Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend Max Mara Store Opening // Styleguide Episode 3

So exactly 2 weeks ago i had the priviledge to be invited to the Weekend Max Mara Store Opening. Instead of just posting all the impressions in form of pictures i thought it was the perfect chance to continue our Styleguide TV project and capture those lovely moments in a different way and in all honesty i’m pretty happy with the outcome! I also have to mention that one of the highlights of the evening was definitely the art illustrator which is in my opinion such a cool idea instead of just browsing through the shop and these kinds of non fashion related additions to an event will stuck in your memory forever. So i hope you’ll enjoy our new video!

Lowself - The High Life

Ambassadors in this episode: Sonja from www.fashiontweed.com // Edisa from www.disicouture.com // featuring Hristina http://www.fleurdemode.com/

Next Project is already in the making!

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