Friday, July 7, 2017

Orange is the new Black | Make-up Look

One of my favorite things about summer, are definitely all the nice events under the open sky. You get to meet old friends, the opportunity to wear your favorite summer pieces but also the chance to rock a new make-up look. I guess most of us have found their perfect routine when it comes to glamming up for a fancy occassion but sometimes it's nice to experiement with different products in order to freshen your look. Inspried by the golden hour i created this look for the shopping center Zimbapark which already realeased this tutorial in their latest issue (click here to get to the article). So here are the essential steps:

1. Prepare your skin – before i start with my favorite Make-Up by Revlon i always put on the SKIN MATCH PROTECT by Astor. It’s not only perfect to prime your face but it has also 25 SPF.

2. As i already mentioned in the first step i’m currently using the COLOR STAY Make up by Revlon. I truly love the finish which is a mixture of matt and glowy.

3. In order to cover up any dark circles or blemishes i always add a little bit of concealer. At the moment i’m using the CAMOUFLAGE by Catrice. It’s really high pigmented so you definitely don’t need a lot of it.

4. After creating the perfect base i’m ready for the next step – eyebrows. First i always define my brows with a sharp eyebrow pencil and than went straight to the WUNDERBROW which truly helps me to fill in my brows. Another product that I absolutly love is the EYEBROW-MASCARA by Maybelline. This is the perfect tool to create a messy and bushy look.

5. Eyes – personally i’m a big fan of mixing different products – even when there supposed to be used for something else. So in this case i took full advantage of an ORANGE BLUSH by L.O.V. and simply mixed it with the COLOR TATTOO EYESHADOW by Maybelline. Somehow you get the perfect consinstency that works perfectly on your lid. I have to say that i don’t have a specific technique when it comes to applying eyeshadow. Just add as much as you prefer – lighter or dark! It depends on what you want to achieve.

6. Mascara – which is a step i never miss. My favorite is definitely the BABY DOLL by L’Orèal. Such an amazing product.

7. Speaking of amazing product. Let’s talk about my favorite HIGHLIGHTER! Alverdere created the perfect color for those hot summer days. I promise you this is the perfect light pink that you can rock til September.

9. Pop some color on your lips with Max Factor! 

8. Countouring! Yes – it’s still a thing and i have to confess i can’t live without it! With the CONTOURING PALETTE by Maybelline i am able to define my face in a really light way.

10. Fixing Spray – an essential step if you want your make up to last the whole day! Right now i’m using the ‚Perfectitude 3 in 1 prime & fix spray’ by L.O.V.. I can highly recommend this product since i already purchased a new one.

So that is my ultimate Summer look! Super easy to recreate and something that will add a little bit ore color to your life!

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