Monday, September 26, 2016

London Fashion Week 2016 with Toni & Guy Products

Last week, i had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Toni & Guy Products to visit London Fashion Week and learn more about their latest products but also had the chance to check out the hair trends and meet their new global hair ambassador. It was an exciting experience since we (talking about a few other bloggers from Europe who were also invited) got all access to the backstage areas. Unfortunately i missed the first tour since there was no flight earlier that day. So upon arrival on Friday in the afternoon i checked into the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn – just minutes from Covent Garden and Soho. The minute i stepped into the hallway i immediately fell in love with the interior which is an eclectic mix of vintage and modern elements and remarkably photogenic as you can see on the pictures. After checking out the hotel room for a couple of minutes i rushed to Soho in order to see the Ashley Williams runway show which was supported by Toni & Guy Hair products for the 5th time.


For the second day we went to the Old Spitalfield Market which is not only a covered outdoor market but also played host to catwalk presentations on the 17th and 18th of September. Besides the Faustine Steinmetz presentation, which featured a bunch of different denim styles that were monogramed with Faustine’s logo and also covered with swarovski crystals, we also had the chance to  check out backstage before everything started. Since Faustine Steinmetz is a true believer in gender fluid dressing you could tell that also the hairstyles were a mixture of short,long, wild and sleek which were also created by Toni & Guy Products. So right after the presenation we had some free time and got the chance to explore London, shot pictures and went to a super lovely italian restaurant near our next appointment – the Global Style Hub where we were introduced to Toni & Guy’s new Ambassador Indira Schauwecker, known for her Avant Garde Style, and listened to an interesting discussions on gender fluidity trends both on and off the catwalk.


On our last day were invited to „the Breakfast Club“ which seemed to be a place where a lot of people love to spend their sunday mornings since there was a major line outside waiting for a table in order to try out the menu which features all the classics – the full English, eggs Benedict, Pancakes, Avocado toast and of course black coffee. Unfortunately i had to rush to the airport right after it and oh boy – i almost missed my flight. But somehow i managed to be on time and went to the gate 2 minutes before the final call was announced.

So all in all it was a super lovely weekend in London with Toni & Guy Products which made this month even more special! Once again, thanks for having me! 



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