Friday, January 3, 2014

Nike Dunk Sky High

One fact most people don’t know about me is that I used be a dancer, doing mostly Hip-Hop/Street dance moves. I mean I was always interested in any kind of sports like figure skating, ballet, badminton, athletics but dancing was always so special to me. Now you can imagine how excited I get when i have the chance to break it down on the dance floor.
But one thing has definitely changed – when I quit dancing I pretty much gave up on wearing sneakers – only at the gym you would have seen me with a pair of simple tennis shoes. I simply thought that I won’t fit my style until I got these new babies last week. I went with the dunk ski hi-s which are actually my first pair of Nikes but I have to say as soon as I tried them on I loved them. I’ve never really been a fan of wedge sneakers but this shoe completely changed my mind!   Besides the fact that the wedge that give the perfect addition to your height, they’re extremely comfortable and the material of the suede and the shoe in general looks even better in real life than in pictures and I think this I the best option in my case to finally wear sneakers casually without looking too sporty or too girly.

DEF-SHOP: Nike Dunk Sky High Sneakers / GLAMOROUS: Ripped Jeans / ZARA: Sweater, Blazer / VINTAGE: Shades / H&M: beanie


  1. wow love the beanie and the sunglasses!!also your hair looks pretty amazing!! <3 xo


  2. Cute distressed jeans look.

  3. The pants that you are wearing is so special.