Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Five Fall/Winter Essentials + Beauty Tips

As a daughter of an expert in the field of beauty i thought it would be great to share 5 Fall/Winter Essentials which i’ve been using on a daily basis – almost. Of course there are many more to share but today i’ll start with the basics in order to give you guys a few tips and tricks that i’ve accumulated over the last few years.

Beauty Essentials

1 PEELING (for example Vichy Pureté)
Super important – especially when you’re livinig in a big city. It simply helps stimulate skin surface renewal by eliminating dead skin cells, revealing smoother and softer feeling skin -  and please don’t think a facial peeling is too harsh even when you have sensitive skin.

2 SUN PROTECTION (for example Louis Widmer)
- it’s super important to protect your skin even when the sun isn’t shining at all and also during the cold months since the UV rays are just as harmful during the wintertime as they are in the summertime, even if it’s cloudy. And you know people say that you can always tell a person’s age by looking at their hands which develop sun spots very quicky at all. That’s why i started to provide the same protection i give to my face also to my hands.

3 SPA FEELING (for example AmosVital)
Before i moved to Vienna i was in the lucky position getting a facial every other week. As i already mentioned in another post that my mum used to work as a cosmetician and took care of my skin i have one tip which is super easy for everyone to apply - the hot towel treatment. Soak a clean towel or a washcloth into hot water add a few drops of tee tree oil and gently press it to your face. It simply makes you skin soft, opens your pores and you will be relaxed 100 percent. 

4 LIP BALM (for example Caudalíe)
September was a month full of traveling and i guess you all know the problem when it comes to airplane air. You’ll get cracked lips that’s why I’m having at least on lip balm in my handbag which is actually also an option to protect your feet from blisters using a touch of lip balm in a pinch to reduce friction – i guess Mac Gyver was aware of that.

5 HAIR OIL (for example Weleda - definitely check out the rest of their range of Weleda )
I have to say that ever since i started using hair oil i can’t imagine living without my holy grail. I’ve learned the benefits of oils in such a big way that i can totally encourage you to start oil your hair at least once a week. It instantly smooths and redefines leaving my hair looking freshly styled and shiny, in a non greasy way. Do keep in mind that a very small amount goes along way, but i promise you will love the result.

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