Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to Be Consistent & Get Stuff Done | #TipTuesday

I have to say that over the last few weeks i felt a little bit uninspired and less energized when it comes to my blog – like many of us i often find myself in the search for something more, something new, some change! I guess as a blogger you reach this point once in a while where you find yourself being less passionate about what you are doing and sometimes it’s better to take a step back and re-evaluate and return. It’s important to keep a balance between critiquing and being kind to your self in order to find ways that you can apply to your life that maybe helps getting through an unproductive phase. I know this may sound like a super first word problem but in my opinion it’s just  human and whenever you are not true with yourself or others – you’re just going to stay stuck and it simply effects your quality of life which are your emotions. For me personally, November has been a month full of new non blog related projects which can be a little bit difficult to find the right balance when it comes to dealing with many things at the same. I truly enjoy everything that comes along but being a one woman-show and working in many fields can be quite overwhelming and all of a sudden you feel like you can’t get anything done. So instead of nagging around or pretend that everything is positive i thought i could share five of my personal tipps to get out of this mood.

N°1 - Go for progress, not for perfection!  I
It’s about learning and experimentation and getting better (which doesn’t mean to create crap or to lower your standards). But before you end up tweaking around you better put your stuff out there before you get sucked into that perfectionsim suckhole that won’t let you go anywhere – it’s about about growing, improving and evolving.

N°2 -  Be consistent! 
A major secret is definitely consistency – because when you know what’s important, it’s a lot easier to ignore what’s not. So if you really stay focus and work consistently on everything what’s on top of your priority list you will succeed. It’s definitely soemthing a lot of people struggle with but the rewards of being consistent are huge (like working out, learning new skills or working on a big project). Because when you’re committed and clear about the reason if it’s worth it you just have to say bye to the little voice in your head that screams ‚i don’t want to do that’. Because succsess comes not from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.

N°3 - Take breaks to clear your brain!
Another thing that really helped me push through that feelings of not wanting and doing anything is either turning up music and dance through my whole apartment or start working out. In my personal experience, i always strive for 60 minutes or at minimum 30 minutes every other day of just sweating and simply working out.  I don’t know why but music, dancing or being active in general  always helps my brain focus and makes me feel more energized and motivated to get things done.

N°4 - Being more effiecient & more productive
As an entrepeneur and being on your on schedule and having that freedom can be a tough expereince (raise your hands if you know what i’m talking about) because you are your own (girl)boss and you have to control your own time. I guess the main struggle is to be super effiecient and to be more productive. Everyone has to find a personal method that works perfect for you – and i’m not talking about having a to do list (which is a great start like wunderlist which i can highly recommend)  but when it comes to the actual action, it’s different. There are a lot of methods out there but besides the ‚priority-list-stystem’ i can highly recommend the ‚Pomodoro-System’(not an easy one because since our minds are trained to side track and do other things). It seems to be the HIIT-Training for your brain. Developed in the late 80s this technique relies on a process of ‚time blocking’ in order to get more done. The ‚sprints’ of 25 minutes followed by a short break of 3-5 minutes boost your brainpower and helps beat procrastination.

N°5 - If you don’t schedule it – it’s not real! That means if you don’t want to put it on your calender you’re probably not willing to do it. Especially when it comes to creating content for your blog you might end up putting nothing out there. And yes this happens to me a lot but if you start identify your weak points you can start working on them. In order to get more productive i can highly recommend getting a planner where you can plan your posts ahead.

So thankfully my blogging mojo is back and i could not be happier to finally get things done and create new content – and since feedback is everything i would love to hear if there is anything you would love to see here and what you would add to your list when it comes to being more productive! So feel free to comment down below! 

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