Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nostalgic Moments | Blackberry KEYone

Back in 2007 when i was 19 years old there was one thing that has become my non fashion related accessory number one.  Back then i was one of those girls who were complety obsessed with MTV’s reality television series The Hills where you spotted one of their essential in almost every scene – a blackberry. At that time i was head over heels with this phone (i guess i was not the only one) and somehow i convinced my parents to get me one as well – and let me tell you! I was head over heels when i got the Blackberry Curve - even when it was just for texting and calling friends.

So when the lovely people from BlackBerry ask me if i want test the KEYone  it felt complety nostalgic and immediately said yes because  truly it brings back so many memories. But of course much has changed. Besides my job as a blogger i also run my own agency called Die Schnittstelle in the field of photography and videography. It’s important to keep track of appointments, jobs and check social media on a daily basis. It often happens that i have to leave the house early and come back late at night. In order to get things done i often try to get things done even when i’m on the go. Since i was always a big fan of keyboards and loved typing like there was no tomorrow i was absolutley curious what this little Android phone has to offer. With the sophisticated high enddesign which features a big and colorful screen (great for viewing emails) and a rubberized back the Blackberry KeyOne clearly has productivity users in mind that helps you manage day-to-day tasks and will last you the entire day with battery life that lasts more than 24 hour. And let me tell you - usually i always have power bank with me. Another great fact that i love to point out is definitely the 12MP rear camera with dual tone flash and 8MP front camera with LCD flash. Of course it takes time to get used to another operating system but when you get so many features like the 52 shortcuts which allows you to customize your keyboard it truly helps you through the day and makes life a little bit more easier.

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