Monday, July 30, 2012

Into the Blue

 When it comes to shoes i’m not that kind of girl who invests lots of money on just one model but there are definitely a 
lot of designer inspired shoes out there which can be very affordable as well .... you only have to find them. 
Fortunately discovered this post from Nina (fashiioncarpet.wordpress) about her new Alexander Wang Joan Cut Out - 
look a likes from Zalando

Lucky me i was able to chose 2 items from their online shop and since i found out that these beauties were available 
in my size i ordered them right away. I actually never shopped at Zalando but as soon as i stopped by i found a lot of 
great shoes, clothes and other fashion products. 
FYI: The’re having a big sale til the 7th of August !! 

 ZARA: top/skirt
F21: jewellery
Necklace from my mum

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feature 'girlscene.nl'

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that i got featured on girlscene.nl which i a dutch website about fashion, 
lifestyle and beauty. They asked me if i would like to participate by answering some question about myself and my
 blog for their column called „De modeblog van“ (engl. „the fashionblog of...“). It’s always interesting to see which 
photos other people select if you don’t send them your favourites... You can see the full article here or click on the
 first image. I also got asked about my most important piece in my closet...definitely my vintage hippie dress full 
of little flowers in different colors which is from the 70ies. I got it from my favorite vintage shop in my hometown.
 Click here if you're curious!  Thank you again girlscene.nl!! 

Friday, July 27, 2012


On thursday evening i headed out to meet Vicky & Madeleine for a really cool project. In fact this was 
my second outfit that day – i was actually wearing boots in the morning. Strange weather. So what do 
you think about my new shoes – kind of Isabel Marant look-a-likes ... Wish you all an amazing weekend!! 

ZARA: pants/blouse
MANGO: sandals
F21: jewellery 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

MQ Fashionblogger Fleamarket - Review

What more can i say except ‚it was so worth it “ being a part of the MQ Fashionbloggerfleamarket. It was quite 
exhausting schlepping 5 bags full of clothes, 2 rags and a huge table... but at the end of the day i was so happy 
selling all my stuff at the Arena 21. So many people stopped by and definitely found some great pieces. 
Besides meeting friends and refolding all the clothes one question was asked all the time „When will bet he next 
fleamarket“. FIY This market was organised by Maria (style kingdom) and it was a part of "Summer of Fashion" but
 as soon as i get informed about the next one i will let you know!! While attending the flea market i chose to wear 
black and my favourite diy headband.
(ready to sell / ootd)
(judith, workmate / crowded arena 21)
See you next time!!! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Caught the sun

At first i thought this outfit was way too dark for summer – but blame it on the weather and on my love for black 
clothes. FYI: These photos were taken directly in front of the Palais Liechtenstein (alreday took advantage of this 
location -  seen here and here). While you’re reading this i’m probably on my way to the MQ Fashionblogger 
FleamarketFor more information click here. Hope to see you there!!! 


ZARA: pants/blazer/shoes
 F21: blouse/jewellery
MANGO: belt

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Step it up...

Instead of complaining about the weather i went outside surley carried an umbrella and found the perfect 
location for an outfit shoot. 

ZARA: jacket/pants/sweater (ZARA MEN)
H&M: necklace
F21: earrings / bracelets
VINTAGE: purse