Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Moon Boots // Almdorf Seinerzeit

So before i say goodbye to 2014 i have one more outfit to post. As you guys have probably noticed from my social media i had the pleasure to enjoy a wonderful stay at a little but definitely luxurious cabin in Carinthia/Almdorf Seinerzeit (detailed post will be up soon) at the beginning of December. I have to say that this little trip was definitely one of my highlight of this year - but in general - 2014 was definitely a major year when it comes to projects/opportunities  & experience. All in all i'm really grateful and i hope that the next year has even more to offer. Along with these lines i wish you a Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Firstly MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! I'm currently in Salzburg enjoying the holiday season together with my family. As you guys know i did a pretty exhausting shooting along with Edisa a few weeks ago! So today i want to  show you the very last look! I'm wearing this amazing sequin dress by Eva Poleschinksi and of course jewellery from Ciro!  So once again, merry christmas and enjoy this time of the year to the fullest!! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Black Ensemble // St. Moritz

Whilst i was i way in St. Moritz i finally got the chance to wear one of my favorite headpieces i own - this lovely faux fake headband which adds a little bit more spice to the whole outfit! I've had this piece for probably 8 years around and I'm still very fond about it due to the fact that it was actually a present from my mum. Unfortunately there are not many opportunities to pull this look or let's say first i always reach out for my hats and beanies - but who knows - maybe something else is working for me in 2015.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let's Celebrate!!!

Wow  - it  seems like this month is really dedicated to Christmas – i’ve done so many Christmas related posts and projects that i never thought that i will enjoy this time of the year that much.  So when Zalando asked me if i wanted to show off my Christmas Outfit i thought that this would be the icing on the top. So if you follow my social media  you’ve probalbly seen that i’ve been on a little road trip last week and somehow i knew that i will probably find the perfect scenery to capture my choosen look – and yes i was right. While i experienced a really exciting journey (quite traditional i would say) i luckily got the chance to shoot right in the middle of the Mountains of Carinthia – cats included (since i’m such an animal lover i have to say this was probably the best part of it). I opted for a more casual outfit instead of a glamourous one because honestly i like to have it a little bit more comfortable during Christmas Eve. The highlight of this ensemble is defintily the blue coat and i’m super happy that i finally stepped out of my comfort and choose color over neutral!

So if you also want to step out of your comfort zone i’ve got something for you. The lovely people of Zalando have provided my lovely readers a chance to win a € 100 shopping voucher! The only thing you’ll have to do is pretty easy! Just tell me what is your perfect Christmas Outfit and leave your E-Mail down below and i will announce the Winner next Sunday! Make sure to check out DariaDaria, Beeswonderland & Provinzkindchen in order to extend your chance to win! Along these lines i wish you good luck, and of course happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's getting festive! + GIVEAWAY

So today i want to show you guys my second look of our StyleGuideTV Christmas Shooting. I'm wearing this gorgeous dress by Katrin Kafka (available at the Store RUNWAY) paired with theme inspired earrings by Ciro and due to the fact that Christmas is just a few days away i have something special for you! I don't feel like I do giveaways enough on this blog and I really should do more as a thankyou to you all for reading and taking an interest! So as an early christmas present the lovely people of the Designer Outlet Mc Arthur Glen have provided my lovely readers a chance to win € 50 to spend at one of their Outlets - (Berlin|Hamburg|Luxembourg|Roermond|Salzburg |Vienna). You will find all the information down below. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

St. Moritz | Outfit - Oh so fluffy

For my second day i opted for wearing one of my favorite coat which was definitely one of my best buys back in the day. As you can tell i’m rocking fake fur and i knew that this look would be the perfect option for St. Moritz - and with the mountains behind me i couldn’t have asked for more.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains | St. Moritz

It's Monday Morning and i'm still thinking about the wonderful time at St. Moritz last weekend. Alongside with Edisa from Disicouture & Maria from Stylekingdom we were invited to attend the 150 anniversary of the Kempinksi Grand Hotel de Bains  – and let me tell you we had a blast right from the beginning (isn’t a Girltrip the best thing you can do). So we arrived in the afternoon and as soon as we stepped out of the car we got to enjoy a royal treatment to the fullest and i also want to mention that i’ve never met such an inviting, caring & incredibly warm staff and our stay started with a some warm welcome Champagne. We were more than excited to try out the offer which included many things such as a wonderful dinner (mentioned in the previous post) at one of their restaurants, some drinks at the bar, a guided tour through the inner city, a Xavier Naidoo concert and of course a stunning landscape since this hot spot is surrounded by the mountains. Unfortunately we had no time fort he ultra deluxe SPA & SAUNA but who knows – maybe we will be back very soon! The Kempinksi is a very large, traditional and all in all a truly 5 star Hotel. Every one of us stayed in a Deluxe Room with a huge bed which made it hard to get up in the morning but as soon as we got to take a deep breath of the fresh air of the mountains we were awake in a second. Our first day included a little tour through the city but also an appointment at La Perla to get to know the brand which was all organized by our super our lovlely PR Exevutive Paul Dutschmann from the Kempinski Hotel. We had so much fun that i can’t remember the last time when i laughed so much!
Luckily we were blessed with the weather because usually at this time of the year it’s super cold near the lake and so i got the chance to wear my new blue coat (full look will be up soon).We enjoyed the sunshine and the amazing view while we took a walk back to the hotel.  It felt incredibly good to experience something different and be surrounded by nature!

