Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey guys!
This pictures where taken near Mariahilfestraße which is the biggest shopping mile here in Vienna. The temperature were insane on that day. I met up with Vicky and finally gave her my little gift from Rome. If you're curious click here! I also got something from her...which i've already worn for the third time.<3 I will show it to you in the next post. 
So yesterday i went back to work ...and i didn't expect anything. But for now i can say that this week is going to be stressfull which includes a big event, a fashion show and a covershooting.
For now i wish you a wonderful week! 

i was wearing:
shorts/blouse/shades from h&m
shoes converse
necklace from my mum
bag from salzburg
hat vintage

Monday, August 22, 2011

When it gets dark

 Hey everyone! 
It's official...my holidays are already over and today i will go back to work after 3 weeks. I think it's going to be really busy (lot of events are coming up) but maybe i'm totally wrong. Let's hope so! So here is probably my last post about Rome. I will also share a video of the Fashion Camp 2011 which is a little teaser of this event. It takes place on the 10th of September. For more information click here.

i was wearing:
shors from new yorker
top from my favourite vintage shop
bag & turban from h&m
loafers from zara
necklace from my mum

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Outfit Post

 Quick post! This is one of several outfits i was wearing during my vacation.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!!!

i was wearing:
jumpsuit from zara
earrings, bag & shades from h&m
shoes from saito

Friday, August 19, 2011

Walking tour

Here are some pictures while we were strolling around the Vatican State. We decided to take a look behind the Vatican and i really I thought many people will do that... but i was totally wrong. We discovered the rail tracks (pictures below) and the gateway (sliding doors built in the wall surrounding the Vatican) which admits the railway to the Vatican station. Later that day we went to the Circus Maximus which is also a very impressive area. We also tried to find the Via Appia Antica but we toally failed. Hopefully i will get there on my next Rome trip. 
 in front of the Vatican

 rail tracks & gateway to the Vatican railway stration
behind the Vatican

 at Circus Maximus

i was wearing:
shorts, blouse, bag, earrings, shades from h&m 
ring from forerver 21
shoes converse
bracelet from Porta Portese Market

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 Hey guys...it's time to show you Sperlonga. Besides the typical city trip me and my boyfriend wanted something else than just seeing historical monuments in our vacation. That's why we went to three diffrent beaches near Rome. One of them was Sperlonga which is a coastal town in the province of Latina, and about one and a half hour away from the big city. (First you have to take the train to Fondi-Sperlonga - one way ticket € 6,20 - when you arrive at the Fondi-Sperlonga station their will be a shuttle bus waiting to take you into town - one way trip € 1). After a short walk through the small alleys we took some pictures on the highest point of this white hilltop town...and i only can say "What a beautiful view!". Warning: Picture overload! 
famous alleys of Sperlonga
 in love with this backround

 right in front of the famous tuglia tower on the coast

i was wearing:
dress, headband and sunnies from h&m
sandals from saito 
bracelet from porta portese market  

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