Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Gift Hunter // #DiscoverChristmas at the Designer Outlet Salzburg

I’m sure you’re well aware that Christmas is just around the Corner and a lot of us are trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Especially for our parents it can be tricky to shop for but in my case i always found way to many options when it comes to my mom, the tough part is definitely finding something for my Dad.

I’m acutally a huge fan of personal gifts and whenever someone special in my life is giving a hint of what he or she is currently craving for i’m the one who takes note of that instead of asking. So over the last months i was really tring to pay attention and i already found some goodies but i’m definitely not at the end of the road.

So lucky me, i was invited along with some other Bloggers from Munich in order to find the perfect 3 Christmas gifts at the Designer Outlet Salzburg. Besides the 3 perfect gifts we also got the chance to put an outfit together for the upcoming Christmas Parties! It’s always a good idea to plan your outfits ahead of time before you’re having a „I don’t know what to wear situations“ and you end up being stressed out. In my case i went for a really feminine  look. Usually i stick to my black pants and a classic blazer but i thought that with all the Christmas Party invitations i want to show different styles. My favorite piece of this Head-to-Toe Jill-Sander Ensemble is definitely the black leather dress. It has the perfect length and creates a really sophisticated look and the fabric adds the perfect edge to it. So i guess i'm well prepared and ready to celebrate! 


Like i already mentioned finding something for my mom is pretty easy. In my opinion a bag is always a good idea and actually pretty easy to find because currently there are so many beautiful models out there like this Jil Sander Bag in Baby-Blue which will bet he perfect companion for the upcoming Spring Season


So when it comes to my Dad i like to be on the save side and stick to the basics. I know perfume as a christmas gift seems to be a little bit odd but for many it’s definitely not an everyday purchase. The main thing to keep in mind is to select something that suits the personality of the person well and you’re good to go!


Another option for your sister or brother or also for yourself are these wonderful and classic boots. But let me tell you one thing, if you're more of a superstitious kind of person you should probably know the fact that it says that whenever you're giving someone a pair of shoes as a Christmas gift as this will make the recipient walk away from you! I heard about this before but totally forgot about it and honestly i'm not so into Superstitions. So it's up to you! 


F.l.t.r.: Edisa Kira / Alix / Fanning  /Angela 

So i hope you all find the perfect gift for your loved ones and enjoy the rest of the Christmas Season! 


  1. Ich muss dir sagen, die Haarfarbe steht dir so gut!! Ich kann mich noch an die Blonde Haare erinnern, die sahen auch schön aus, aber diese Farbe ist einfach wunderschön!!!

    Rosie's Life

  2. what a stunning combination - love your look!
    bisou, mirjam