Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Front Cooking at LUGECK Figlmüller Wien + StyleGuideTV Video

Second Post for today, but this deserves to be mentioned in a seperate article – the event i’ve been invited last Sunday. Usually i’m such a coch potato on this particular day and in all honesty i don’t think about getting dressed up or leaving the house by any means. But his Sunday was different because the lovely people from LUGECK Figlmüller Wien decided to invite a bunch of bloggers to their restaurant which is located right in the first district (Lugeck 4, 1010 Wien). So the fact that you have to walk a little through the city before you get to your destination simply gave me the opporunity to enjoy a silent and empty city and i realized that i definitely have to discover more backstreets and hidden places instead of taking the metro or bus. Anyway, back to the topic - so after a warm welcome we were guided through the  restaurant in order to get to know every single corner and take a look behind the scenes - which was actually the main part of the event which leads me to the front cooking part where we ended up getting a live experience how a specific meal and deserts are made, Beef Tartar & Mohnknödel -  super delicious. We were also shown their newest cookbook which is in my opinion one of the coolest cookbooks i’ve seen in a while because i really love the fact that it really concentrates on the acutal thing  - but you guys should check it out yourself (but definitely a wonderful option as a gift). All in all i can say that i really enjoyed every single minute and truly felt in good hands – and of course we took this opportunity to capture all those lovely moments for another Styleguide TV Episode. 

Cookbook Pictures via Catsbitsandpieces

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