Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The "Leather" Jacket

Last week i finally found one of the items i was looking out for such a long time and  now i'm head over heels for this leather jacket i recently found at Mango.  Usually i spent only a couple of minutes at their shops but luckily i became more interested after i took a look at their new season's lookbook. 
All i can say is that this jacket fits perfectly! At the beginning i wasn't sure if i should take M or L - Large was a little bit  too saggy for me - that's why i ended up buying Medium -  definitely made the right choice.
Anyways, it's still too cold & windy here in Vienna but over the weekend i got the chance to wear some of my latest purchases - besides the leather jacket i also found this grey denim vest with a hoodie (which i was wearing underneath) at Primark at the men's department .(This is kind of weird but recently i always have to check out the men's section).
To add a little bit more -  i would say "life" - to the whole simplistic look i also choose to wear my new shiny silver bag from Zara - which i absolutely love - such a versatile piece. It's obviously a kind of a replica of the very expensive Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini but honestly i would never pay that much money for a bag (ok never say never). I also realized (while i was uploading all of my LOOKS of 2013 on my facebook page) that i have been wearing those black boots in almost every outfit post - i think that i maybe have to force myself to stop wearing them too much before they start to look like a mess. (it happened to one of my favorite shoes ever - my leopard loafers which already fell apart! By the way - i'm currently hosting a giveaway on my blog - so if you like to win a "Shit-Sweater" please make sure to leave a comment under the previous post  - click here.

In the next post you will get to see a better look of the vest i was wearing underneath - so stay tuned!

ZARA: boots / bag
H&M: pants / turtle neck sweater / basecap
MANGO: leather jacket
PRIMARK: denim vest  (men's department) / sunglasses


  1. sehr, sehr, sehr tolles outfit, gefällt mir wirlich gut :)


  2. Awesome jacket. Love the cute little bag too.