way to incorporate these kind of products into my daily hairstyling routine. As you guys know one of the biggest hype back in 2014 was the oh-so-called texturizing spray and all of a sudden everyone (ok not everyone) became interested/obsessed in order to get more volume, texture and of course a better hold. And guess what i’ve been doing lately with this little Aussie-Bottle which by the way has an amazing scent – and you know how bad a dry shampoo can smell! All in all i have to say that i’m really keen on this product, which has not only the perfect size (perfect for travelling and carrying around in your bag) it’s also a super light spray that won’t make you hair sticky or heavy. Now let me know – what’s your favorite texturizing spray/dry shampoo!

Photo Credit: Lady Venom