Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Favorite Mix // Black & Blue

As you guys probably know from my posts during the last winter season i became quite a huge fan of mixing blue and black – and yes the idea of not mixing these two shades seems so dated and i still can’t get over the fact that this style used to be a fashion no-no. I can honestly say that this specific look turned out to be my favorite combo of all times especially when the temperatures starts to fall and it’s simply the perfect way to look edgy and sophisticated at the same time plus i guess i don’t have to mention the fact that these two shades are incredibly flattering for anyone! But you guys know, my outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of sunglasses and guess what i finally joined the Ray-Ban-Club! Yes it’s true – these are my very first Ray-Bans which i received last week from the lovely people from Smartbuyglasses and instead of choosing the classic Aviator i decided to go with the the Ray-Ban Outdoorsman which have an extra bar right on the top and combined with the grey-green glasses they seem to be the perfect choice to add another neutral color to this particular look!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vintage Blouse

As soon as the weather starts to get a bit chilly the first thing i get most excited about is definitely the fact that i can finally wear one of my favorite piece of clothing – yes i’m talking about my coats and let me tell you, i’ve got way too many! Nothing is like walking around and feeling finally put together. I tried to stay away from an #allinblack outfit and decided to wear one of my vintage blouse i found a few years ago and somehow i never got sick of the pattern, in fact rather the opposite. So the other day i headed to town to run a few errands as well as meet-up with Edisa to continue working on a very special project which is still in the making! But as soon as i’m able to share it with you guys, i let you know! So stay tuned!   

Monday, October 20, 2014

Vienna Fair - The New Contemporary 2014 + Video

So back at the beginning of october (wow time flies) i had not only the pleasure to attend the Vienna Fair – The New Contemporary 2014 for the second time in my life but also got the chance to to check out every single corner along with Edisa before the official start. The VIENNAFAIR - The New Contemporary has played a vital role in firmly anchoring Austrian galleries and the city of Vienna in the international art market by stimulating exchange between different art scenes and attracting more and more art collectors and furthermore it offers art education for art enthusiasts from all age groups. So to capture more than just a few glimpses i finally took advantage of my Canon Legria Mini and filmed a few impressions of the Fair!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Joop Vintage Bag

Yes, you’ve seen this vinatge bag in the previous post before but let me tell you – this is probably one of my favorite vintage finds in a really long time. Over the last 7 or 8 years i became a passionate vintage collector and i always get so excited whenever i score a great deal and when you take a closer look at my blog or instagram you've probably noticed that i always love to incorporate such treasures into my daily looks! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend Max Mara Store Opening // Styleguide Episode 3

So exactly 2 weeks ago i had the priviledge to be invited to the Weekend Max Mara Store Opening. Instead of just posting all the impressions in form of pictures i thought it was the perfect chance to continue our Styleguide TV project and capture those lovely moments in a different way and in all honesty i’m pretty happy with the outcome! I also have to mention that one of the highlights of the evening was definitely the art illustrator which is in my opinion such a cool idea instead of just browsing through the shop and these kinds of non fashion related additions to an event will stuck in your memory forever. So i hope you’ll enjoy our new video!

Lowself - The High Life

Ambassadors in this episode: Sonja from www.fashiontweed.com // Edisa from www.disicouture.com // featuring Hristina http://www.fleurdemode.com/

Next Project is already in the making!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Retro meets Grunge

It feels like grunge is back in fashion and i couldn’t be happier to rock my dark lipsticks again. I love to experiment and constantly change my style but sometimes it’s nice to go back in time and rock old looks from the 90’s. In 2014 the punk/grunge look is definitely not that dirty as it used to be back in the day because i’ve noticed that many designers brought it back into the high fashion world but for my personal taste i decided to add a little twist and so i thought that it might be fun to mix this particular trend with some sort of a retro but also a futuristic feeling and create an unexpected look with these amazing Fendi sunglasses!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Golden Hour

Transitioning your wardrobe from season to season is probably one of the biggest challenges we all have to face everytime when the temperatures starts to raise or fall - and guess what, this is excactyl the time of the year where i get super excited to try out new things and push my creativity to the next level.  So for this time i decided to pair one of my favorite floral pencil skirt with a big chunky navyblue sweater (not to mention the white shirt underneath which adds the perfect twist to the whole outfit) and lucky me i was finally able to caputre one of the best moments you can get just before sunset – yes i’m talking about the Golden Hour which adds the perfect glow to any picture!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014



So before i jump right into this post - let me start by saying that the last week was a bit crazy. The whole week was filled up with so many events and other appointments that i was pretty happy when sunday came around. I had such a good time and i'm so greatful for all these experiences that i can't wait for the next fall season. One of my highlight was definitely the evening when we got the chance to pretend to be a pilot for an evening and soar through the clouds like a pro because thanks to Ruefa Reisen me and some other bloggers were invited to  try out a flight simulator and let our dreams become reality. But back to the outfit which i was wearing on Tuesday morning to the #BLUETIMES pressconference at the Kunsthalle Wien where more than 30 international artists showcases their work dedicated to the color blue! Subconsciously inspired by the theme i accidentally choose to wear my favorite blue jeans from Forever 21 and my favorite fake fur vest from Choies - so happy to rock this look again!

Thursday, October 2, 2014