Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas with Zalando + GIVEAWAY

One week until Christmas – and to be honest – i can’t wait.  Everything becomes a little bit more exciting and magical – listening to some good music, snuggeling up in your favorite christmas sweater and drinking and eating like there is no tomorrow. For me Christmas is simply  the time of the year where i can  be reunited with my loved ones and spending some quality time with for a couple of days. I know it can be hectic as well, but personally i really enjoy the build-up and preperation, with the ultimate reward of being able to relax and  celebrate with my family. Personally i absolutely love getting dressed up on christmas eve but always in a comfy way to feel great the whole time. It always depends on my mood – but this year i’m planning wearing this super adorable dress which i’ve been wearing already more than 3 times! And that has a lot to say since i’m actually a big fan of trousers and usually rock them every day! I absolutely fell in love wiht the style and design and to top things off i paired this wonderful piece of clothing with this beautiful boots which makes this parisian inspired look complete.

When it comes to christmas presents i’m someone who’s a mixture of an early bird and a last minute (online) shopper! Instead of asking my loved wants what they want i always try to catch up their wishes during the year to make it even more special – and yes this means stalking mode is on. In my opinion buying a gift simply shows that you care and love the person the present is for. But whenever i’m feeling uninspired i often rely on gift guides that can help me to find something i may not have thought of. One of the benefits of Zalando is definitely the fact that you will get so many different brands at one time – and since my mum is a huge bag lover i always try to find different styles displayed on one site. The one bag which is still missing in her collection is a buckle bag, which was one of her favorite styles to wear back in the 70s. So i think bringing back some good memories with this model will be the ultimate christmas gift  for my mom. So if you haven’t had the chance to find the perfect present i may have something for you. The lovely people from Zalando have provided my lovely reader a chance to win a € 100 shopping voucher to spend on their online shop! Just leave your e-mail down below and i will announce the winner in one week (23th of December). Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Treating yourself this Christmas

So here we are, one week before Christmas and i guess a lot of you are still trying to figure out what to get for your loved ones. Giving back to the people who have given you so much over the years is a gesture a lot of us fully enjoy. But before you end up in christmas shopping madness and browsing through the shops like there is no tomorrow, i think it’s also important to dedicate a little extra time each day to yourself and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. That’s why i’ve teamed up with Daniel Wellington in order to provide you guys a little discount (15% off on purchases their website). For this look i opted for the Classic Black, which is finally something different in my watch collection. Paired with my all time favorite pieces from my closet, like these blue jeans and this amazing black coat, i was good to go. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gloom & Grey

A few weeks ago i finally had the chance to rock my new suede boots from Högl which are by far one of the comfiest pair of shoes i own - definitely check out my feature on their site. Somehow it feels like you’re wearing sneakers but as you can see it’s definitely not the case. I wore this look when i was in my hometown and felt the urgent need to go back to places i used to love when i was a child – this time we went to Fuschl am See which is located in the picturesque Salzkammergut.  I don’t know why but i absolutely love to shoot in nature ad being surrounded by eye-catching sceneries. Back in the day when i started my blog in Salzburg i wasn’t really paying that much attention to these kind of spots but the older i get the more i appreciate places like these and can't wait to check out more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to Be Consistent & Get Stuff Done | #TipTuesday

I have to say that over the last few weeks i felt a little bit uninspired and less energized when it comes to my blog – like many of us i often find myself in the search for something more, something new, some change! I guess as a blogger you reach this point once in a while where you find yourself being less passionate about what you are doing and sometimes it’s better to take a step back and re-evaluate and return. It’s important to keep a balance between critiquing and being kind to your self in order to find ways that you can apply to your life that maybe helps getting through an unproductive phase. I know this may sound like a super first word problem but in my opinion it’s just  human and whenever you are not true with yourself or others – you’re just going to stay stuck and it simply effects your quality of life which are your emotions. For me personally, November has been a month full of new non blog related projects which can be a little bit difficult to find the right balance when it comes to dealing with many things at the same. I truly enjoy everything that comes along but being a one woman-show and working in many fields can be quite overwhelming and all of a sudden you feel like you can’t get anything done. So instead of nagging around or pretend that everything is positive i thought i could share five of my personal tipps to get out of this mood.

