Thursday, July 28, 2016

Secret to Motivation | Fitness

As much as i love working out sometimes it’s still hard to get motivated and i know that there a lot of tips and tricks out there which helps you to get yourself up and do something for you body on a regular basis. And one thing is for sure – workout clothes play a huge part because for some reason i’m someone who’s so much more motivated when i’m wearing cool workout clothes – it simply gives you a good feeling and make your training more effective which obviously helps to get the result you are looking for!

So when it comes to workout clothes i’m someone who’s not only wearing tight fitted pieces but i’m also the type of person who only wears dark colors to the gym! I don’t know why but i was never a big fan of those crazy bright colors a lot of people love to wear. For that reason i’m super happy that new H&M  Every Victory Collection offers a lot of those pieces which are not only right up my ally but also affordable too. H&M developed the line in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic team and let me tell you i’m pretty amazed by the quality and the fitting as well (especially the pants will suck you in all the right places but definitely in a comfortable way). So here are my favorite picks that i’m currently wearing on high rotation!

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H&M: Look 1 & 2  For Every Victory Collection
NIKE: Shoes

PHOTOGRAPHY: Worryaboutitlater

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  1. I love these so much I keep ordering different styles and colors and have doubled up on the basic colors like gray and black. I've been using alo yoga for workouts, lounging around, and even wearing to work.