Monday, February 22, 2016

Closet Confidential

Remember this blue coat which i’ve been wearing last year. Well i have to admit that i totally forgot about it until i finally made the decision to minimize my wardrobe. I decided to get rid of so many clothes (4 HUGE bags) i can truly say that every piece in my wardrobe now makes sense!

I realized at some point that i unnecessarily had so much stuff that i honestly became really frustrated and disklied the act of getting dressed. So last week i finally faced the situation of letting go and decided to solve this problem since probably 70% of my outfits i wear come from 30% of my wardrobe – and that’s insane and truly left me feeling every which way to guilty you can imagine. There are so many reasons why we end up having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear – #firstworldproblemesdeluxe! 

 So here are 5 Reasons why you have nothing to wear:  

1. Clothes don’t fit – just simply ask yourself ‚Is this something i like on my body NOW’

2. You are unclear about your personal style – for this issue i can highly recommend Pinterest! It can truly be your personal stylist! You can simply create your individual style board where you can define your style and get inspired in order to find your signature look.

3. Your closet has no system / organize and color coding your wardrobe is the key which makes finding things easier and you’re actually get excited of getting dressed.

4. You don’t have enough basics which limits your mix and match potential and you truly lack of a combination of clothes that function well together! It’s completely fine to buy fun itmes every now and then but definitely fill in the gaps with essentials before you add the trends!

5. You have to much stuff – which means it’s time to edit your wardrobe and really ask yourself:

-       have i worn it in the last 2 years!
-       would i wear it again
-       would i repurchase it
-       do i love the way it looks on me

If the answer is no – just get over and rid of it! These are only the fillers that have no reason to stay!


ZARA: Coat, Sweater, Hat, Shoes

PHOTOGRAPHY: Worryaboutitlater

EDITED by me


  1. Der Mantel ist traumhaft schön!
    Deine Haare sehen immer perfekt aus. Wie machst du das? :-)) <333

    ♥ Nissi
    Instagram // Bloglovin

  2. Love this combination! The colors are perfect!

    love, Turn it inside out