Tuesday, November 19, 2019

POLLENÇA | Travel Diary

A little over three weeks ago i was lucky enough to be invited to spend four days in Mallorca in order to learn more about Pollença which is an ancient town of attractive narrow streets and an impressive main square, lined with cafés, restaurants and bars, and is just a few kilometers  from Port de Pollença  .Even though a 2.30 hour flight from Vienna is super close than a lot of other places somehow i never managed to visit the island which has so much more to offer than you would expect. 

It’s a fact that these days some people have flexible enough jobs and lifestyle to pick when to take their vacation and since Europe offers a lot of destinations where you can not only enjoy the warm weather and less crowded places you will also find better deals compared to peak season. Of course it varies by destination and while many travelleres will aim for France, Italy or Greece other places the little island Mallorca is definitely a spot you should definitely put on your list if you want to leave your soul to rest for a little while. Of course, it may have suffered from its bad booze reputation over the last 2 decades but after checking out to Pollença to the fullest i was more than surprised to find the perfect holiday option during off-season.

In order to get the most out of 4 days the lovely people from Pidelaluna created an extensive program that provided a wonderful range of spots, restaurants and activities. So here are some facts & recommendations i collected during our little trip.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

STLYE | Puffer Jacket

I have to admit that I always had a complicated relationship with puffer jackets and by that I mean that I never ever intended having one in my very own closet. In my opinion they always looked super unflattering or simply super boring. Usually I'm the one who's wearing 5 layers in order to stay warm but this year has been simply to cold to rock my favorite wool jackets every single day. So when the brand Only send me a surprise package with two of their puffer coats for the cold weather season I was hooked to try something new. Opening up my heart for puffers was definitely not a bad decision but combined in the right way combination definitely obliterates any doubts you ever had about the puffer piece.