Thursday, November 26, 2015

Stroh 80 | Kitchen Editorial

November was a blur – the month flew by in a series of amazing moments i’ll remember for the rest of my life and alll of a sudden – it’s almost December! It’s true – and that means it’s time to open the door to the holiday season! Of course every respectable establishment offers some sort of special christmas biscuits or drinks but there is one special ingriedient that has accompanied me since my childhood – Stroh 80I was introduced to Stroh 80 by my mum when i was a little girl  trying to help her in the kitchen when it was about time to bake some typical austrian cakes and sweets for our guests. Rum was one of those liquors which always played a huge role especially during the christmas season – but it’s also funny that almost everyone i grew up with or whenever i met new (austrian) people, this liquor will always be associated with „typically Austria“.

It’s really surprising that the world’s strongest rum comes from Austria but sometimes your own country is packed full of surprises. Stroh 80 is of course a traditional dark rum that clocks in at 80% alcohol and contains a butterscotchy aroma. It was 1832 when Sebastian Stroh distilled his firs liquor in St. Paul in Lavanttal in Carinthia where he started an austrian success story that has continued for more than 180 years now. Without a doubt, rum is the most underappreciated spirit which is often perceived as being a product with no real benefit but it’s amazing for baking but also for drinking – it seems like that it is almost an it-piece for the month of december - but be careful it’s a super strong liqor! (If you scroll down below i will also let you know which pastry with stroh is by far my favorite).

So in the spirit of almost being in the christmas mood i wanted to create a super special editoral that combines not only stroh 80 and fashion but also represents a certain christmassy atmosphere - and what would be better than shooting in a hotel’s kitchen where you find yourself in the middle of christmas preperation and being able to look over their shoulders. I truly had a blast with my partner in crime Deea from LesFactoryFemmes! Cheers!

Friday, November 20, 2015

What's your.... #ShareYourSexy

...sexy, a strong word people often associate with revealing dresses, models on covers or specific scenes in movies. It’s something you probably don’t say on an every day basis  but i guess in 2015 we are all aware that this word can be so much more than just a physical & superficial thing – and this is where the new Zalando comes into play! The Europe's leading fashion platform for fashion has teamed up with Calvin Klein Underwear for a new campain called #ShareYourSexy photographed by Daniel Jackson who also directed the #shareYourSexy TV and digital campaign with starring top model Joan Smalls and her male counterpart Tobias Sorensen. After #ShareYourStyle it was about time for something new – something people nowadays people use for almost everything without feeling ashamed - since it takes more than looks to call something sexy.

Personally, i think the word itself is difficult to define! It simply  can’t be put in a one-size-fits all category. It’s up to each individual person but if you ask me i would probably have to say that sexy is about embracing who your are and all of the intricacies and facets that make up who you are. Showing your true self, being conscious, speaking out, staying grounded, being empathetic, able to deal with difficult situations, being vulnverable, funny and confident! It’s about acceptance, it’s about beautiful moments and it’s simply about becoming the best version of yourself!

So i thought it would be interesting to ask you guys about your thoughts on #ShareyourSexy because this new campaign by Zalando is not only a new step to inspire, it’s also a new way in order to create something new for their customers which gives us the chance to interact with each other. This new campaign will not only be communicating its message via print and social media, Zalando also also set up a digital hub where people in each country of Europe will be asked to say what’s sexy for them. A few days ago i already shared a picture on my Instagram where you guys still have the chance to win a € 100 Zalando gift voucher. You only have to add the hashtag #ShareYourSexy #Österreich and tag your picutre with @zalando_official @calvinklein underwear & @fashiontweed and simply give me your personal definition what sexy means in your world. So i hope you all join the conversation.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pursa, Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is the one handbag style i’ve always had a thing for. It’s truly the perfect companion that you can work from season to season – like the ones from Dela Éva which are by the way my favorites from their current collection. I’ve carried various versions of bucket bags in the past – from classic minimal ones to crazy patterned ones but non of them had this kind of vintage look which i was missing - and that’s when the adorable Pursa Bag comes into play. It’s the perfect accessory that defines your outfit and adds a certain vibe to your look. I love the fact that it’s made out of exclusive viennese brocade and 100% cotton velvet but what excites me the most is definitely the bag frame which is an antique „low luster“ brass that i’ve never seen anywhere else.

Monday, November 9, 2015


The joy of travelling.... but when it comes to what to wear, there’s always that eternal struggle between wanting to look presentable but feeling super cosy and comfortable at the same time. Personally i like to keep it simple. My number one tip would probably be – simple footwear for schlepping your stuff from A to B which also allows you to easily slip on and off for the times when you need get extra comfy during a ride or a flight. Another great piece that feels like is defintely a pair of culottes. Back in the day i was always pretty sceptical with pairing them with sneakers but i came to the conclusion that it truly adds a certain laid-back vibe to your look – and that’s all i’m asking for when i’m traveling.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Be your own 007

You’ll know from yesterday’s post that i’ve been to the premiere of the new James Bond Movie „Spectre“ and for this occasion we all got to choose our personal ensemble from Peek & Cloppenburg a few weeks ago. Instead of choosing a classic evening gown i decided to think out of the box in order to add a little bit James Bond to my look – you only have to channel your inner agent 007 by pairing a black high wasted skirt with a white blouse and of course a black bow-tied collar that truly emualte Bond’s posh appearance. During the movie night we already caught some people's attention but the best ‚showstopper’ part was definitely when we entered the casino and everyone stopped playing. What an entrance!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

On the tracks of 007 | Impressions

This year Sky TV invited five bloggers to travel to the places where a few of the action scenes of the 24th Bond film were shot. The world's most lovable secret agent Lothario has been to the mountains to Central Europe many times, but he has never been to Sölden, which plays not only a major role in the movie but also made me realize that you definitely don’t have to leave your own country when your’re looking for something new and inspring that can truly blow your mind. But let’s go back to the beginning where everything started. The James Bond-Roadtrip through Austria kicked off with the premiere of Spectre in Innsbruck and of course we, talking about Nina, Vicky, Raffael, Kathi & myself included, also got the chance to extend our 007-Night at the Casino where we were invited to a private dinner followed by a (private) poker game that we enjoyed to the fullest since we were constantly sipping on our "Vesper Martini" which happens to be the the favorite drink of James Bond - no complaining at all.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Canary Wharf, London | Business Bag

Whether you read it in a fashion magazine or in a how to style guide book, „What to wear to Work“ rules are everywhere and are usually focused on the industry you work in. This question never gets boring and since we are able to experiment a little bit more than a few years ago it often happens that even a classic look can be way more fashionable when you start to think out of the box. One of my ultimate choice when it comes to combine business and fashion i always opt for culottes. I started to love this trend a few months ago and i couldn’t imagine anything else when you’re sick of your normal black pants. Another highlight of this ensemble is definitely the CEO business bag by Dela Éva which adds a little bit more color in order to create a little bit more contrast to rest of the look. We shot these pictures at Canary Wharf (London) which was obviously the closest that London comes to looking like New York since it is the place where all the skyscrapers live.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Classe de Neige | Rettenbach Glacier

A trip through Austria brings a week of content and that’s why i decided to start with one of my favorite looks which i was wearing on the second day when we headed to the Rettenbach Glacier. This look is defintiely perfect for the mountains and obvsiously the ultimate a showstopper that attracted a lot of attention! Ever since i created my own Pinterest Board the day before we started this unforgettable James Bond-Tour i was thrilled to shoot this look right in the middle of a snow-corved landscape. Definitely stay tuned for more!