Friday, May 29, 2015

Outfit | Fabios Pre-Dinner Tasting

So here's my outfit that i was wearing to the amazing Pre-Dinner Tasting at Fabios. You know how much i love my black outfits but this time i also added some nude pices to make it a little bit more interesting. So without a lot of words i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flowerdress | Zalando Part II + Lookbook Video

The vest that changed everything - this would probably be my headline of the month when it comes to fashion. Ever since i got this versatile piece i realzied that it's such an amazing all-rounder which can instantly add so much more drama to any look without even trying to hard. For my second Zalando Look i decided to keep it simple since the dress underneath is vibrant enough. Also let's adress my love for nude sandals - especially the ones which can be worn during the day without looking to fancy! I have to say that over the years i came to the conclusion that a good pair of simple sandals with a chunky heel is everything i need instead of walking around with a pair of stilettos! And even when i'm invited to a more sophisticted event i neglect wearing uncomfortable shoes and choose the grounded option which truly represents my personaltiy and keeps me happy without having a stabbing pain in my feet. So today is also the day where i can finally show you the wonderful Zalando-Lookbook. Back in April we were lucky to shoot our looks at the Palais Coburg right at the terrace. Wonderful scenery - that's everyting which comes to my mind when i'm looking back now. So i hope you'll enjoy this video as much as we do!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fabios Cucina | Pre-Dinner Tasting

I like food like any other person but in all honesty i wouldn't call myself a foodie. You have to know that my brother is an amazing chef and patisserie who's always showing me his wonderful creations during the christmas season or whenever i'm back home but personally i was never really the type of person who felt the urge experiment with food in order to create something extraordinary! 

So lucky me i got invited to enjoy an incredible Pre-tasting Dinner along with a few fellow bloggers and journalists at the the restaurant 'Fabios" which is located right next to the Golden Quarter. Aside from the fact that i've never been to this restaurant i was super excited because i got the chance to share this experience with my mum who was visting me during that time - and if you ask me i would probably say that she's an expert in this field! The theme of the evening was 'Cucina light' which simply represents the new menu with light but super delicious dishes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fashiontweed X Opel

So two weeks ago the lovely people from Opel gave me the the opportunity to test their new Corsa for three days which launched back in 2014 and is by now the fifth generation of their besteller. It's simply the type of car that can take on many roles - it can be a first car but it's also the perfect option for young families or singles. I have to say that i was pretty excited to be "independent" again. You have to know that i grew up on the countryside and nothing was more important than hopping into your own vehicle and heading out into the streets. But since i moved to the big city i pretty much rely on public transportation. But over the last few months i realized that whenever i'm in the middle of a production where you have to get stuff from A to B  or you're trying to find new places outside town (like the Himmelwiese where i shot the amazing Lookbook #OutThere - stunning view over Vienna)  nothing comes more in handy than a car!

So back to the Opel Corsa - i have to say that the first thing i've noticed was definitely the new design which appears too be more dramatic but is still ruled by Opel's philiosophy of "sculptural artistry meets german engnineering". Of course i'm not an expert by any means but while i was driving through the city and also on the freeway i was really impressed by the sturdy chassis which is super important for those twisty sections on the road. But also the inside offers a bunch of improvments like the new dashboard design but also the centre console with an interesting mix of surfaces and an appealing curvy design. All in all i can say that this little sporty vehicle is the perfect option for any situation and even if i'm not planning getting myself a car in the next few years i'll defintely keep this specific model in mind. For those who are more interested in numbers scroll down below.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Blue Hat & Stripes

As you guys know I've collected quite a collection of hats over the years and since the beginning of my blog i've found so many great models that i can't even say which one is my favorite. But a few weeks ago i came across this hat and i instantly fell in love.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Crushing on Culottes

It seems that my love for culottes deepens with time as i find more ways to style them. I truly love the fact that it's simply the best combination which feels like pants on combined with the swishy-nes and fullness of a skirt! And if you love showing off in crop tops, you should totally go for it!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flowerdress | Zalando

Floral dresses are truly a classic trend for the summer and that's why me and my partner in crime teamed up with Zalando in order to show you 4 different ways how to wear and style the one you've probably already seen on TV - this specific dress  definitely shows the more girly side of me but to mix things up i decided to create a simple look which still represents my personal style!

I think one of the number one combinations is definitely mixing floral-print and stripes - it simply works and it's obviously the best way for those who are usually intimidated when it comes to mixing prints! We were also lucky to shoot this look the Palais Coburg - their terrace is a pure dream and it was obviously the prefect choice for our shooting.  

