Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ready for Christmas | WIN this Look

Can you believe it’s only 24 hours until Christmas?! So excited! So before i’m off to Salzburg where i will celebrate with my family i’m pretty sure you can all appreciate one last giveaway for this year!

Last week i got the chance to stroll through the Peek & Cloppenburg shop in vienna’s kärntnerstraße located in the first disctrict. I was invited to find my very own christmas outfit. I  was actually looking for something that i would call „typical me“ which always involves at least one black piece. Little did i know that on this specific day i was ready to think outside of the box and choose something that’s placed out of my comfort zone – light colors! I ended up with this amazing sleeveless knit sweater and combined it with camel colored pants. To add a little bit more glamour i opted for a clutch that picked up the colors of this ensemble perfectly. And guess what, you (austrian particiapants only) have the chance to win this outfit worth  € 700 on facebook by following this link and leaving a comment down below! Good Luck & Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Orange is the new....

The Christmas-Countdown is on and i’m still figuring out what to get for my loved ones but before i end up in a Christmas madness i have still a few looks to share! As you guys know that i’m all about layering i thought that it was about time to show you one of my favorite ways to do so. I’m still a big fan of culottes. I started wearing them this year but i’m sure my collection will grow in the next few months or let’s say when the temperatures starts to rise again but in order to wear them during the cold months i can highly recommend one combo that works all the time – with ankle boots. You don’t have to fear mixing things because in all honesty culottes are acturally quite easy to style! Whether you’re tall or petite, curvy or lanky – i assure you there’s one specific type of culotte out there with your name on it!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

How to wrap | Madame KUKLA

What about a piece that’s meant to be worn in more than 3 ways that can instantly change your look in a second – amazing, right?! Personally I have to say that having a garment that can be worn as a dress, a vest or simply as a scarf is probably something that i was always looking for and today i’m happy to introudce you to a new brand called KUKLA which is a Vienna based design label founded in 2015 by Stefanie Kukla.

Kukla stands for unique, handmade garments, made in Europe and is inspired by the mix of natural, warm fabrics and clear cuts. I first heard about it a few weeks ago when i stumbeld upon their new website that has probably the coolest front page I’ve seen in a very long time – so definitely check it out!

So this one-size piece i’m wearing is one of 4 color options you can choose from their website. One vest comes always with one clip that you can place where ever you want. The fabric is super soft and allows you to wrap it around your body and creating new looks like nobody’s business. As you can see i tried out 5 options and every single one worked right away – either as a dress, a vest, a scarf but also as a cape every look has something unique. My personal favorite way to wear this vest is definitely either the scarf option or the dress at the very first beginning of this post! So what's your favorite look! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Surprising Clothing Combo

When the weather drops down, the real fun begins – layering! Instead of choosing a coat that has the capability to keep me warm i often find myself wearing more than 4 layers but until now i’ve never tried to wear a skirt over leather pants. I have to say it’s not the easiest way look to pull off as you can instantly look a little bit to bulky but if you find the perfect pair (straight and tight yet have just enough slouch) than you’re good to go.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Obertilliach, East Tyrol

I’m a vintage babe – that’s for sure.  Which is why, and i’m sure you’ll not be surprised, truly love adding pieces from the past to my looks whenever i can. One of those pieces, that i will definitely keep and cherish forever, is this lovely fake fur headband that my mom gave me a few years ago. I have to say this look may be a little bit too much for everyday life but as i already mentioned in this post i’m not a person who loves to follow any rules when it comes to fashion. Go for it – if you like it! That is all that matters. I had the chance to wear this combo when we (talking about my fellow bloggers) were in Obertilliach which is the place where a few scenes of the new James Bond movie 'Spectre' were shot and i guess i couldn't have chosen anything else than wearing this ensemble. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Smokey Eye Drama

Even though Fashion is my main passion and obsession i’ve always been quite fascinated by make-up products. It’s something that became part of my signature look. It simply brings so much more personality to a look and it’s so interesting that everyone has such a different point of view when it comes to personal make-up preferences. One of my favorite steps of my daily routine is defintily the part where i can get a little bit more creative – talking about eyeshadows. Lucky me i got the chance to try out three new palettes by Max Factor. After wearing matte eyeshadows in the first six month of the year i decided that it was about time to get back to the roots and rediscover my love for glitter and shimmer – and oh boy what more can i say that these palettes completley changed my daily routine. These new Smokey Eye Drama Kits by Max Factor were developed after new global research for Max Factor revealed the smoeky eye as the ultimate beauty look women want to achieve – they only problem is just that 37% are too nervous to try it out and are afraid getting it wrong. Somehow i can totally relate to it but let me tell you – a smokey eye is something that’s probably way more easier to achieve compared to a no-make-up make up look. So every Max Factor palette has four shades were you get the chance to create individual looks. My absolute favorite palette is defintiely 03 Sumptuous Gold (you also see in the pictures 06 Azure Allure with the blue shade & 05 Magnetic Jades with the Green shade) which i’m wearing in the picture down below (and almost every single day since i got them) and seems  to be the one which can be worn by anyone. The shadows itself give great color payoff with an outstanding pearly shimmer that is actually a great option for the upcoming holiday season. All in all i can highly recommend these palettes since the price-perfomance convinced me right after the first week. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Fashion - it’s a thing where you constantly have the chance to create something new! Either by re-inventing pieces and cuts from the past or by mixing new trends with classic pieces – it’s an endless and personal (love)story which can’t be right or wrong. I’m definitely one of those people who truly enjoys playing with different looks and appear quite individualistic without trying to hard. Since i don’t follow any rules when it comes to fashion i often end up with new combinations that can affect not only my personal appearance but also my mood. Anyways today i want to show you one of my favorite combos which is the ulltimate option when you’re right in the middle of those typical in between weather days. For some reason i decided to upgrade this look with a fake fur stola which is more than 10 years old (fun fact: i bought this little furry thing when i went to  prom back in 2007) and as you can see it works pretty well with destroyed denim jeans and simple black boots.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gucci Bamboo | Find your signature Fragra

As i already mentioned in another post before by saying that by with every change of season that i  always tend to make some personal changes as well i thought that it’s about time to give you guys a little update.  One of them is definitely the issue finding a new fragrance that you will love to wear for the next few months. I have to say that one of the reason why i love to switch up my fragrances is definitely the fact that years later it can bring back some good old memories from the past. 

So for this season i choose to wear a  light, fresh and not to heavy floral fragrance,  deep enough to give off that mysterious vibe that can be worn in any season or anytime of the day. Gucci Bamboo is defintiely one those fragrances which is not to sweet but has a very soft feminine vibe with the slightest touch of creamy powder. The notes are blended beautifully, it’s not too strong but definitley noticeable. The design itself is a true icon and since i adore art deco style i think Gucci nailed 100 % it with the diamond style cut of the glass. So if you’re also a big fan of bergamot you should definitely give it a try.