N°1 - Go for progress, not for perfection!  I
It’s about learning and experimentation and getting better (which doesn’t mean to create crap or to lower your standards). But before you end up tweaking around you better put your stuff out there before you get sucked into that perfectionsim suckhole that won’t let you go anywhere – it’s about about growing, improving and evolving.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ways to Wear: Summer Dresses in Winter

You all know how much i love an androgynous look and that i absolutley love wearing pants but every now and than i like to switch things up in order to add a little bit more femininity to my looks. One of the easiest way to do so is definitely opting for a dress and since it’s no longer inappropriate to wear pieces which are actually made for summer i thought that i show you how i personally wear a dress in the winter time. Once again i’ve teamed with another shopping center (Europark) where i had the chance to pick out my favroite pieces. Of course, one of the main key for transitioning your wardrobe are layers. The combinations are endless but in my case i went for this super long cardigan that not only adds the perfect contrast to the dress but also keeps me warm on a chilly day. Another essential item to wear in winter are definitely tights. Usually i choose a basic pair but since the fishnet style is having a major comeback i thought i give it a try.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The perfect navy blue Coat

If i have to pick out one piece of clothing that i love to wear when the temperatures start to drop than i would probably say – winter coats. When choosing the right color i always think about what color will go with a majortiy of my wardrobe and since i’ve been looking for a classic navy blue coat with the perfect length i super happy that the lovely people from Jake*s contacted me in order to pick out a few items from their current collection. Of course i fell head over heels when i saw this beauty which had all features i was looking for. So as i’ve been slightly obsessed with mom jeans i figured that i should probably switch things up and went for this amazing dress which i paired with one of my favorite boots in order to add a little bit more edge to the whole look. Because injecting different tones and textures to my everyday look is something that i fully enjoy.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Coffee Break

If there is one thing that keeps me excited when i get up in the morning than i honestly have to say one word – coffee. I’m not someone who loves to be an early bird, quite the opposite i would say,  but whenever i’m feeling awake the first thing i do is grab a cup and push the button of my Nescafé Dolce Gustomachine. I don’t know why but for me it’s almost impossible to leave the house without sipping on my favorite beverage – it became a ritual that i celebrate to the fullest – espeically on the weekend when i’m finally able to cuddle up on the couch in a cozy and warm cardigan. So today i’m happy to introduce you to the latest Nescafé addition called Movenza which is a stylish automatic pod coffee machine that has advanced features including automatic opening mechanism. Somehow it looks super futuristic which is inspired by the sculputr‚Cloud Gate – The Big Bean’ by the british artist Anish Kapoor. Besides the fact that you can either choose from a classic Espresso, Cappuccino or a delicous Chocochino the sealed pods help maintain coffee freshness 100%.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

SOHO | New York City

Through hours of walking the streets of New York i can truly say that strolling around Soho was probably one of my favorite things to do. It’s a place with a lot of charm and history where you will find amazing stores and restaurants in one place. Of course i couldn’t resist taking pictures in this lovley neighborhood. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Perfect Black Coat

Finding the perfect black coat always seems to be a never ending story since there are a few rules for choosing the right one. Of course there are some amazing jackets out there but if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend too much money, it’s a little bit more tricky finding a coat that fits 100%. One of the most important rules is definitely – versatility. It makes so much more sense investing in a coat that goes with almost everything and that’s why i will a always be a big fan of classic pieces like this black coat from H&M which in my opinion will never go out of style. The shape, the color, the fabric and of course the cut is something that works with every piece of my wardrobe – and what’s better than that. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

New York Impressions | #ThroughmyEyes

So today i’m finally sharing my favorite impressions of the big apple. As i already mentioned in the previous post i had the pleasure to travel to New York in order to support and being responslible for documenting the New York Wedding Workshop which was organised by the WeddingPlanery. Of course we also had the chance to explore New York and so i’m super happy to show all the wonderful moments i captured while we were strolling through the city each day. Of course the city can be quite overwhelming but i have to say that i instantly felt connected and excited to discover the magic of city. There were so many breathtaking moments and so many cool spots that i’m honestly not able to point out my favorite since each day offered another highlight. We went to the bridal fashion week, enjoyed a unique panormaic view when we were visting the headquarter of the United Nations, got up early to check out the amazing flowermarket, had a delicous lunch at the Refinery Restaurant, went on a boat tour and saw the Statue of Liberty, saw all the beautiful corners of Soho, had an amazing wedding shoot in Brooklyn, spend some time at the high line, talked to insiders of the wedding industry and truly embraced every moment to the fullest. So without further ado, here are my favorite pictures of my trip to the Big Apple. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fallin' for Fall

Playing around with different textures and prints can make a minimal look way more interesting – and that’s exactly the reason why i’m such a big fan of the fall season where you’re finally able to cover yourself up. I’m someone who loves to experiment with fashion and for that reason i decided to upgrade my simple black look with this super soft cardigan and this adorable bag which i found last week when i was visiting my parents in my hometown. Instead of choosing boots or sneakers i went for this comfortable black pumps which are right up my ally. I don’t know the last time when i was wearing high heels but since i’m so much more into chunky heels i’m glad that i finally own a pair that are a little bit more sophisticated.

