Sunday, September 3, 2017

Catching my Breath w/ Teekanne #Advertisement

Personally i think it’s super important to allow yourself to take a few steps back in order to recharge your battery and to focus on things that have nothing to do with the digital world. The  past few months were packed up to the fullest and i’ve come to realized that it’s been quite a challenge to find time to myself. Besides the fact that i finally got the chance to take some time off in the beginning of August in order to experience a wonderful road trip to Italy i also got the opportunity to enjoy two more days in Carinthia before heading back to Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Having the opportunity to de-stress and relax for a whole weekend is definitely a rare thing in my life. I was truly happy when i was able to turn off my brain and come down for a while before jumping onto the next project. As much as i love being self employed and combining my work as a photographer, videographer & blogger it’s hard to balance it all sometimes – especially when your days consists of different duties you have to deal with. I often have to remind mysel to welcome back my more relaxed side that is a little bit more easy going in order to appreciate everything i’ve accomplised in the last few months. So being away from my phone and laptop and finding a place where i can simply catch my breath which allows me to just be without compromises with the help of new Teekanne Fresh can truly be beneficial and gives me all the energy that i need.

* Werbung  in friendly cooperation with Teekanne (Advertisment/Werbung)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pictureknox

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