Friday, June 27, 2014

Biker Look

Oh boy – June  you’ve been such a tough month for me! So you may have noticed that i was a little M.I.A. over the last few weeks but let me tell you this!  Three weeks ago i went to my parent’s house where i only had the intention to spend most of the days out in the sun and just having a relaxing time in my hometown! But instead of beautiful bronzed skin i ended up getting a really itchy rash all over my body - caused by a sun allergy which already happend to me 3 years ago when i was using the same sun cream – at least i already found the trigger! So i thought it will disappear in the next few days  - how wrong i was! I even ended up getting multiple small spots all over my face which wasn’t fun at all! So it took me almost 2 weeks to get rid of this rash but i still have a little red area around my throat which simply won’t say goodbye – so frustrating! So you think that was it – nope – and i was actually thinking the same! I was so relieved and thought i had overcome this mini crisis – but let me tell you, someone cheered to soon! So last week i’ve noticed something similar!  Red spots around my eye area and i had absolutely no clue what it was and i didn’t really pay that much attention to it! But a few days later i woke up in the morning and couldn’t believe my (swollen) eyes. I know there are numerous causes of a swollen eye but i instantly knew that is was a further reaction caused by the allergy!  So long story short – i’m still not 100% back in pre body condition but i know everything takes a little time! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

THE Dress

Although i’m not a huge fan of girly dresses i have to say that for some reason when i stumbled across a picture of this wonderful piece i instantly fell in love with it! As you can tell this is obsiously something you would probably wear on a special occasion, and usually i end up getting things which can be worn from day to night, but i just knew that i had to have it plus i couldn’t believe my eyes when i found out where this wonderful piece of clothing can be bought.