Monday, September 11, 2017

Fontelunga | A Place to Stay #Tuscany

After i returned from vacation in Italy i jumped right back into my working routine. My recent weeks were packed with different jobs and projects and unfortunately i had absolutely no time to take care of my blog. Sometimes it can be tough running different business at the same but when you love what you do there is not space for complaining at all – even when your plan of being consistent with blogging get screwed up every week. As you may have seen on my instagram i was finally able to enjoy a wonderful road trip to explore one of my favorite countries in Europe - Italy. It was something that i always wanted to experience but i never thought it would turned out to be one of the best vacations i’ve had so far. It was nothing that i’ve planned earlier this year and so it was pretty exciting when the decision was made back in July. 6 stops in 9 days (Verona, San Gimignano, Siena Pozzo della Chiana/Fontelunga, Cortona, Firenze) – sounds tough but actually managable. We found so many cute places and enjoyed our daily ‚vino session’ at different bars that i can only recommend allowing yourself to stroll around and check out what ever you want. Because that’s exactly what we did in Verona, San Gimigano and Firenze, and luckily we never got dissapointed.

One of our highlight was definitely the stay at the wonderful Villa‚Fontelunga’ run by a english/italian couple. Since we were invited for two nights located in the middle of Tuscany we were super excited to experience something else than a typical hotel. You not only get a beautiful view across the Tuscan countryside towards the hilltop town of Cortona (i guess a lot of you know the movie ‚Under the Tuscan Sun) but the truly offer a ‚home from home’ atmosphere which is hardly to find.

Villa Fontelunga has 9 bedrooms with en-suit bathrooms, a large pool and jacuzzi and a tennis court and can be booked from Easter and runs through to New Year. If you plan to have a little more privacy the also have two little Villas called ‚Gallo’ and ‚Galetto’ right behind the main house.

I have to say that we were really impressd right from the beginning because each corner has its own look and vibe. Unexpectedly we also met two other couples which made our stay even more special. Since Cortona is just around the corner we visited this lovely town for a couple of hours before we went to our last stop - Firenze. All in all i can truly recommend this place if you are looking for something a little bit more intimate - and also the fact that furry friends are more than acceptable makes this even more special. 

* in friendly cooperation with Fontelunga (provided two nights for free)
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