Friday, October 28, 2016

W 23rd Street | New York

So as i mentioned in the previous post - somehow i became a little bit obsessed with this pair of two colored jeans while i was in New York (will tell you more about the reason why i was in the Big Apple in the next post) and honestly i'm already trying to find an alternative before i end up wearing them every day. I'm currently in Salzburg and i finally found the time to sit down and get all my looks up before i'm heading back to Vienna tomorrow. I have to say that the last few weeks have been packed up with traveling, working and trying to cross off  as much as possible of my to do list. So today i'm not only showing you one of my looks i was rocking while we were on our way to the High Line, in today's post you actually get two looks at once since RosaMarlene ,who's a vienna based goldsmith, joined me while  i got photographed by the lovely Manuela from Feinstens (who's actually a wedding photographer but also sells beautiful wedding dresses). Funnily we matched perfectly and so we ended up running up and down the streets like there was nobody around us - but missing out on this beautiful scenery would have been a shame. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fifth Avenue | New York City

Ooh New York - that's probably the first statement that comes to my mind when i think back of the city that never sleeps. I guess New York is probably one of those destinations which you will find on everyone's bucket list and it's true when they say - you either love it or hate it. In my case i can truly say that right upon arrival i fell in love with this place and i can honestly say that i would be super happy if can make it second time around. Luckily i had the chance to discover a lot - from Uptown to Downtown, i tried to explore as much as i could. Most of the time i was rocking my new mom jeans which is actually a piece of clothing i wouldn't consider as a staple when it comes to my personal style - but New York changed that 100%. I became such a big fan that i wore this pair of jeans i got from H&M (in stores soon) more than twice. Compared with my favorite star shirt which i found exactly one year ago in a Vintage Store in Hamburg, my star earrings from H&M and my new shimmery boots from Humanic i was rocking this blue combo while we were discovering the Upper East Side. Big thanks to Rosa for capturing this look.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Slippers, Mules & Co

So as you guys probably noticed i’ve been a little bit M.I.A.! But right after my trip to New York,  which i will tell you more about in the next post,  i caught a flu and wasn’t really able to focus on anything. But today i’m finally back on track. So back in September, when the temperatures were warmer than expected, i had the chance to rock one of my favorite shoe trend of this year – slippers/mules by the austrian quality shoe brand HÖGL. This time i opted for an alternative that can be worn closed like a loafer or open like a slipper. In contrast to the classic loafer, which always adds this masculine touch that i love, this style looks more elegant and feminine. What i love the most about these pair of shoes is defnitely the fact that they can be adapted to any activity and go great with dresses, skirts or culottes. In my case, i enjoyed a wonderul autumn day and caputred the magical golden hour in all its glory! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Sound of the Sea...

is by far one of my peaceful state of mind that you start switching off your other thoughts and start connecting with your surrounding. So back in September i finally managed to take some time off from work in order to recharge my batteries. So glad i had this little vacation because right now i'm preparing myself for another trip which gets me really excited! So definitely follow my instagram for more! 3 more days to go! 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wardrobe Essentials

If i have to describe my personal style i would probably say that i’m a mixture of everything. Sometimes i more into extraordinary pieces and sometimes i choose wearing simple looks like i did in this case. But one thing is for sure – having basic pieces is probably a must in everyone’s closet and i honestly have to confess that i often neclect thinking in this way. As i’m getting older i realzied that i'm still missing a few things in order to build a proper classic wardrobe. So when i finally stumbeld across this super basic mom jeans by, this perfect black top and gorgous leather jacket i knew that it was about time to not follow seasonal trends and choose something that i can wear throughout the year! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


During my little vacation in Itlay/Lignano, which is the place i used to be every summer when i was a little girl, i also managed to take some proper outfit pictures. As you guys know i’m a sucker for a good shooting location and when your hotel offers an amazing scenerey on the rooftop i couldn’t resist and convinced my mum to follow me up on the roof – which wasn’t easy in the first place when someone’s not amused when it come sto heights. But sometimes you have to overcome your fears and start putting your negative thoughts in perspective! So in this post i’m wearing ripped off denim jeans combined with a vintage looking blouse. To add a little bit more 70s to the whole look i decided to rock my new fake glasses which seemed to be perfect instead of wearing shades 90 percent of the time. Hope you like it! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

