Friday, June 16, 2017

Juste en Clou de Cartier #Advertorial

Back in the day when i was a little girl i was always keen to learn new things when it came to handcraft work. Even before the word do it yourself came out i always tried out different ways to create my own bags, hats and of course jewellery was on my very top list. I have to say that i always loved visiting my dad in his own workshop where he had tons of stuff in order to either repair something or simply invent something new. For me it was some sort of my personal market where i found everything i needed for my projects. As you can imagine i often put a new spin on things that were supposed to be used for another purpose. Sometimes you have to look at thinks from a different perspective – and that is exactly what the french luxury manufacture Cartier did! Back in the 1970s the first nail bracelet was created in New York. Juste en Clou (en: „just a nail“) which is the expression of a rebellious nature and reflected a wild and free wheeling era - and now the story continues with a new addition called ‚Ecrou de Cartier’ with a nut as a symbol. Again a transformation of the ordinary to the extraordinary which can be considered as a contemporary interpretation of the iconic  LOVE braclet.  So today i’m not only showing you the new creation of the ‚Juste en Clou’ collection designed by Aldo Cipullo i also wanted to share the new image clip which perfectly picks up each facet of this beauiful piece of jewellery.

* Werbung | sponsored Video of Cartier 
*in friendly cooperation with Cartier

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