These two days were all about pleasures and delights and it was really hard to pick out the photos for this post but you don’t get to live a fabulous weekend on a daily basis.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kempinski St. Moritz | Dinner Outfit

So before i’m going to show you all the images of my recent trip to St. Moritz i wanted to to show/tell you something special! Right after our arrival at the wonderful Kempinski Grains Hotel des Bains we had dinner at the beautiful Restaurant Enoteca. I went for a really smart & elegant look, glammed up with amazing jewellery from Ciro to keep it feminine. I know this seems to be a really simple look but i’m head over heels for this specific blazer! You wanna know why! Well, before we (talking about Disicouture & Stylekingdom) started our journey to Switzerland we stopped at my favorite Vintage Store Alexas near Salzburg. If you follow me for quite some time you’ve probably seen a bunge of unique vintage pieces over the last years which i've always found at this particular store. So when i came up with the idea to introduce this store to my girls the positive answer came with no hesitation. So long story short, i ended up with this aaaamazing Gianni Versace Blazer and another beautiful trenchcoat – and you know what – the excitement about this purchases still hasn’t worn off!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Gift Hunter // #DiscoverChristmas at the Designer Outlet Salzburg

I’m sure you’re well aware that Christmas is just around the Corner and a lot of us are trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Especially for our parents it can be tricky to shop for but in my case i always found way to many options when it comes to my mom, the tough part is definitely finding something for my Dad.

I’m acutally a huge fan of personal gifts and whenever someone special in my life is giving a hint of what he or she is currently craving for i’m the one who takes note of that instead of asking. So over the last months i was really tring to pay attention and i already found some goodies but i’m definitely not at the end of the road.

So lucky me, i was invited along with some other Bloggers from Munich in order to find the perfect 3 Christmas gifts at the Designer Outlet Salzburg. Besides the 3 perfect gifts we also got the chance to put an outfit together for the upcoming Christmas Parties! It’s always a good idea to plan your outfits ahead of time before you’re having a „I don’t know what to wear situations“ and you end up being stressed out. In my case i went for a really feminine  look. Usually i stick to my black pants and a classic blazer but i thought that with all the Christmas Party invitations i want to show different styles. My favorite piece of this Head-to-Toe Jill-Sander Ensemble is definitely the black leather dress. It has the perfect length and creates a really sophisticated look and the fabric adds the perfect edge to it. So i guess i'm well prepared and ready to celebrate! 


Like i already mentioned finding something for my mom is pretty easy. In my opinion a bag is always a good idea and actually pretty easy to find because currently there are so many beautiful models out there like this Jil Sander Bag in Baby-Blue which will bet he perfect companion for the upcoming Spring Season


So when it comes to my Dad i like to be on the save side and stick to the basics. I know perfume as a christmas gift seems to be a little bit odd but for many it’s definitely not an everyday purchase. The main thing to keep in mind is to select something that suits the personality of the person well and you’re good to go!


Another option for your sister or brother or also for yourself are these wonderful and classic boots. But let me tell you one thing, if you're more of a superstitious kind of person you should probably know the fact that it says that whenever you're giving someone a pair of shoes as a Christmas gift as this will make the recipient walk away from you! I heard about this before but totally forgot about it and honestly i'm not so into Superstitions. So it's up to you! 


F.l.t.r.: Edisa Kira / Alix / Fanning  /Angela 

So i hope you all find the perfect gift for your loved ones and enjoy the rest of the Christmas Season! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Midnight Blue

Wow it seems like i’m only posting shoots  instead of my usual OOTD - but let me tell you - this one is probably the one i’m most proud of – you wanna know why! Well, believe it or not this ist the very first „All-in-one“ Production mady by StyleguideTV. A few weeks ago i came up with an idea creating a whole shoot without any help – just the the two of us – my partner in crime Edisa & I.  We decided that is about time fort he biggest challenge of all in other words we experienced being a Photographer, Model, Stylist, Assistant, Hair & Make-Up Artist & of course an Art Director at the same time – and yes it was super exhausting but so worth it! I’m also super happy that we got the chance to feature amazing brands which made this shoot even more special. I’m wearing this stunning dress by Jürgen Hoerl which is btw also available at the Store „Runway Vienna“ in Goldschmiedgasse combined with wonderful pieces from the jewellery brand Ciro.

love it

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Silhouettes // Parkhotel Schönbrunn - StyleGuide TV Shooting

So today is finally the day! I guess a lot of you guys have already seen some glimpses of our first Styleguide TV Shooting which took place at the Parkhotel Schönbrunn in collaboration with Austria Trend Hotel several weeks ago. We decided to give ourselves that extra push for the end of this year and so we came up with the idea to create something different compared to our usual outfit posts. We always had the intention to try out new ways regarding our content because there is always a time when you feel too one-dimensional or too repetivie and all of a sudden you feel the urge to change everything in a second. So for this specific project we’ve luckily  teamed up with a few austrian designers and we basically got the chance to pick out our favorite looks of their current collection for our shooting! Of course this StyleGuideTV Production wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory video – and yes, we also managed to capture all of those moments/outfits just to give you guys a little bit more by showing you the behindthescenes compressed in a few minutes! So which one of those looks is your favorite?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sennheiser Urbanites x Wien Live Shooting

If you follow me on my other social media, you might already know that i got the chance to shoot a super cool story in collaboration with the amazing brand Sennheiser for the austrian Magazine Wien Live! I actually planned to post these pictures weeks ago but after working so hard on my second project (StyleguideTV) and on many other projects & collaborations as well (looking forward to tell you more about it soon) i realizied that sometimes you simply can’t keep track of everything! But today is the day and i can finally reveal the whole shoot on my blog! I have to say that i was thrilled to be chosen for this shooting and super excited to work with the talented photographer alongside with the man behind NewKissOnTheBlog & DJ Danny La Vega. This time, the look was definitely more playfull & fun but as far as being a blogger you always get the chance to challenge yourself in order to see what’s on the next level!

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