Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Suit

Personally i’m a big fan of a suit. But the only thing that really bothers me is the fact that it can be quit hot wearing one during the summer time. So when i came across this beautiful two piece set which actually feels like wearing a pajama i knew that this soft material won’t have a sauna effect. Instead of wearing sandals or i opted for white sneakers which always adds a little bit more coolness to a classy look. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


As part of the Carpe Diem Family, as is like to call it, i’m proud to be one of six austrian bloggers to let you know that there is a new kid on the block. Back in April we were already invited to a lovely evening at the Neni Kochschule, where we tried to help in the kitchen but ended up chatting and sipping on the new Kurkuma drink – but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do – escape from your actual daily routine.

Of course, i love my work and i love the fact of being self employed and have the luxury of following my own schedule. But there are other things that make me happy that has nothing to do with my everday life. For instance, two weeks ago i spend an entire day outdoors, walking around without a plan and enjoying the city i live in which simply leads me to the conclusion that joy doesn’t mean living a perfect lifestyle that consists of traveling, buying (expensive )stuff or going eating out at a fancy restaurant – it’s all about enjoying the moments and the places that will stay with you like a good book. It’s funny, but sometimes you don’t realize that the smallest things are often the best.

The most recent was this shooting or let’s say my last visit in my hometown where i got the chance to shoot at the Palm House of the Kunstgärtnerei Doll. It’s a place where you find the most outragous flowers but it’s also a place where you can acutally book an event in order to have and extraordinary experience sourrounded by all kind of flowers and plants. Anyways, i wanted to talk about the shoot which actually made me feel like i was  right in the middle of the jungle. So combined with the new flavour ‚Kurkuma Sparkeling White Tea’ (which is a premium tea drink based on natural ingriedients)  in my hand it absolutley felt like a mini vacation and obviously boosted my mood – and i have to say this is just one simple way to spark joy in your life. 

Since the Hashtag to this product is #sehrsehranders (in english #reallyreallydifferent) i also adapted my look to the whole theme. As you can see i went for a complete different look – straight hair. It’s a hairstyle i rarely rock but like i already mentioned it before – sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and escape from your actual routine.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pina Bag by Aigner

Considering my current instagram feed i have to confess that i have a slight obsession with the red. Out of nowhere i found myself craving this color like there was no tomorrow – especially when it comes to stripes i cannot stop myself thinking about getting a new shirt, dress or beachwear! But i was still missing one essential accessory – a red cross body bag! Lucky me the lovely people from Aigner ask me if i wanted to pick out two bags of their current collection and as soon as i saw this beauty i knew the search is over. So let me introduce you guys to the Pina Bag – which offers not only the right size for a walk in the city or for a night out it also adds the right amount of color to a simple look. I'm in love! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Zalando X Lighthouse Festival

Over the last few years the Lighthouse Festival in Croatia has become a very popular and well known festival brand and also a few of my friends were raving about it over social media. So of course i became pretty curious and i guess my subconscious desire was obviously heard. Because you know what – thanks to Zalando i have the huge honor and pleasure to attend this year’s Lighthouse Festival for the very first time. Along with a bunch of other bloggers from Austria i get the chance to experience Europe’s hippest festival by the end of May.

It’s all about dancing, listening to good music, swimming, drinking, realxing – simply having a good time in Porec, Croatia. Besides the wide-reaching line up the special thing about this event is definitely the fact that it is located at the seaside which gives you the ulitmate vacation feeling. But there are also pool and hip hop parties, a table tennis tournament, a roller disco (excited for that – definitely have to convince my fellow bloggers to join me in this case), a paintball field and so on.

Since we will be there for 5 days i’m still thinking about my outfit choices – it should be extremly comfortable but fashionable at the same time. As Zalando has so much to offer when it comes to brands i decided to mix high street brands with a piece of their premium section.  So my first look that i willl definitely rock in two weeks consists of a flowy dress, a big black hat, classic converse and of course this amazing cross body bag which is actually a must when you’re a attening a festival.

So for now i leave you with this look and keep you updated on my social media when we are off to Porec! Can’t wait to dance in the water!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Love at first sight | Striped Shirt Dress

Last week when i walked into Zara and saw this beautiful dress i knew that a new obsession of mine was born – red stripes. Of course it’s nothing new but in my case i always opted for blue. Stripes are always in style but this year i’m embracing more than just the classics. With this option i can easily get dressed up with minimal effort. Besides the fact that you can either rock this style with sneakers or sandals i have to say that a shirt dress is seriously underrated. Definitely give it a try this summer!