Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fashiontweed for Ultrasun / T-Shirt-Collection

Today i've got something new and exciting to share. Back in July i got asked if i wanted to create 5 different t-shirts for the brand ultrasun. It took me about a few seconds to say yes. Although t-shirts are one of the most basic items of clothing i've noticed that especially the statement t-shirt has become a fashion staple over the past few months - so obviously it was the right time for a little tee-collection. The only requirements were that i the had to design at least 3 different statements everything else was up to me. 

So after doing some research i started sketching a few samples which were pretty basic in the beginning but instead of stressing over getting the perfect designs i waited a little bit and updated my sketches every once in a while. Unfortunately i'm not an expert when it comes to graphic design but luckily i had the opportunity to work with Julia, from the graphic design agency urschler + urschler, who brought each individual design to the next level and now i'm finally able to show you my recent project. FYI: I received the little collection yesterday! So make sure to stay tuned for some outfit pictures. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stripes & Dots

One of my favorite pattern mixinig combination is definitely stripes and polka dots thats why this particular ensemble is my favorite look of the month. Striped pants were always on my rader but I actually never thought that they can be worn in so many different way - definitely the most versatile piece of clothing i own.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Favorite Sandals

Just about every summer, i'm always looking for a nice pair of sandals and usually these types of shoes can also be less costly than other types of footwear - usually - cause whenever i found a cute pair i wasn't willing to pay the price. But in the meantime i found exactly what i was looking for and got me pair of simple white flats with silver hardware.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Ever since i started blogging i always focused on fashion related posts. So i thought i would be a nice break  to show you the little corners of my apartment where everything gets started before i get to shoot my looks (and i guess  a lot of people are interested - myself included - to get a peek behind the scenes of a fashionblogger). 

As you can tell i'm also a little sucker for beauty products and besides my passion for fashion i always like to try different make-up looks just to add a special touch to my outfits. Most of the time I try to keep everything in place and easy to reach and believe it or not i actually really enjoy organising my vanity and especially my closet. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Blue Monday

When you get the chance to create a look and pick out some pieces from an amazing brand, then you kind of want to try something new and different. Besides the shorts i also choose to style these loose fitting pants called jimmyZ. They were absolutely comfortable but also a bit more challenging to style just because i had a certain image in my mind how it should look.  The second outfit for EnVie is definitely a little bit more chilled out but still in a chic way.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The second Skin // EnVie heartwork

Last week i went to a little fleamarket which was organzied by the lovely ladies of Kramergasse 3. While i was looking through the clothes and stuff i got the chance to meet Nina who's the brain behind the Vienna luxury brand enVie heartwork. I was actually introduced to her as a fashionblogger and so we started our little chat about her collection, the philosophy and story behind the brand. Basically, the whole collection is inspired from the ocean, seastars, mermaids & nautcial heroes and Nina works with silk printed by herself!! Of course i had to take a closer look at her pieces and i was impressed right away by the rich quality fabrics. It felt like a second skin which is actually the credo behind enVie. She also told me about her recent blogger collarborations and that they represent the austrian label as "glamabassadores".  Long story short - I've teamed up with enVie and got the chance to pick out some pieces to shot them for my blog and since summer is supposed to be fun, fresh and colorful i went for these gorgeous   fish skin printed shorts (which are also wearable on both sides). So stay tuned for the next outfit! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Light & Easy

Without a doubt, one of my favorite go to-item of clothing in my wardrobe is definitely my boyfriend blazer. But when the temperatures are over 30 degrees it's obviously impossible and also a little bit pointless wearing thick materials. But whenever i'm craving a jacket during the summertime i grab one of my blouses and change them into a blazer to keep cool.