London Fashion Week | Look N°2

So today i’m showing you my second look which i was wearing on Saturday when we went to the Old Spitalfield Market in order to see the Faustine Steinmetz presentation.  Of course i opted for something comfortable since we were running around all day long. So like i mentioned in yesterday’s post that we were able to discover London for a couple of hours we also had the chance to shoot some of our looks and since London offers a bunch of different/amazing/photogenic backdrops i was super happy when we found this amazing red brick house. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

London Fashion Week 2016 with Toni & Guy Products

Last week, i had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Toni & Guy Products to visit London Fashion Week and learn more about their latest products but also had the chance to check out the hair trends and meet their new global hair ambassador. It was an exciting experience since we (talking about a few other bloggers from Europe who were also invited) got all access to the backstage areas. Unfortunately i missed the first tour since there was no flight earlier that day. So upon arrival on Friday in the afternoon i checked into the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn – just minutes from Covent Garden and Soho. The minute i stepped into the hallway i immediately fell in love with the interior which is an eclectic mix of vintage and modern elements and remarkably photogenic as you can see on the pictures. After checking out the hotel room for a couple of minutes i rushed to Soho in order to see the Ashley Williams runway show which was supported by Toni & Guy Hair products for the 5th time.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

London Fashion Week | Look N°1

Let me introduce you to the most comfortable pants i own. Of course it’s not everyone’s cup of the but the fact that they feel like nothing on my skin and allows me to move like a Hip-Hop Dancer (which i was more than a decade ago) makes me want to wear them everyday. I was wearing this look when i was on my way to London last week where i wanted to feel supercozy, cool but chic at the same time - and since you’re running around like crazy when travelling i opted for this look which holds up the potential of being my next travel look in October.  So excited to tell you more about it soon! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ready for Fall with Peek & Cloppenburg

Let the layering game begin– that’s excactly what comes to my mind when i think of my favorite month of the year – September. It’s not only a month where we sometimes look back over the year and recap what all happened since January, it’s also a month which holds the potential of really getting it right. So when i was asked by Peek and Cloppenburg, who’s launching their new Online-Shop by the end of the month, to create a look with my favorite pieces for fall i knew straight away what i would choose. So i headed to their website and immediatly found everything what i was looking for since they offering a bunch of different brands.

So with this post, i am sharing a mixture of different labels and how i personally transition from summer to fall. So one of my favorite items which i’m constantly wearing around the year are definitely culottes . I probably mentioned it way too often but for me this is  the ultimate piece of clothing which manages to be cool but super chic at  the same time. Secondly, sneakers, which became part of my signature look only year ago when i was a little bit over my loafers which are also back in the game this fall.
The final touch was this incredible coat that seems to be the perfect additon to this simple look. It reallly is such an amamzing piece since the length is way more flattering and more sophisticated than any other length. So all in all i’m super excited for fall and don’t even mind saying goodbye to summer – it’s time for a new chapter!

Friday, September 16, 2016

A new Season!

September marks  not only the beginning of autumn weather but it’s also the month when fall collections are debuted and will inspire you to try out new looks. Personally i’m a big fan of the fall season since i always get a little bit bored when i’m not able to cover myself up and start wearing layers like nobody business - and that's why i've teamed up with Atrio which is a shopping center in Carinthia/Villach in order to show you my favorite trends when it comes to transitioning your wardrobe into fall - check out the german here article here. Of course there are a bunch a ways to do so but in this case i only opted for a pretty simple concept since it’s still too hot outside to wear more than a light base and light jacket. To top things off i went for this buckle boots in order to add a contrast to the feminine body con dress which i’m totally obsessed with. Pefect for any occasions and of course comfortable at the same time! So what about you, are you feeling down about the end of summer or excited to kick off a new season!   

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Zalando Summer House in the City & Bread & Butter by Zalando

So over the last week i posted a few glimpes and personal impressions of the wonderful moments i had last weekend in Berlin. As i already mentioned a few weeks ago the etailer Zalando managed to reshape the Bread & Butter from being a trade fair for professionals into a public event – and let me tell you the nailed it right away! Along with 29 bloggers from all over Europe i was invited to the infamous Zalando Summer House in the City in Berlin in order to check out the new B&B concept.