Monday, May 11, 2015


A little culotte action for today's post - yes i'm still obsessing over this pants and since the weather in Vienna has been surprisingly warm these days i'm more than happy to rock my favorite piece with sandals and open shoes in general plus i can combine them with another great trend i was also rocking last year - the crop top. I'm so happy that there are so many options when it comes to the belly shirst  because in my opinion i think that they can be tastfully worn all year around - you only have to push it in the right direction! For my second look of our PRTTY Collaboration i went for this amazing sheer crop top and paired it with my favorite high heels i own - not easy to walk with but the simply add the perfect amount of elegance to any outfit.

So today i'm not only showing you another look - i also have something special for you! Since the Life Ball is just around the corner and this year's theme is all about GOLD the lovely people from PRTTY provided my lovely readers (from Vienna) a chance to win 1 of three packages of their temporary jewelry tattoos - you'll find all the information down below!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Grand Hotel Editorial | Blue Suit

Today is finally the day where i'm able to show you my all-time favorite look of our Grand Hotel Shooting. I was not only rocking this amazing babyblue Suit, no i also challenged myself and decided to create three different hairstyles for this specific Editorial because nothing gives me more than playing around when it comes to my appearance! In addition to our shoot we also managed to produce another StyleGuideTV Video to be exact another Lookbook which became definitely one of my favorite category to film! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Grand Hotel Editorial | Grey Suit

So today i'm able to show you the second look of our Grand Hotel Editorial - which seems like to be the ultimate #ThrowBackThursday!

As you guys know personal style changes over the years but when i take a look in my closet one thing is for sure - i will never get bored of suits - and in my opinion i think there's a flattering option for every woman! It's perfect for all season, super versatile and you simply look polished in a second! That's why i decided to rock this grey one from Madeleine which feels like nothing on the skin! I also experimented with other hairstyle and i ended up with this really high bun which makes the look a little bit more structured but still fun at the same time! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

PRTTY Temporary Jewelry Tattoos | Tutorial & Lookbook

Beyonce excited to finally share this awesome collaboration we've been working on recently! I've already posted a few pictures on Instagram & Facebook to give you guys a few glimpes of our new project. We've teamed up with PRTTY which is a Vienna based brand who launched the metallic tattoo trend back in March - and one thing is for sure you'll get sucked in this hype quicker than you think. This decorativ gold and silver body jewelry in form of delicate chain bracelts, necklaces and especially these super cute symbols simply take any look to the next level and i swear you'll get so many compliments as well. In my opinion they not only scream hippie, beach and vacation - no, i actually think that they are pretty versaitle when it comes to mixing them with your daily look and you're truly able to rock these wonderul tattoos for any occassion. Personally I would suggest - pick the tattoo that works best with your personal style of jewelry and try to mix and match with your real life pieces in order to create your own individual and signature look!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Grand Hotel Look | Parisian Chic

Finally – this is the only word which comes to my mind when i think of our Grand Hotel Shooting back in March!  We acutally planned to publish all the pictures in April but since we’re constantly on the go we had to set the date in May!
As you guys know that i’m always trying to challenge myself with new projects i can finally show the biggest challenge i’ve accomplished  along with my partner in crime! This time we’ve managed to shoot at the amazing Grand Hotel which is located right at the Ring. The Suit was just perfect for our Editorial Shooting! 

The first look is some sort of a parisian style - sleek, sophisitcated and simply reduced to the essentials but still with with a little twist! Lucky us we’ve teamed up with Madeleine and got the chance to shoot a few pieces of the new collection – for example this trousers which became an ulitmate staple in my wardrobe! Who would have thought that i would become obsessed with Culottes! So let me know what you think of the first Look – the next one will be published on Thursay + Video! Definitely stay tuned!

Friday, May 1, 2015

#OutThere | StyleGuideTV X Dennis Glanz

So today i have a special collaboration for you guys – i’ve mentioned it before back in November that i’m always trying to switch things up and be more open in order to create a versatile content as far as blogging goes – and today i have a special blogger-collaboration to share. I’ve teamed up with male fashionblogger Dennis Glanz who started only 6 months ago! So when i met him at the Carrerawolrd Presentation of their new Concept #OutThere we decided to be spontaneous and talked about some spots where we can acutally shoot. Our main intention was to translate the Philosophy of the Hashtag created by Carreraworld #OutThere and so Dennis came up with the brilliant idea to escape from the city and exploring a place we’ve never been before. He told me about ‚Himmelwiese’ a spot where you have an amazing view over Vienna but you’re right in the middle of nature – sounds like back to the roots i would say since i grew up on the Country Side! So the only problem you’ll always have when you try to get to hidden places – you have to have a car to get there! If you guys follow me on my instagram you’ve probalby noticed that the lovely people from Opel gave me the opportunity to try out their new Opel Corsa – and oh boy how much i missed cruising around!

So long story short – we’ve managend to shoot at this incredible beautiful place and found the perfect scenerey for our Lookbook #OutThere! Let me know what you think!