Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Denim Story

It was probably back in 2012 when i first joined the mom jeans club and as the time goes on  i realized that if i have to choose one specific denim proportion that i will love forever i honestly have to put my finger on the mom jeans. Somehow i’ve never became bored of this look quite the opposite i would say. So over the last few years I’ve accumulated a bunch of different styles with different washes and i truly thought that i’m prettty fine with my collection until i stumbled across this pair with those super lovely flower patches just below the knee. I never thought that at some point in my llife or let’s say at the age of 28 that i’m actually a fan of patches. It just seems right and feels right - and since i didn’t want to add another destroyed pair to my closet i thought i should it a go. As you can see down below i opted for a pretty casual 90's inspired look - combined with this super light jumper (which i ordered in L), white sneakers and a pinstriped blazer in order to add a little bit more elegance to the whole look. 

So if you’re still trying to find perfect, slightly oversized and highwaisted pair of mom jeans i suggest taking a look at the Tally Weijl Denim Section – I promise you won’t regret it since i already own two pairs of their current collection – click here to see the classie one.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Closet Confidential

Remember this blue coat which i’ve been wearing last year. Well i have to admit that i totally forgot about it until i finally made the decision to minimize my wardrobe. I decided to get rid of so many clothes (4 HUGE bags) i can truly say that every piece in my wardrobe now makes sense!

I realized at some point that i unnecessarily had so much stuff that i honestly became really frustrated and disklied the act of getting dressed. So last week i finally faced the situation of letting go and decided to solve this problem since probably 70% of my outfits i wear come from 30% of my wardrobe – and that’s insane and truly left me feeling every which way to guilty you can imagine. There are so many reasons why we end up having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear – #firstworldproblemesdeluxe! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Sometimes we’re way to busy that we don’t take time to stop and appreciate the city we live in. I moved to Vienna 5 years ago and one of the reasons why i’m so in love in this city is defintiely the fact that i started to explore and get familiar with every single corner of this town. One of my favorite corner of all time is defintiely the Margaretenhof which somehow reminds me of London. It’s such a beautiful spot which has been on my ‚Shooting-Bucklist’ for quite some time now. Obviously i managed to cross that off of my list and i’m happy to share a new look that fits perfectly to the environment - classic Mom Jeans, a military green top by Tally Weijl, a super long coat and obviously a clutch which turned out to be the perfect companion for day & night.