Friday, November 20, 2015

What's your.... #ShareYourSexy

...sexy, a strong word people often associate with revealing dresses, models on covers or specific scenes in movies. It’s something you probably don’t say on an every day basis  but i guess in 2015 we are all aware that this word can be so much more than just a physical & superficial thing – and this is where the new Zalando comes into play! The Europe's leading fashion platform for fashion has teamed up with Calvin Klein Underwear for a new campain called #ShareYourSexy photographed by Daniel Jackson who also directed the #shareYourSexy TV and digital campaign with starring top model Joan Smalls and her male counterpart Tobias Sorensen. After #ShareYourStyle it was about time for something new – something people nowadays people use for almost everything without feeling ashamed - since it takes more than looks to call something sexy.

Personally, i think the word itself is difficult to define! It simply  can’t be put in a one-size-fits all category. It’s up to each individual person but if you ask me i would probably have to say that sexy is about embracing who your are and all of the intricacies and facets that make up who you are. Showing your true self, being conscious, speaking out, staying grounded, being empathetic, able to deal with difficult situations, being vulnverable, funny and confident! It’s about acceptance, it’s about beautiful moments and it’s simply about becoming the best version of yourself!

So i thought it would be interesting to ask you guys about your thoughts on #ShareyourSexy because this new campaign by Zalando is not only a new step to inspire, it’s also a new way in order to create something new for their customers which gives us the chance to interact with each other. This new campaign will not only be communicating its message via print and social media, Zalando also also set up a digital hub where people in each country of Europe will be asked to say what’s sexy for them. A few days ago i already shared a picture on my Instagram where you guys still have the chance to win a € 100 Zalando gift voucher. You only have to add the hashtag #ShareYourSexy #Österreich and tag your picutre with @zalando_official @calvinklein underwear & @fashiontweed and simply give me your personal definition what sexy means in your world. So i hope you all join the conversation.

* Werbung |in friendly cooperation with Zalando


  1. Das Makeup ist Hammer!!!!

    wünsch dir ein schönes Wochenende!
    Vicky | The Golden Bun

  2. Wow, du siehst wunderschön aus! Das AMU ist der Hammer!

    xx Sarah


  3. Wow, super Make-up :) du siehst mega aus!

  4. Wundervoll, das Make-up ist großartig, toll siehst du aus!
    Liebe Grüße an dich