We all stayed at the Amano Hotel which is located in Mitte where you have the chance to stroll around and discover a bunch of cool shops, restaurants (Good Morning Vietnam - thanks Jenni for this recommendation) but also locations to shoot like this oneSo right after our arrival we were welcomed at the Rose Garden which is located just around the corner of the hotel. Like last time (talking about Lollapalooza) i had no expectations at all but the fact that we were spoiled with super nice stuff (clothes, bags, a camera, a smart watch and so on) left me speechless right from the beginning. But also the fact that once again i was able to get to know new people or in this case blogger colleagues  from all over Europe makes such an experience even more special and unique. 

So once we arrived at the Arena Berlin we had the chance to check out the whole venue which seems to be a  playground for adults. You not only had the chance to check out and buy the latest pieces of the different brands who were showcasing their latest collections, the Bread and Butter also included interactive stands, amazing fashion shows, the presentation of the GigiXTommy Collection with Gigi Hadid as a special guest, ASAP Rocky, Food Stations and fun After Show Parties. So since i was invited as a blogger i also had the chance to discover the Press Lounge which was actually a Boat called Hoppetosse, which is anchored along the banks of the Spree River. Another highlight of this amazing weekend was definitely the ‚under the sky’ dinner on saturday (never saw such wonderful decorated table) followed by a Berlin street style shoot on sunday! So once again - big thanks to Zalando you did a great job and i’m really grateful for this unforgettable experience! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Chanel N°5 L'Eau

As we all know, Chanel N°5 is one of the world’s most popular and iconic perfumes. Of course it’s not everyone’s cup o tea but nothing says class, sophistication and elegance than this little glass botlle created over 90 years ago.  

So since i’ve always been a big fan of Chanel (that’s actually the reason why i ended up choosing fashiontweed as my blogname) i was super excited to be invited to the exlclusive presentation of the new version of the  Chanel N°5 called ‚L'Eau’ which will be available by the end of September. Of course it still contains N°5' s vital essences but Oliver Polge who's the house perfumer of Chanel managed to develop a lighter and fresher interpretation of the original in order to draw a younger audience to the legendary Chanel N°5.  L’Eau opens bright with citrus top notes of lemon, mandarin, orange, neroli  but you can still make out the rose and white flowers with cedar and white musk being noticed as the base notes. And what’s better to celebrate this reincarnation of fragrance with a brand new but also mystirous muse. Like her mother before, Lily Rose Depp is the new face of Chanel N°5 L’Eau. As a fashion film lover myself i’m super curious how the new campaign directed by Johan Renck turned out because for now the french fashion house only dropped two 10-second videos (The Announcement Film 1 & 2 - absolutely love the music)that proves that we can expect  something completely different. So all in all i can highy recommend this new scent which seems to be the perfect option if your over those fruity florals and sweet scents and ready to to return to the classics.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Berlin Walks

Guys – i’m back from Berlin! If you follow me on snapchat you may have seen that I’ve been invited to the Zalando Summer House Berlin while the Bread & Butter took place! But before i’m going to tell you more about my personal experience and all of the amazing things that happend during the last three days i wanted to show the look i was wearing yesterday while i was strolling around Berlin! I also got the chance to rock my new Cross Body Bag by Coccinelle which is currently available via Zalando.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bread & Butter by Zalando | mint&berry

So a few weeks ago i introduced you guys to the new concept of the Bread& Butter which will be open to the public for the very first time from the 2nd-4th of September 2016.  With the help of Zalando, as an investor, the etailer managed to reshape the Bread & Butter from being a trade fair for professionals into a public event, which will not only take place at the Arena Berlin in the Treptow disctrict but also includes concerts, fashion shows, a lot of brands displaying their latest pieces, a trend exhibition and a B2B conference discussing the digital future of fashion – and lucky me i’m part of this new journey and give you guys a few more details about this relaunched event.

So one of those 30 brands, wich will represent their latest trends at the B&B, is mint&berry - a brand that is known for its modern feminine design and scandinavian purism with Berlin vintage vibe which you will be able to see at their 100 m2 pop-up store that features their new AW 16-17 collection at the Arena Berlin. Their visual concept of the shopable pop-up store is based on their latest campaing „Astronomy & Beyond“  and offers a lot of cool activitis like taking a unique photo sitting on a moon in front of your personal horoscope star constellation or the chance to learn things, which you didn’t know before by picking up your personal astrology profile! In order to give you guys a little glimpse of their new collection i was lucky enough to choose two of their latest pieces which i will definitely rock during the B&B where i will hopefully see you guys as well! So get your tickets as soon as possible by clicking here

