Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Magical Season w/ Teekanne *Advertisment

We’ve officially hit that time of the year where you often have no clue what to wear and what season you should be dressing for. It’s either too hot or or too cold und you often end up with the wrong combo. Compared to summer i always try to be prepared for everything and although i’m a big fan of little cross body bags, Fall is the season where the typical ‚Mary Poppins’ syndrom comes back into my life. Since highschool i was always the girl who had to carry everthing with me. Of course things have changed and  i really try to take just the essentials with me,  like a cold bottle of Teekanne Fresh in order too not only stay hydrated but also too cool down when the indian summer is knocking on the door. It’s such a magical season that i absolutely love. I can’t wait when all the leaves are becoming beautiful and the golden sunlight invites you to enjoiy fall to the fullest which leads me to my plan to increase the amount of leisure time and spend a little bit more time with my loved ones during the month of October. Without having to compromising i’m really looking forward to spend a whole week in my hometown and just be.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Hero Pieces

If there is one thing that i absolutely embrace it’s definitely wearing pieces over and over again. I am definitely not a minimalist but when it comes to fashion i’m more than happy when i see myself grabbing an item more than expected. Personally i often struggle between two categories – attracted to beautiful and fancy things versus buying basics and make it modern and timeless. It’s tough finding the right formula and reinventing your wardrobe ever single day but living in a bubble where everything has to be brandnew is definitely not the best way. So back in August i was lucky enough to experience one of the best vacation and of course i brought a few new pieces with me but overall i found myself wearing my favorites every other day. If you follow my blog for a couple of years you will notice that i wore this pants more than once (click here or here). I’m definitely a culotte kinda girl especially when the're highwaisted like this one. Combined with this super versatile top (i truly wore this piece 4 times during our road trip) i was ready for a walk through Verona.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fontelunga | A Place to Stay #Tuscany

After i returned from vacation in Italy i jumped right back into my working routine. My recent weeks were packed with different jobs and projects and unfortunately i had absolutely no time to take care of my blog. Sometimes it can be tough running different business at the same but when you love what you do there is not space for complaining at all – even when your plan of being consistent with blogging get screwed up every week. As you may have seen on my instagram i was finally able to enjoy a wonderful road trip to explore one of my favorite countries in Europe - Italy. It was something that i always wanted to experience but i never thought it would turned out to be one of the best vacations i’ve had so far. It was nothing that i’ve planned earlier this year and so it was pretty exciting when the decision was made back in July. 6 stops in 9 days (Verona, San Gimignano, Siena Pozzo della Chiana/Fontelunga, Cortona, Firenze) – sounds tough but actually managable. We found so many cute places and enjoyed our daily ‚vino session’ at different bars that i can only recommend allowing yourself to stroll around and check out what ever you want. Because that’s exactly what we did in Verona, San Gimigano and Firenze, and luckily we never got dissapointed.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fontelunga Look Nº 1

Yes, you’ve seen this dress before but staged in a different location. So when i was planning my looks for my italian road trip, which is already a month ago, i never thought that i would find the perfect scenery for this look. As a big fan of the Tuscany i was thrilled to see all the beautiful spots Italy has to offer but when we arrived in Fontelunga, which is a Hotel or let’s say a Villa run by an english/italian couple, i immediately fell in love with this place. (More about our stay soon). But when i saw that there was a hammock hanging in the middle of their property it instantly brought me back to my childhood. So funny that such little things can make you smile like there is no tomorrow. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Catching my Breath w/ Teekanne #Advertisement

Personally i think it’s super important to allow yourself to take a few steps back in order to recharge your battery and to focus on things that have nothing to do with the digital world. The  past few months were packed up to the fullest and i’ve come to realized that it’s been quite a challenge to find time to myself. Besides the fact that i finally got the chance to take some time off in the beginning of August in order to experience a wonderful road trip to Italy i also got the opportunity to enjoy two more days in Carinthia before heading back to Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Having the opportunity to de-stress and relax for a whole weekend is definitely a rare thing in my life. I was truly happy when i was able to turn off my brain and come down for a while before jumping onto the next project. As much as i love being self employed and combining my work as a photographer, videographer & blogger it’s hard to balance it all sometimes – especially when your days consists of different duties you have to deal with. I often have to remind mysel to welcome back my more relaxed side that is a little bit more easy going in order to appreciate everything i’ve accomplised in the last few months. So being away from my phone and laptop and finding a place where i can simply catch my breath which allows me to just be without compromises with the help of new Teekanne Fresh can truly be beneficial and gives me all the energy that i need.