Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bread & Butter by Zalando | mint&berry

So a few weeks ago i introduced you guys to the new concept of the Bread& Butter which will be open to the public for the very first time from the 2nd-4th of September 2016.  With the help of Zalando, as an investor, the etailer managed to reshape the Bread & Butter from being a trade fair for professionals into a public event, which will not only take place at the Arena Berlin in the Treptow disctrict but also includes concerts, fashion shows, a lot of brands displaying their latest pieces, a trend exhibition and a B2B conference discussing the digital future of fashion – and lucky me i’m part of this new journey and give you guys a few more details about this relaunched event.

So one of those 30 brands, wich will represent their latest trends at the B&B, is mint&berry - a brand that is known for its modern feminine design and scandinavian purism with Berlin vintage vibe which you will be able to see at their 100 m2 pop-up store that features their new AW 16-17 collection at the Arena Berlin. Their visual concept of the shopable pop-up store is based on their latest campaing „Astronomy & Beyond“  and offers a lot of cool activitis like taking a unique photo sitting on a moon in front of your personal horoscope star constellation or the chance to learn things, which you didn’t know before by picking up your personal astrology profile! In order to give you guys a little glimpse of their new collection i was lucky enough to choose two of their latest pieces which i will definitely rock during the B&B where i will hopefully see you guys as well! So get your tickets as soon as possible by clicking here

Friday, August 26, 2016

All those little things

Big cities are full of opportunities – and exploring all the beautiful spots here in Vienna by bike is defintiely a must whenever you plan to visit the beautiful capital of Austria. Unfortunately my beloved vintage bike, which i got 6 years ago from my dad, is still in my hometown and i guess it will probably remain that way since i’m too scared that someone would steal it. So when i was in Salzburg a few weeks ago i thought that it was about time to cross off things i always wanted to do - and guess what – enjoying a relaxing bike ride through my hometown was one thing of my summer bucket list! It might sound unspectacular but since i’m a strong believer in doing the little things i can honestly say that nothing could have made me more happy than this!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What to wear to a Summer Picnic

A few weeks ago i was invited by Martini to a super lovely picnic which took place at the Burggarten here in Vienna. Of course i was in the mood of wearing something light and airy! So in this case i opted for this lightblue skirt and white carmen top from Zara which became my summer must have number one. It was one of those pieces that allow you to show a little skin without looking to risqué. Another great piece you see in this post is definitely my all time favorite bag which is probably the best purchase i've ever made 2 years ago. I scored this beauty for 5 Euros at my local vintage store and found myself wearing it almost every other day which leads me to the conclusion that a well preserved piece from the past will always add a special uniqueness to any look. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kiehls Midnight Recovery & Daily Reviving Concentrate

So a few weeks ago i was given these two concentrates by Kiehls and started using them right away! Since a lot of beauty bloggers have been raving about these ‚paraben free’ products in the past i was super curious to see some difference in my skin. Both products are bascially skin oils that you pop on in the morning before you put your make up on or in the evening after you cleanse your skin in order to bring back some life and reduce breakouts – and let me tell it worked! After a few weeks i’ve noticed that these two elixirs of essential oils have transformed my skin and definitely toned down any active breakouts and taken it to radiant and healthy. It simply hydrates without any oil residue or greasy feeling after it is applied. You can use it by itself but what i like to i just put a few drops (3-4) into my moisturizer and dab it on to my skin. In terms of the scent, both concentrates with 99.8 % natural ingredients, smell absolutley amazing – the daily version is a mixture of orange combined with a little grapefruit and lemon and the night version has a strong lavender scent which is right up my ally! Apart from the hydration and plumping up the skin this products also help you to decrease dark spots or any scars for a more even skin tone. So if you’re skin always looks tired and dull you can definitley give Kiehl’s Daily Reviving & Midnight Recorvery Concentrate a try!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Love Life

A few weeks ago i was invited by Pago to enjoy a super lovely breakfast in order to celebrate their new campaign „Love Life“. I know we all might have a different answer to the question what makes us happy and what makes life so special but it’s often the little things that can give you the ultimate feeling of happiness like these wonderful sunflowers which i got right during the event and immediatly made me smile! So for that day i decided that it was about time to rock my favorite new culotte which i got a few weeks ago at the Zara Sale and combined it the most comfortable sandals which i can literally from day to night!