Friday, August 26, 2016

All those little things

Big cities are full of opportunities – and exploring all the beautiful spots here in Vienna by bike is defintiely a must whenever you plan to visit the beautiful capital of Austria. Unfortunately my beloved vintage bike, which i got 6 years ago from my dad, is still in my hometown and i guess it will probably remain that way since i’m too scared that someone would steal it. So when i was in Salzburg a few weeks ago i thought that it was about time to cross off things i always wanted to do - and guess what – enjoying a relaxing bike ride through my hometown was one thing of my summer bucket list! It might sound unspectacular but since i’m a strong believer in doing the little things i can honestly say that nothing could have made me more happy than this!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What to wear to a Summer Picnic

A few weeks ago i was invited by Martini to a super lovely picnic which took place at the Burggarten here in Vienna. Of course i was in the mood of wearing something light and airy! So in this case i opted for this lightblue skirt and white carmen top from Zara which became my summer must have number one. It was one of those pieces that allow you to show a little skin without looking to risqué. Another great piece you see in this post is definitely my all time favorite bag which is probably the best purchase i've ever made 2 years ago. I scored this beauty for 5 Euros at my local vintage store and found myself wearing it almost every other day which leads me to the conclusion that a well preserved piece from the past will always add a special uniqueness to any look. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kiehls Midnight Recovery & Daily Reviving Concentrate

So a few weeks ago i was given these two concentrates by Kiehls and started using them right away! Since a lot of beauty bloggers have been raving about these ‚paraben free’ products in the past i was super curious to see some difference in my skin. Both products are bascially skin oils that you pop on in the morning before you put your make up on or in the evening after you cleanse your skin in order to bring back some life and reduce breakouts – and let me tell it worked! After a few weeks i’ve noticed that these two elixirs of essential oils have transformed my skin and definitely toned down any active breakouts and taken it to radiant and healthy. It simply hydrates without any oil residue or greasy feeling after it is applied. You can use it by itself but what i like to i just put a few drops (3-4) into my moisturizer and dab it on to my skin. In terms of the scent, both concentrates with 99.8 % natural ingredients, smell absolutley amazing – the daily version is a mixture of orange combined with a little grapefruit and lemon and the night version has a strong lavender scent which is right up my ally! Apart from the hydration and plumping up the skin this products also help you to decrease dark spots or any scars for a more even skin tone. So if you’re skin always looks tired and dull you can definitley give Kiehl’s Daily Reviving & Midnight Recorvery Concentrate a try!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Love Life

A few weeks ago i was invited by Pago to enjoy a super lovely breakfast in order to celebrate their new campaign „Love Life“. I know we all might have a different answer to the question what makes us happy and what makes life so special but it’s often the little things that can give you the ultimate feeling of happiness like these wonderful sunflowers which i got right during the event and immediatly made me smile! So for that day i decided that it was about time to rock my favorite new culotte which i got a few weeks ago at the Zara Sale and combined it the most comfortable sandals which i can literally from day to night! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Secret to Motivation | Fitness

As much as i love working out sometimes it’s still hard to get motivated and i know that there a lot of tips and tricks out there which helps you to get yourself up and do something for you body on a regular basis. And one thing is for sure – workout clothes play a huge part because for some reason i’m someone who’s so much more motivated when i’m wearing cool workout clothes – it simply gives you a good feeling and make your training more effective which obviously helps to get the result you are looking for!

So when it comes to workout clothes i’m someone who’s not only wearing tight fitted pieces but i’m also the type of person who only wears dark colors to the gym! I don’t know why but i was never a big fan of those crazy bright colors a lot of people love to wear. For that reason i’m super happy that new H&M  Every Victory Collection offers a lot of those pieces which are not only right up my ally but also affordable too. H&M developed the line in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic team and let me tell you i’m pretty amazed by the quality and the fitting as well (especially the pants will suck you in all the right places but definitely in a comfortable way). So here are my favorite picks that i’m currently wearing on high rotation!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Blue Off The Shoulder Dress

As you might have noticed that i’ve recently worn a lot off the shoulder looks and i thought it’s about time to share a look that’s actually out of my comfort zone. As you guys probably know i’m someone who loves to add some sort of a masculine touch to my looks but this time it's different. Because in my opinion this specific dress that i wore last week couldn’t be more feminine.  In this case i opted for nude sandals which gives the whole look a very balanced feel without being overly discrating from the lovely details of the dress. I don’t know why but somehow this dress always reminds me of Sophia Loren but also of Brigitte Bardot which is defnitely not a bad thing. So if you’re looking for the perfect, super comfy midi dress, look no further because the super light fabric seems to be the perfect option for those upcoming hot summer days!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Start Working Out at Home | Fitness

A few weeks ago i published my first post about my fitness journey which actually plays a huge part in my life since i already mentioned that i’ve always been pretty athletic and always enjoyed being active. So today i want to talk about my experience when it comes to working out at home.

