Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forgotten Treasure

You might know that i never really had a close relationship with watches and over the years i have gotten out of the habit of wearing one. I own two or three ... but none of them actually work. I always check the time on my phone and never thought about other options but since the battery runs down pretty quickly i started thinking about alternatives! I have to confess that i was always a fan of those oversized watches layered with other bracelets but for some reason i never jumped on the bandwagon of this trend. Of course they can be a great accessory to dress an outfit up but i think they're actually really useful because i absolutely hate fact of digging my phone out from the depths of my purse to figure out what time it is which then leads me to just checking instagram/facebook/twitter etc.

So a few weeks back i received this beautiful model from Diesel - perfect timing i would say! They were kind enough to let me choose a piece from their current collection and incorporate it in my daily life. So now i'm super happy to finally share these images with you guys! I decided to wear my new watch called " DZ 5302 " with a very simple outfit because i wanted to create a very minimalistic look. This watch is definitely a little on the heavy side, but once you've worn it for a couple of minutes it's not a problem anymore and i have to say that it brings back some great pre-cellphone memories every time i look at it! 

Oh and speaking of Diesel  - you've probably heard that Nicola Formichetti (the man who covered Lady Gaga in meat) recently launched the new Diesel Reboot campaign (= ripping apart everything to re-build something bigger) which features a creative collective that includes graffiti artists, dancers and actors, all found by Formichetti - so no professional models just many of which HE discovered online - how awesome is that ! And here's another Fun Fact: Nicola Formichetti found one of his first assistants on instagram because he simply loved his photos and commented his email adress in an old photo and offered him a job). But that's just one example among many! 

Anyway, by the end of this post you will also find a short clip of the new Reboot campaign. This video is actually going to be one of the most exciting ones ever as it is Diesel's very fist TV commercial for which is going to appear on Austrian television and features their latest jewellery/watch collection! So definitely check out the exclusive video below! 


  1. Sehr schön meine Liebe! Ich mag deinen Stil!

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