Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shoe Trends & Do's and Dont's at the Ball

Even though the temperatures are not quite there yet, i’m mentally ready to start to look at my wardrobe in a different way. Sure, it’s not Spring yet but as the temperatures become milder it’s definitely not a bad idea thinking about some changes and new additions when it comes to fashion and accessories. Something that has got me really excited is definitely shoes! Nobody can ever have to many pairs and when Humanic invited me to their latest Spring/Summer 2018 press event which featured the ultimate models for the upcoming months i couldn’t say no  - and let me tell you – there is something for everybody.

But before i start with the upcoming shoe trends, i’m excited to announce that Humanic, who's not only the official shoe partner at the Opera Ball and plays the savior for all the ladies by offering women a  pair of glittery ballerinas, also invited me to this amazing event where i’m taking over their instagram account and get the chance to show you around. Tomorrow i'm finally revealing the look of the glittery flats on my instagram account - don't miss it. So since the dress code for the ball is super strict (white tie) it’s definitely a challenge to find the proper attire. Not to mention that there are definitely a couple of do’s and dont's that you should check before showing up.

First things first - always respect the dresscode for each ball. It’s super important to choose an outfit that works for you and that enhances your personal features. Make sure to check some sources of inspirations like Pinterest or Instagram in order to find something that catches your eye, works for your body type and that isn’t too short. Another ‚do’ is pretty easy – arrive in time to see the opening ceremony of the young local debutants. Speaking of dancing – definitely join at the midnight quadrille dance! I’ve never practiced it but i had so much fun when i joined it last year. 

When it comes to dont’s here are some to consider! If you don’t want to be labeled as a tourist, don’t arrive in a horse carriage at the ball (i guess that's  pretty obvious). Don’t add a big bag to your dress and opt for a nice bracelet intead of a watch! Talking about shoes – sandals are absolutely a no-go! There are many options out there (check out the ball collection by Humanic) but opt for closed ones or sling backs (which definitely requires a pedicure). If you don't wear tights make sure to add that 'extra' glow to your legs! And last but not least - don’t miss a traditional Vienna sausage right after the ball. It’s part of the game and the perfect ending for a night out at the Opera Ball.

So with all this information i guess we can hop on and talk about the latest shoe trends – cause there’s a lot.  

Especially prints are high in the course this year. Starting from palm trees, wild animal to asian inspired patterns – simply anything that gives any shoe a fresh feel for this season. If you are more into monochrome looks you will love hear that Black & White is a must this year. I guess there is no other combo like this one that is super easy to style and will match everything in your closet.
A season without sparkle is a fashion season where it’s better to go barefoot. Especially sandals which are decorated with small clusters of jewels in a very tasteful and wearable style.

If you’re looking for some ‚Dolce Vita’ i can highly suggest investing in pink & red. Perfect color combo for those hot summer nights. But also metallic sheen is still a hit as well as a little bit of 80’s nostalgia. Kitten heels, mules and sling backs are probably the best option for 2018!  


HUMANIC: Shoes by Kate Gray (on Sale!!!)
H&M: Blazer
ZARA: Baret, Shirt
MANGO: Fanny Bag

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