Thursday, July 28, 2011

OODT - umbrella connection

Hey guys!! These days i prefer to call my umbrella as my best friend. The weather is awful and i'm definitely not used to this cold temperature. (I'm writing this post while i'm freezing my b*** off) But anyways, tomorrow evening i'll start my 3 week-holiday - so the countdown is on! I almost can't believe it. I worked exactly 8 months in a row without taking a vacation - and i'm so ready for it! Today it was the first time ever i took my camera with me to work just to ask my colleagues if they can do some shoots of my outfit for a new blogpost..I think i should continue on that after my holiday. So here is my outfit of the day. Wearing black from head to toe ...blame the weather. As you can see i didn''t expect rain today - bad shoe choice.

 me and my workmate

i was wearing: 
vintage dress from salzburg
strappy sandals from zara 
bag from salzburg 
fake-fur foxtail from h&m

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rainy Days

 Hey guys! It's sunday and i'm on my way back to vienna after a perfect weekend in my hometown salzburg. I spent much time with my mum and dad (plus i got him the perfect birthday present), went to the hairdresser, met some good old friends and went out, found the perfect black bag, got 2 new jumpsuit and went to my favourite vintage shop where i bought a lot of "new" unique clothes. It was qutite hectic and there was definitely less time for relaxing moments but i'm superhappy that i've done a lot the last  3 days. But one thing has to change when it comes to traveling: overpacking! You can't imagine how much clothes i wasn't wearing - but blame it on the weather!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend <3

 (in the back you can see the the "Festung" which is one of the biggest castles of Europe)
(beautiful backstreet)

(overpacking - definitely to much clothes)

 i was wearing:
pants & turban from h&m
top from mango
shoes & scarf form zara
leather jacket no name

Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey guys!!!
I'm definitley a girl who loves to wear bohemian headbands but i totally forgot about them in the last couple of months. I havn't been wearing them at all.There are so many ways in which you could wear them depending how your hair looks like and what kind of outfit you're wearing.
So what do you think? 
i was wearing: 
black headband from h&m
rings from forever 21

By: TwitterButtons.com

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Maybe you've noticed that I  really love Instagram and since i havn't found someone who's taking pictures of my outfits every single day, i thought this would the perfect way to show you what i was wearing during the week. Otherwise all of my looks would have vanished like dust. This collage includes almost all of my outfits i was wearing the last 8 days. The red dress is just a new purchase from forever 21 and I'm absolutely in love with the shape, material, design and color. Can't wait to wear it in public. 

i was wearing:
(from left to right)
1. white blazer & bag from zara sale, dress from h&m, flats from saito, 2. orange dress from h&m, white blazer from h&m, flats saito, 3. black leather jacket - no name, white/black kimono from h&m sale, black long dress from h&m;
4. orange top & black skrit from zara, kimono from h&m, 5. red dress from forever 21, high heels from buffalo, 6. white vintage dress, black/white kimono;
7. white blazer & bag from zara sale, boyfriend jeans short from h&m, flats from saito, 8. green shorts from zara sale last year, top from h&m (i think the rest is pretty clear ;) ) 9. white hot pants from forever 21, white blouse from h&m, shoes from zara sale (and they are sooo comfortable - new love)

Friday, July 8, 2011


hey guys!
here's my outfit which i was wearing two days ago. usually i'm not a big fan of posting iphone pictures on my blog...but i wanted to share with you one of my favourite looks of this year. hopefully i will get some pictures outside asap! 

i was wearing: 
white blazer & bag from zara
dress from h&m
sandals from saito

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OOTD - white & stripes

Hey guys!!!
This is my ultimate SALE look. Ok, almost .. but i wasn't even my intention :). Two weeks ago i got this maxidress from H&M which i love to combine with a cropped tshirt....thanks to my washing machine ;). The zara blazer  is definitely one of my best purchase of this season and I think it will be my favourite piece for this summer. The bag is also from zara sale and the fake fox tail is from H&M. In the morning i've already posted this look on my facebook fanpage + twitter. <3

Monday, July 4, 2011


You'll probably remember the bloggerpicnic at the burggarten some weeks ago. This was the first time I met Victoria from victorypug who invited me, Vicky her boyfriend for a drink on her beautiful roof of her apartment.  The view was amazing and the food, which we didn’t expected at all, was perfect for this warm summernight. Thank you again!!!

 i was wearing:
maxi dress from h&m
blazer from zara sale
shoes from saito (salzburg)
jewellery from h&m

Sunday, July 3, 2011


 It’s been a week since my parents left (the visited for 3 days).
It was great having them around since I havn’t seen them for a while.
Before we went to the city we started my mum’s birthday day with a delicious breakfast.  I showed them a couple of places which became my favourite spots so far and since my mum never really got the chance to explore all the backstreet’s of vienna I was superhappy to fullfill her wish.

(totally in love with the little backstreets of vienna)

(some viennese musicians at the fleamarket)

(my dad)
 (inside of the filmcasino with my mum)
 (such a cool ceiling)

i was wearing:
shoes: zara
bag/pants/blazer: h&m
top: mango

I hope you all have a nice and relaxing sunday !!