Tuesday, June 21, 2011

final stop

Hey guys, i think you already know that H&M and Mango launched their Summer Sale! That's why i went to their stores at the Kärntnerstraße whitout having big expectations. But i got a few pieces for a really good price. It was definitely worth waiting. And what would be more logical than a little shooting with one of my new purchase. (thank you for the pictures Vicky <3) 

 this is my new kimono blazer which costs only € 15


 sorry for the bad quality but i wanted to show you this wonderful building

i was wearing: 
H&M kimono blazer
H&M harem pants
Mango top
H&M bag & cuffs
no name leather jacket
old  peeptoe boots

Saturday, June 18, 2011

pastel dress

I always thought pastel dresses are to girly for me since i'm definitely more into bright colors or simpy black and white. But every once in a while i prefer a romantic look. The best part of this dress is definitely the the crêped one shoulder pleated frill. <3

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i was wearing:
dress: H&M
sandals: saito

Frozen Yogurt Time

The best way to finish one's work is definitely meeting your girls and grabbing a huge delicious cup of frozen yogurt. On Wednesday i was able meeting Vicky and her friend Sophie and stop by at  KURT - which is the name of the lovely shop which sells frozen yoghurt in 3 diffrents flavors. I've choosen pure and peach white tea yogurt topped with chocolate chips, strawberries, granola and raspberries. YUMMY! So if you're not into the super sugar ice cream stuff this is probably the best alternative you'll ever find.


 during our walk through the city we bumped into the fashion show rehearsals for the vienna fashion night

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spot the difference...

Hello lovelies!
Last weekend i spend much time relaxing in my place and i'm still a bit behind with my postings but here's a bunch of pictures of me from my walk through vienna i did with my boyfriend. That's probably the third time i asked him to shoot some outfit pics for my blog plus you get to see some of the buildings around the danube city. 
 Can't belive it's alread thursday and tomorrow night i will meet Vicky and Victoria for a little cosmetic shop-opening where we got invited. Details coming soon!

 i was wearing:
black maxi dress/ring/bag/blazer/sunglasses: H&M
hat: zara men
sandals: saito
belt: vintage

Thursday, June 9, 2011

9th district

Hey guys !!!
It's hot almost everyday and this year colors influenced my stlyle a lot...but i still like to wear black all over. You already know my turquoise necklace but you havn't seen my new black bag. I'm so happy about this purchase which is perfect for day and night.
I shot this pictures in the 9th district which is definitey one of my favourite areas of vienna.