A year ago i tried out Kayla Itsines’s 12-week Guide but after week 8 i realised that i’m not the type of person who loves to follow a certain plan which someone else created. So since youtube not only taught me how to use a camera properly and get your color grading to the next level when it comes to photoshop i thought it might be also the right place to search for workout sessions that i can choose by myself. Because whenever i’m trying out something new i noticed that i get much more motivated and enthusiastic in contrast to a finished plan. It’s not about loosing weight it’s all about getting leaner, stronger and fitter! So first things first - we all know that nutrion plays a huge part and it’s true that abs are made in the kitchen but today i’m showing you my favorite workouts when it comes to train  at home! I know that at the beginning it’s really hard to get motivated and overcome the inner laziness – especially when you thinking about working out at home – hello cozy couch! But like i said it’s all about trying out different exercises and have fun with new ways to train your body instead of following a certain plan which in my opion often put yourself under pressure follwed by a negative impact on the brain – and in all honesty i have always been a strongly believer that you should have a nice balance when it comes to your personal training programs and simply stay away from anything that screams „this is the only way that works“ because what works for my body might not work work for you since everyone’s different – starting from the metabolism to the bone structure etc.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Denim Culotte & Off the Shoulder Top

Something different today – nope - quite the oppostie i would say! An off shoulder top combined with a culotte! Obviously a trend that just won’t die! But let’s be honest – this concept of showing your ankles or shoulders seems to be working for everybody this summer! So what your waiting for –  try in a bright color or bold print to spice up your erverday look!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Black Culotte

Let me introduce you guys to the ultimate pants that you can rock to any occasion! I got thise culottes a few weeks ago and ever since them i found myself wearing this piece of clothing like nobodys business – at the beach, out for dinner, for a stroll in the city, at home you name it! It’s super adaptable and comfortable at the same time which is of course not only a mayor selling point but also super important when it comes to packing for your next trip!

Monday, July 4, 2016

"NOW" | Bread & Butter by Zalando

Have you ever experienced a FOMO (fear of missing out)! Usually i’m someone who’s pretty chilled when it comes down to it but last week was one of those moments where i have wished i could be at two places at the same time! Because exactly one week ago i was acutally invited to the Launch Event of the new „Bread & Butter“ concept which will be hosted by Zalando for the very first time in September! Unfortunately i already confirmed another trip for that day and so i only had the chance to see a few glimpes of the event via their Snapchat.

But let me tell you - this is just the beginning and I’m happy to tell you more about it! You may ask yourself what’s so different since the Bread and Butter already existes since 2003 which is acutally  known as the B2B fashion fair during Berlin Fashion Week! But we all know the fashion industry is constantly evolving and changes are on the menu every season! And that’s why Zalando decided to aquire the trade fair last year in order to make it accessible to ALL! Which means that from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2016 everyone will be invited to participate at the Bread & Butter – online and offline!  It will not only be focused on fashion where you will find the latest fashion innovations and a lot of brands displaying their latest pieces (which you can also  shop right away), the new concepts also includes concerts with upcoming new artists (big bonus in my opinion) and a conference like the panel discussion which took place during the preview party based around the motto "NOW" last monday! Tank Magazine CEO Caroline Issa was hosting the panel who explained the whole concept followed by an on-stage discussion between speakers such as Dirk Schoenberger (Creative Director Adidas), Jeremy Abbett (Creative Evangelist Google), Matt Chlebek (Music Curator Boiler Room) and Marina Hoermanseder (Fashion Designer) about the the developments of trends, authenticity and social media influencers!

Personally i think it’s a great way to give everyone the chance to be part of this event (sounds more like an amazing fashion festival) in order to  interact with  each other and to get the opportunity to talk to the brands and experience the latest products by themselves. So as i already mentioned i wasn’t able to join the event but i’m happy to keep you guys updated about this brand new format in the next few months since a lot of cool things will happen during the B&B in September! 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Personal Style Uniform | Culotte

If there is one piece of clothing that i would wear for the rest of my life then i would probably choose my much loved culotte! These pants truly became a big part of my signature look that i can wear to literally any occasion. Because personally i think it’s important to find your personal style uniform that gives you a good feeling about yourself and makes you happy whenever you stand in front of your wardobe which should be full of pieces that you really love! So this time i went for a mix and match situation – which means that i combined to different striped pattern and threw over this amazing scarf that adds a little bit more color to the whole look! Since i also became a big big fan of sneakers over the last few months i choose this simple white pair to create a more sporty look!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Santorini Color Combo

If i had to choose one specific color combo to wear for the rest of the summer, it would definitely be white and blue which is not only a popular color scheme that looks amazing together somehow it reminds me of Santorini which in my opinion simply adds a little vacay mood to your everday life! In order to give you guys more inspiration I’ve teamed up with Q19 which is a shopping mall in the 19th district where you find a bunch of stores filled up with the latest trends! So if you curious definitely check out my latest article which went online this week showing you what i would wear on three different occasions!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

High Waisted Skinny Jeans

When it comes to dressing the lower part of my body i'm someone who's actually a big fan of a loose fit combined with a soft and light fabric. But you guys know the drill - sometimes it's nice to bring back those piece that you used to love and wore like there was no tomorrow - in this case i'm talking about my high waisted black skinny jeans which is actually a new addition to the family since the zip of my favorite one broke. Unfortunately it took me quite a while to find find a similar model that i will love like the old one but a few weeks ago i got my hands on this amazing pair - which has everything i was looking for! Combined with this bright jumper and those super comfy sneakers i truly feel shifted to the past when i was rocking this look more than once!  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Off the Shoulder Top & Palazzo Pants

Sun’s out, shoulder’s out! That’s pretty much one of those looks that seems to be loved by almost everyone this summer! I’ve seen it with basic jeans, skirts, culottes and dresses but since i’m also a big fan of wide length pants i decided to wear one of my favorite carmen top with this amazing vibrant palazzo pants that i found during my little vacay that i spend in Italy! Simply perfect for dinner or a stroll through the city! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dressing in Three Colors

The oversized white shirt - it’s pretty much an item that matches with every piece of your wardrobe and which is  obsiously perfect for almost every occasion when dragging yourself out of the house without thinking to much what your’re going to wear! So without looking to boring i decided to add a pop color – and what would be better than vibrant red shoes to spice up this neutral combo! In this case i opted for an outfit that follows the concept of dressing in three colors which is something that i can highly recommend! It’s actually a secret style strategy and simply the best way to create a look that shows a little bit more of your creative side! It sounds pretty easy but somehow this kind of dressing seems to be really pleasing to the eye and for some of you this may just be a refresher and will inspire you to try out something ‚new’.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Vienna Fashion Night with Peek & Cloppenburg & Levi's® + GIVEAWAY

Summer or winter, a good pair of denim jeans is a true staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Worn with a white tee and sneakers  casually during the day or in my case with a cool bomber jacket and high heels for a night out, it’s one of those versatile piece of clothing that everyone is able to rock! Denim can be so much fun - especially when you decide to add a few individual elements to your favorite denim piece, which makes everything a little bit more personal and unique (examples down below). That's exactly what i will be doing during the Vienna Fashion Night at the Peek and Cloppenburg Weltstadthaus (Kärntnerstraße 29-31, 1010 Vienna ) which is hosting the Levi’s® Tailor Shop June 16th from 7 – 10 pm. I’m super proud to be part of this amazing event and also super excited to invite you to get you favorite new Levi’s (which you can shop during the event - definitely check out their models online) and help you to customize your new piece with patches, rippings, and studs for free! I can't wait to pimp my new high rise skinnies either which i'm wearing in these pictures along with these other piece i found at P&C! Since i'm already prepared and know that i'm going to rock this whole look again that night i thought i would be cool to  give you the same opportunity!  If you're lucky enough, you -  to be exact three of you, have also the chance to win of a Euro 100 Peek & Cloppenburg Gift Gard before June 13th. All you have to do to take part in this giveaway, is pretty easy – just comment down below and leave your e-mail so i’m able to contact you and hopefully meet you guys at the store.

And of course P&C has a lot more to offer that night – besides the Tailor Shop you can enjoy a perfect shopping night out and either get yourself a little make-over at the beauty lounge and then get photographed by Manfred Baumann or have some delicous cocktails and simply say hi! I would be thrilled to meet you there! (For those of you who can't make it on Thursday night: P&C is hosting the Levi's® Tailor Shop on Friday and Saturday 17 and 18 too, from noon to 6 pm! Check out instagram for inspiration!)